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About Mega Yachts

As the Official MLS of Yachting™, YATCO and its yacht broker members built the industry’s most accurate, real-time inventory of new and used yachts for sale worldwide. We are passionate about yachting and want to make your experience as fun as possible. Need help? Our professional yacht brokers are seasoned experts ready to assist you in finding the superyacht of your dreams.

What is a Mega Yacht?

Mega yachts are vessels of at least 24 meters (79 feet) or above in length. A mega yacht should minimally be the length of a tennis court. Many of these vessels are known to be commercially operated luxury yachts, which generally need nine crew members. The crew takes care of the many moving parts and interpersonal needs of the owner, family, and friends. Mega yachts are often used for private personal purposes and may be available for charter during certain seasons. There are hundreds of different mega yachts out on the seas that are either motor or sail powered according to the owner’s preference.

How Do You Maintain a Mega Yacht?

These multi-million-dollar yachts need comprehensive crews to keep up with the maintenance, whether or not the yacht is on the high seas or wintering in port. Mega yacht crews are divided into the engineering department, the interior department, and the deck department. The different roles required in each department can be combined, but a fully equipped crew includes 16 people. The engineering department uses five personnel to care after the engines including a chief engineer, an electrician, another engineer, an ETO, and an assistant. The interior department requires a purser, a chief stew, a second stew, third and fourth stews, a head chef and a sous chef. The deck department includes the first officer, the second officer, the bosun, and the deckhand. Above all of the departments, there is the captain, who is in charge of the yacht’s operation and its safe travels to wherever the owner desires. This of course all depends on the yacht’s length and volume; sometimes, fewer crew are needed if the yacht is smaller.

What Toys and Tenders Can Be Added to a Mega Yacht?

Mega yachts are built for the maximum amount of pleasure for its passengers. There are a vast number of toys that can be added according to the owner’s likes and dislikes. Among these can be inflatables (waterslides, trampolines, floating docks, sea pools, towables), water-sporting equipment (wake surfing, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, sailing dinghies), powered toys (Jetsurf, PowerBoards, iRider, Flyboard, Seabobs, Jet skis), and the underwater fun (scuba diving, snorkeling, submarines, submersibles). Gym equipment and deck equipment are quite popular as well.

When selecting the perfect yacht for you, make sure you find the type of tender you like. There are tenders meant for speed, RIBs, classic, limousines, SOLAS rescue, watersport friendly, special projects, and custom tenders. Whether you are planning on owning or chartering a superyacht, you will not be disappointed. It is always a breathtaking experience that can be repeated again and again. Yacht ownership is a privilege that gives you the freedom to travel to places that you would not otherwise be able to reach. Finding your perfect yacht starts with looking at all the superyachts for sale on, or searching for a yacht broker with the broker finder.

A yacht broker can help you find the yacht of your dreams, as they have access to vessels all around the world, and have the experience and know-how to help you select the perfect yacht.