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When the time comes to shop for your new boat, you’ll inevitably come across a number of popular boat brands. Whether you’re looking for fishing boat brands, center console boat brands, or even luxury speed boat brands, we’ll explore some of the best boat brands on the market today to help you make an informed decision.

Featured Image: 420 Outrage 2016 42′ BOSTON WHALER Boat

What are the top 10 boat brands?

In the 78ft and under category of boats, you’ll discover a wide variety of boat brands producing well-built and seaworthy boats. 

  1. Azimut Yachts 
  2. Boston Whaler 
  3. Chris-Craft 
  4. Cigarette 
  5. Ferretti 
  6. Grady-White 
  7. Hatteras 
  8. Princess 
  9. Sea Ray 
  10. Viking

What are the most reliable boat brands?

The top boat brands listed above include those that are the most reliable and well made. As a result, some of the most reliable boat brands include Azimut Yachts, Boston Whaler, Ferretti, Princess, Sunseeker and Viking, among others

What are the best boats with range?

A boat’s range is often one of the most important factors to consider when buying a vessel. When looking at the best boats with range, several yacht builders stand out, including Arksen, Bering Yachts and Damen. Long-range cruising yachts and expedition yachts are usually built to travel vast distances without needing to stop for fuel. A boat’s range varies on the weight and length of the vessel, but some specially-built boats have a range of over 18,000 nautical miles, including the Damen SeaXplorer.

What are the best luxury boat brands?

There is a wide variety of luxury boat brands available on the market, and as demand for luxury yacht sales grows, so do the options for buyers. While some of the below may specialize in larger superyachts, they often do offer smaller entry level boats for those in the market: 

As there are so many boat types on the market, one person’s top brand will not be anothers. However, a few names certainly stand out for their popularity around the world. Beneteau and Sunseeker are very popular in North America, across the Atlantic Ocean and into Europe.

In the US, Boston Whaler and Sea Ray maintain their popularity in both style and price point. 

Given the variety of waterways in Florida, there are a few different boats that sell very well here. Sportfish boats are popular for deep sea ocean fishing; center console boats for days on the Intercoastal or rivers, and pontoon boats for fun days out with friends and family.  

For more information on boating and cruising in Florida, please read our guide here. 

New Boat Brands 

What are the top 10 new boat brands?

If you’re in the market for a brand-new boat, there are plenty of reputable boat builders you can start your search with. 

  1. Arksen 
  2. Azimut Yachts 
  3. Bering Yachts 
  4. Bilgin Yachts 
  5. Horizon Yachts 
  6. Lagoon 
  7. Maori 
  8. Monte Carlo 
  9. Sanlorenzo 
  10. Sunseeker 

For a complete list of new boats for sale, search here on YATCO.  

How much is a brand-new boat?

The exact cost of a brand-new boat will depend on a few factors. You should have no problem finding the right brand-new boat to fit the budget you have in mind. Some important things to consider are: 

  • Size – The largest the boat, the bigger the price tag. 
  • Builder – Certain builders will carry a higher prestige, and therefore require a larger budget. 
  • Model – Entry level models will cost less than those that have been highly customized (much like cars). 
  • Extras – Will your boat come with unique features or a selection of water toys and accessories? 

As an example, a brand new 40ft boat could cost $300,000 with the price increasing as the boat grows in size. 

Used Boat Brands 

What are the top 10 used boat brands?

Starting the search for your next boat on the brokerage (used) market is a great place to start. Here you’ll find some excellent boats, at a fraction of the cost of a brand-new boat.  

  1. Azimut Yachts 
  2. Bayliner 
  3. Beneteau 
  4. Boston Whaler 
  5. Fountaine Pajot 
  6. Hatteras 
  7. Intrepid 
  8. Jeanneau 
  9. Lagoon 
  10. Sea Ray 

How much is a used boat?

Depending on the size and condition of the used boat you’re looking to purchase, there will be a wide variety of boats for each budget.  

For a full list of used boats for sale near you, within your price range, start your search with YATCO. 

Boat Brands By Boat Types

Best Motorboat Brands

The best motor brand will depend on your own personal preference. However, a few certain motor boat brands we have discussed already today tend to be very popular on both the new and used market – Azimut Yachts, Boston Whaler, and Sea Ray

Search used motor boats for sale here. 

Best Deck Boat Brands

Deck saloon sailboats feature a 365-degree visibility and an abundance of natural light thanks to the positioning of the saloon up higher than the deck. Some excellent deck boat brands include Claasen Jachtbouw, Hunter and Jeanneau.  

To search all deck saloon sailboats for sale on YATCO, click here.  

Best Center Console Boat Brands

Center console boats are popular for the sport fishing community. With walk around deck spaces, deep V-hulls and powerful performance, it’s no wonder it’s the boat of choice for those looking to pull in their next big catch. Popular center console brands include Boston Whaler, Cigarette, Intrepid, Nor-Tech, and SeaVee. 

Search all new and used center console boats on YATCO now.  

Best Bass Boat Brands

Bass boats make excellent fishing boats and are often seen on freshwater lakes and rivers. Lund and Crestliner are both excellent bass boat brands to review. 

For a listing of the best bass boats for sale on YATCO, click here.

Best Bay Boat Brands

Bay boats are a versatile watercraft designed primarily for fishing in shallow, coastal waters such as bays, flats, and estuaries. Bay boats are a great choice for fishing enthusiasts and some popular brands include Pathfinder, Sportsman and Yellowfin.

Search all new and used bay boats on YATCO now.

Best Fishing Boat Brands

Fishing boats are unique in their style and design – all to help make it easier and more comfortable to land the biggest catch of the day, in all types of weather and waterways. The two biggest sport fishing boat builders are Hatteras and Viking, and popular options also include Ranger Boats and Triton Boats.

Start your search for sportfish boats on YATCO here.  

Best Pontoon Boat Brands

Pontoon boats make excellent day boats to head out on the water with friends and family. While they may not be as sporty as other boats on our list, or capable of heading out into the open ocean, they are definitely a great way to enjoy splashing around in the water for the day. Prince and Tahoe are both reputable brands you can seek out when in the market to purchase a pontoon boat. 

Click here for YATCO’s listings of pontoon boats for sale. 

Best Runabout Boat Brands

Runabout boats make excellent day boats or even tenders to larger superyachts. Some runabouts may have a small cabin and head onboard, but they are usually just for day trips. You’ll come across a wide variety of respectable runabout boat companies like Chaparral, Chris-Craft, Cruisers Yachts and Riva.
For a full listing of runabout boats for sale, click here.   

Best Speed Boat Brands

Speed boat brands are those you’ll want to take out on the water when speed is your number one goal. Built for thrill seekers and water sports, speed boats are usually fast, sleek and powerful motorboats. You’ll likely come across Cigarette, Franchini, and Maori when looking for popular speed boat brands.  

Try searching for new and used powerboats for sale, and new and used performance boats for sale if you have a need for speed. 

Best Ski and Wake Boat Brands

Ski boats are specially built power boats for those who enjoy participating in water sports when on the water. They are usually built for speed, agility and with special tow points so they can easily tow water skiers behind the boat. Chris-Craft, Malibu Boats, Mastercraft, and Nautique are all great ski boat brands to look at. 

Start your search for ski boats for sale on YATCO now.

Best Welded Aluminum Boat Brands

Welded aluminum boats are watercraft constructed primarily from aluminum alloy sheets that are welded together to form the hull. The most popular builders of well aluminium boats include Crestliner and Ranger Boats.

What is a good boat brand? 

Is Bayliner a good boat brand? 

Yes, Bayliner is a great boat brand that specializes in fiberglass motorboats and express cruisers

Is Chaparral a good boat brand? 

Yes, Chaparral is a reputable boat brand that focuses on fiberglass sport boats, fishing boats, bowriders, and luxury boats

Is Cobalt a good boat brand? 

Cobalt is a great boat brand for those looking at large family cruisers, runabouts or high-end speedboats

Is Crownline a good boat brand? 

Crownline is a reputable boat brand that builds sterndrive bowriders, cruisers and deck boats

Is Cruisers Yachts a good boat brand?

Cruisers Yachts have a long-standing presence in the boating industry and are recognized for their attention to detail, craftsmanship, and innovative designs.

Is Four Winns a good boat brand? 

Four Winns is a well-respected boat brand that specializes in fiberglass runabouts, bowriders, cruisers, and sport boats. 

Is Glastron a good boat brand? 

Glastron is a great boat brand for those looking to make day trips on their bowrider

Is Larson a good boat brand? 

Larson is a very reputable fishing boat brand that builds fiberglass fishing boats

Is Malibu Boats a good boat brand?

Yes, Malibu Boats is an award-winning, top-quality boat brand, particularly in the realm of watersports and wakeboarding.

Is Maxum a good boat brand? 

Maxum Boats has since closed, but you can find many of their well-built fiberglass cruising boats on the brokerage market

Is Monterey a good boat brand? 

Monterey is a respectable boat brand that constructs fiberglass sport boats, sport yachts and outboards

Is Nauticstar a good boat brand? 

Nauticstar is a great choice for those looking for high performance fishing boats, deck boats and offshore boats

Is Ranger Boats a good boat brand?

Ranger Boats offers a diverse range of fishing boats, including bass boats, multi-species boats, aluminum boats, and saltwater boats.

Is Regal a good boat brand? 

Regal Boats is a great family-owned company that builds fiberglass sterndrive and outboard bowriders, surf boats, and express cruisers

Is Rinker a good boat brand? 

Yes, Rinker is a great boat brand that constructs runabouts, bowriders, and cruisers made of fiberglass materials

Is Robalo a good boat brand? 

Robalo is a well-known boat brand in the fishing world for their excellently constructed center consoles, dual consoles and walkarounds that are perfect for those who enjoy fishing

Is Sea Ray Boats a good boat brand? 

Sea Ray Boats is a very reputable company that has featured prominently in our lists here. Sea Ray Boats is most well-known for their sport boats, pleasure boats, bowriders, cabin cruisers, and deck boats

Is Stingray a good boat brand? 

Stingray boats specialize in performance boats like center consoles, dual consoles, and deck boats

Is Tahoe a good boat brand? 

Tahoe Boats is another great sportfishing boat builder that constructs fiberglass bowriders and deck boats

Is Triton Boats a good boat brand?

Triton Boats is a respected and reliable choice for anglers seeking a high-quality fishing boat.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of boat styles, sizes and models to choose from when searching for your next boat. While the “best” option will depend on the personal choices and preferences of the buyer, you’ll have no shortage of options in seeking your own favorite boat too. To start your search with YATCO, search here for boats for sale, or larger yachts for sale.   

Click here to see all of the types of boats for sale on YATCO, or here for the yacht types for sale

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