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About Performance Boats

What Are Performance Boats?

Performance boats are designed to operate optimally at high speeds. As a type of power boat, the focus is usually speed and power, so the engines are usually a vital part of the boat. A performance vessel can range in size from 20 to 50 feet plus, with different power configurations from outboards, center consoles, to larger inboards. Depending on use – offshore fishing, racing, entertainment, even day cruising – the exterior can also vary. Some may be built with a smaller cockpit while others may include more complete interiors with living space for weekends away and cockpits with ample seating and shade for larger parties. What they tend to have in common is their propensity for speed, with some models reaching speeds of more than 100 miles per hour on the water. Go-fast boats like the Cigarette boat is one example of a performance boat.

What is a Performance Boat Made of (Construction Material/Hull Design)?

A performance boat can be crafted from a variety of construction materials, including wood, fiberglass, metal, and composites. As a boat designed primarily for speed, a planing hull, with a possible V-shaped configuration. This hull type allows for vessels to quickly climb onto the plane with a minimum of water resistance. You might also see performance yachts with a catamaran hull form, another fast hull shape. With speed the ultimate goal, these boats usually are very responsive and sensitive at high speeds.

Why You Should Buy a Performance Boat

If fast is your middle name and you enjoy the feeling of the wind rushing through your hair, you might be suited to these fast machines. Some high-performance vessels are primed for racing, so if that’s your passion, how can you not indulge? Take out one of these sleek and sexy speedsters for a spin and enjoy the looks you’ll get as you zoom past and leave everyone behind in your wake. Or you could do some day cruising and merely enjoy spending your time in the sun out on the water. Or perhaps, if you’re a fisherman, those models can offer a better platform to indulge your passion for fishing. But maybe you’re all about the water sports – take the boat out for some waterskiing or wakeboarding and enjoy a little fun in the sun.