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What is a Superyacht, Giga Yacht, Large Yacht, Luxury Yacht or Mega Yacht (Terms can be used interchangeably)?

Superyachts or mega yachts are vessels of at least 79 feet (24 meters) or above in length. A luxury yacht refers to the world’s finest luxury yachts that fit into these size categories with special attention to bespoke designs and amenities.  A giga yacht is usually a minimum of 220ft, are usually custom designed and include very bespoke details by yacht designers like Winch designed exteriors and world-famous interior designers, with large beach clubs, swimming pools, and space for helicopters, personal submarines, and toys for both on land and at sea.

The luxury yacht should minimally be the length of a tennis court. Many of these vessels are known to be commercially operated luxury yachts, which generally need a slew of crew members. The crew takes care of the many moving parts and interpersonal needs of the owner, family, and friends.

A luxury yacht is a more general descriptive term for a vessel built to the most exacting standards, offering its owners the finest in design and interior appointments and high-tech gear. Of the thousands of yachts in the world, a luxury yacht can refer to either a motor or sailing vessel, and it could potentially be referred to as a mega yacht, superyacht, luxury yacht, or even gigayacht, if it’s large enough.

Large yachts will generally have a captain and other crew on board to help with operations, with the number of crew depending on the vessel size and accommodations. As the vessels grow larger, they grow more complicated in operations and require increasing numbers of crew to operate – with the budgets (and gadgets) to match. Some of those largest yachts on the water are stunning examples of yacht design and engineering.

The yacht crew is generally made up of a captain to manage the crew and pilot the yacht, stewardesses who manage the interior of the yacht, and deck workers who manage the exterior of the yacht. All crew members are there to ensure the comfort and safety of yacht owners and their guests, whether they are friends, family, or people who are chartering the yacht for a time. Read more details about the crew below under How do you Maintain a Mega Yacht?

These mega yachts are often used for private personal purposes and may be available for charter during certain seasons. From steel hulled explorer yachts to giga sailing yachts, you’re sure to find the perfect yacht for you when looking at the largest yachts in the world.

There are hundreds of different superyachts out on the seas that are either motor or sail powered according to the owner’s preference. Some superyachts have various levels – from three levels and up, each serving its own purpose. Sometimes, an entire level is reserved for the owner of the vessel, or the primary charterer. The lower level, on many large yachts, is typically – but not always – reserved for the remainder of the guest staterooms.

Crew cabins are generally on the opposing side of the guest staterooms, for privacy and separation of service and entertainment areas. If the luxury yacht is well-designed, the crew areas will most often be separated from the entertainment and guest areas, as will the laundry and other work areas that the crew generally occupy.

Many different kinds of yachts – vintageexpedition, and more – can fall under this broad categorization. While some may consider only vessels over a certain size to truly fit the luxury yacht definition, there is no hard and fast rule – some small yachts may be outfitted to opulent standards, although it generally follows that the larger the vessel, the larger the cost, both upfront and over the course of the vessel’s lifetime, and the more luxurious. On the largest luxury yachts, in addition to the usual deluxe appointments from galley to master suite, you might find multiple decks with every amenity possible, like beach clubs, spas, basketball courts, pools, personal submersibles, private theaters, swimming pools, platinum yachts and more. It generally follows that those who can afford the largest vessels may outfit their yachts with no expense spared, ultimately creating a stunning masterpiece on the water with unique and one-of-a-kind yacht features.

Mega yachts are for sale all over YATCO and span from explorer yachts to tri-deck motor yachts and sailing yachts. The willingness to explore the many options starts here, on YATCO, where you will find hundreds of mega yachts for sale. Learning more about this yacht type has never been easier, thanks to the many yachting professionals who list them. The yacht brokers that work with YATCO to market yachts for sale, are highly educated, and are ready to assist you in finding your ideal match.

Looking for a yacht that you can purchase for charter purposes? Many of these mega yachts are intended for commercial use and are classified as such. All it takes is for you to reach out to one of the brokers through the BROKER FINDER. Here, you will find brokers that specialize in the mega yacht market. These brokers are trained to help you find your dream yacht. Yacht ownership has never been more easily accessible than it is now, and these brokers can help you achieve your dreams, and the perfect yacht awaits.

How Big Is a Giga Yacht?

Giga yacht concepts start at 220ft and go up from there. The world’s largest luxury yacht currently on the water is the privately owned AZZAM, which measures 590ft and is noted as the largest superyacht in the world, built by Lürssen in 2013.

However, two other luxury yachts in the world do surpass this size but are not technically privately owned. SOMNIO will be the largest yacht in the world, at 728ft, featuring Winch designed exteriors, this is more of a combination of luxury yacht and ocean liner so is not a purely private giga yacht concept. However, REV, measures 597ft so just above AZZAM’s 590ft, and will be mostly used for scientific research and environmental protection programs. More of an explorer yacht style, REV features exterior designs to withstand all weather conditions and has been penned by one of the great yacht designers, Espen Øino.

So technically speaking, AZZAM remains the world’s largest privately owned superyacht in the world. While Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos was recently handed over his new yacht, KORU, the largest giga sailing yacht in the world at 417ft. Sailing yacht A has a length of 469ft, however it is more of a motor sailer than true sailing yacht.

What Is a Large or Luxury Yacht Made of (Construction Material/Hull Design)?

A large or luxury yacht can be built from many materials, including wood, steel, aluminum, and composites like fiberglass, GRP, and carbon fiber. As a general term, a large yacht can refer to either a motor or sailing vessel, so it follows that the hull design will vary – a sailing vessel could potentially have a monohull or multi-hull design, and a large motor yacht’s hull may be a displacement, semi-displacement, or planing hull form. Naval architecture has seen a boom in recent years as the demand for luxury vessels has increased – bringing with it the most up to date and envelope pushing designs in the world. When finding your perfect yacht, if speed is a requirement, a planing hull is your best option, or a semi-displacement option over full displacement.

Different builders will favor different materials for their yachts in the world, so whether you’re looking at a BenettiFeadshipHeesenOceanco, or Platinum Yachts built yacht, you’ll want to consider the build materials. This can also include the materials used inside, and even the engine (whether it’s a diesel engine or gas turbine, or even the more popular electric engines), you’ll want to keep in mind the type of propulsion used.

What Are Giga Yacht Concepts?

Giga yacht concepts are those models created by yacht designers and superyacht builders to show potential owners what is possible. When searching for the perfect yacht for yourself, you may not always be able to find it on the market and need to look elsewhere. While it will come with a giga yacht price tag, the superyacht industry has some of the top exterior designers and interior designers in the world, ready to help make your perfect yacht become a reality.

Whether you want a steel hulled explorer yacht with helicopter pad, multiple swimming pools, beach club, with a plethora of water toys and top speeds to help you cruise all around the globe, your yacht designer and superyacht shipyard can make this dream come true.

How Do You Maintain a Mega Yacht?

These multi-million-dollar yachts need comprehensive crews to keep up with the maintenance, whether or not the yacht is on the high seas or wintering in port. Mega yacht crews are divided into the engineering department, the interior department, and the deck department. The different roles required in each department can be combined, but a fully equipped crew includes 16 people. The engineering department uses five personnel to care after the engines including a chief engineer, an electrician, another engineer, an ETO, and an assistant. The interior department requires a purser, a chief stew, a second stew, third and fourth stews, a head chef and a sous chef. The deck department includes the first officer, the second officer, the bosun, and the deckhand. Above all of the departments, there is the captain, who is in charge of the yacht’s operation and its safe travels to wherever the owner desires. This of course all depends on the yacht’s length and volume; sometimes, fewer crew are needed if the yacht is smaller.

The captain typically has his or her own separate quarters that are near the bridge – or wheelhouse – depending on how some refer to it. The bridge is the yacht’s brain – it’s where all controls and navigation equipment rest, and requires strong knowledge of all its parts in order to control and pilot the yacht properly.

Yacht ownership has its responsibilities, but the rewards far surpass them. Imagine being able to pick up and go to far-off places aboard your dream yacht. Finding your perfect yacht is within reach, and it starts here on Below, discover the pleasures of what owning a superyacht can bring you, with all the water toys available that await you and your family’s enjoyment.

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a $10 Million Dollar Yacht?

When purchasing a yacht, experts would agree to reserve 10 – 20% of the purchase price of the yacht to maintain it annually. This means that a $30 million luxury yacht will cost $1 million – $2 million to maintain on an annual basis. As you add more unique and additional yacht features, the running costs will go up as well. From platinum yachts to swimming pools, tennis courts, gas turbines, or maintaining your diesel engines, these are all items that will add to your running costs.

When reviewing the many yachts in the world while looking for the perfect yacht, it’s not just the upfront costs to consider, but the running costs every year as well.

What Toys and Tenders Can Be Added to a Superyacht or Mega Yacht?

Superyachts or mega yachts are built for the maximum amount of pleasure for its passengers. There are a vast number of toys that can be added according to the owner’s likes and dislikes. Among these can be inflatables (waterslides, trampolines, floating docks, sea pools, towables), water-sporting equipment (wake surfing, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, sailing dinghies), powered toys (Jetsurf, PowerBoards, iRider, Flyboard, Seabobs, Jet skis), and the underwater fun (scuba diving, snorkeling, submarines, submersibles). Gym equipment and deck equipment are quite popular as well.

When selecting the perfect yacht for you, make sure you find the type of tender you like. There are tenders meant for speed, RIBs, classic, limousines, SOLAS rescue, watersport friendly, special projects, and custom tenders. Whether you are planning on owning or chartering a superyacht, you will not be disappointed. It is always a breathtaking experience that can be repeated again and again. Yacht ownership is a privilege that gives you the freedom to travel to places that you would not otherwise be able to reach.

Other amenities that can be found aboard superyachts are spas, saunas, Hammams, Jacuzzis, and even full-on swimming pools or even tennis courts. The grander the luxury yacht, the more amenities come into play.

Finding your perfect yacht starts with looking at all the yachts for sale on, or working with your preferred yacht broker. A yacht broker can help you find the yacht of your dreams, as they have access to vessels all around the world, and have the experience and know-how to help you select the perfect yacht. Your personal yacht broker has invested in his or her career and knows more about the purchase, selling, and chartering of yachts than anyone else. He or she will help you find the vessel that best suits your lifestyle and needs, whether you are looking for adventure in Alaska, or just simple relaxation on a deserted beach in the Bahamas. If you are a serious angler looking for a fishing adventure, then your yacht broker can help you find the perfect sportfisher for your needs; there are even mega sportfishers that offer the dual lifestyle of a fishing vessel and mega yacht in one.

How Do You Purchase a Superyacht?

Purchasing a superyacht should be an exciting event in one’s life. Yacht sales are happening all over the globe, and most often, through yacht brokers. The career of a yacht broker is spent selling and purchasing luxury yachts for sale, so it’s best to consult one before you actually make the move to purchasing a superyacht. Yacht sales are not as simple as one might think, which is why, when looking at luxury yachts for sale, yacht brokers are the best professionals to get the job done the right way. This is a big purchase for many who venture into the world of motor yachts or sailing yachts, and it should be done right.

What Is the Fastest Giga Yacht?

With a large load to carry, you won’t find giga yachts breaking any top speed records. However, AZZAM also holds the title of fastest giga yacht in the world with a top speed of 31 knots.

What Are the Best Giga Sailing Yachts?

Five of the largest privately owned giga sailing yachts in the world are below, with the shipyards that are responsible for creating these large and majestic vessels:

  • S/Y A – Nobiskurg, 469ft
  • KORU – Oceanco, 417ft
  • BLACK PEARL, Oceanco, 350ft
  • ATHENA – Royal Huisman, 295ft
  • MALTESE FALCON – Perini Navi, 289ft

Why Should You Buy a Luxury or Large Yacht?

You should buy a large yacht if you’re looking to enjoy ample space and luxurious comfort while cruising. Whisk your family or friends away on adventures around the world with all the comfort and amenities of a five-star hotel with your crew available to cater to your every need. A large yacht has space for many amenities, which could include a pool, spa, gym, and beach club, so it can really offer anything you can dream of. Picture yourself on deck, drink in hand, while the Caribbean sun shines brightly – and that certainly can be your reality when you’re on a large yacht. You can travel the world in the height of luxury to some of the world’s most popular yachting destinations.

You should buy a luxury yacht if you live life in the luxe lane. One of these vessels conjures up visions of opulence and abundance, so you can enjoy being surrounded by the best of everything from keel to upper deck. Relish in the most comfortable, stylish surroundings with top-class service while you travel the world. Of course, as vessels grow larger, you will size yourself out of handling the yacht yourself, so it’s custom to have a yacht captain and a yacht crew of varying sizes to staff the vessel. While your choice might be influenced by your love of sail or power, the perfect yacht for you doesn’t mean you’ll find any less luxury on board a sailing yacht. Some of the most luxurious vessels on the water have sails, so no sacrifices are required. You can see and be seen in some of the most glamorous locations on one of the most beautiful yachts in the world if you so desire.

What is the Largest Yacht Size?

The largest luxury yacht ever built was by Lürssen in 2013 with the launch of AZZAM. At 592.6ft. She can accommodate up to 36 guests and has an impressive 80 crewmembers onboard. While this isn’t necessarily the norm, there are many yachts listed for sale on that are in the large yacht territory.

How Much is a Luxury Yacht?

A luxury yacht refers to yachts 79ft and above so in order to learn how much a luxury yacht is, it’s important to differentiate the sizes we will be referring to and acknowledge we aren’t referring to small yachts here. While the price range can be anywhere from $500,000 to well over $30 million, there are some key factors that will impact the overall price tag:

  • Age – Is it a new build, or a used yacht for sale on the brokerage market? If it’s a new yacht, the general guidance is to budget $1 million per 3.3 feet, meaning a brand new 100ft yacht could cost you $30 million and up.
  • Builder – Certain brands will carry a larger price tag than others – imagine comparing the costs of a Toyota to a Ferrari.
  • Condition – While brand new yachts won’t have to worry about this, when looking at older models for sale, the condition the yacht is being sold in will affect the price – has it been well maintained with regular updates? Or has it fallen into disarray?
  • Yacht features – Does it come with a swimming pool or jacuzzi? A helipad? Specialist water toys or equipment? As you add more and more unique yacht features, the price can go up, so you need to consider this when searching for your perfect yacht.
  • Length – As above, as the yacht length increases, so too does the price tag. There is an almost endless list of yachts in the world available for sale, so you’re certain to find the right length for you.
  • Engines – From diesel engines to electric motors and gas turbines, there are many different ways to power your yacht, so this can affect the overall price.

How Much Does a Giga Yacht Cost?

Since giga yachts encompass the largest yachts in the world, they’re going to come with the price tag to match. Luxury yachts in this category will start above and beyond the top prices for other yacht sizes. Depending on the level of customization, giga yacht prices might start at the low end of $200 million, with some, like 533ft ECLIPSE rumored to have cost over $1 billion. This yacht features two swimming pools, a spacious beach club, helicopter pad, personal submarine, and multiple security features. Due to the level of custom-built superyachts in the world that fall under this size category, it can be hard to give a distinct range for giga yacht prices.

If you are looking for a truly bespoke giga yacht with customized interior design and exterior designs penned by famous yacht designers like Winch designed vessels mentioned above, or those by Terence Disdale Design and Espen Øino; or even looking to be crowned as the owner of the largest superyacht in the world, finding the perfect yacht is easy when money is no object, and the sky is the limit! From infinity swimming pools with see through bottoms, to beach clubs spanning multiple decks, there is no limit to what is possible when designing your own giga yacht concept.

How Much Does a 100 Foot Yacht Cost?

All 100 foot yachts will not cost the same price. Finding the perfect yacht for you, maybe not be the same as it is for someone else. When scanning superyachts for sale, a few things to be cognizant of that can affect the price tag are:

  • Builder – Is it a custom built model or a prefab model? Is it a highly regarded shipyard you’re hoping to buy your luxury yacht from?
  • Design – Who completed the interior and exterior design? Who was the naval architect? Sometimes more reputable names will carry a higher price tag.
  • New or used – Is it a brand new luxury yacht you’re hoping to buy? Or is a used superyacht for sale more your style?
  • Yachting destinations – Where are you hoping to go with your new yacht? Are you hoping to complete some ocean crossings, or is it more of a luxury yacht to cruise short distances with?

While the price of a 100ft luxury yacht will depend on the above factors, it’s safe to use the method above of $1 million per 3.3 feet to get a ballpark figure of $30 million. If you are looking on the resale market, you can likely purchase a 100ft yacht for less than this; however, if you are looking at a brand new custom model, or one with unique yacht features, the price could increase as well. As with all yachts, once you start adding in swimming pools, or basketball courts and cinema rooms, the price can fluctuate more.

To find your perfect yacht, you’ll want to keep these things in mind when looking at yachts listed for sale.

How Much is a 180 Foot Yacht Worth?

A brand new 180ft yacht might be worth around $50 million; however, you can find plenty of 180ft yacht models on the brokerage market, starting as low as $5 million. You’ll need to consider some of the above factors to truly understand the worth of a 180ft yacht and what makes it the perfect yacht. Do you want a swimming pool? A completely platinum yacht inside and out? Twin diesel engines? Gas turbines? Electric power? All of these additions can both increase the purchase price, but also help to maintain their worth over time.

Yachts don’t retain value in the same way real estate does, but their worth is measured in experiences and memories over monetary terms.

What is the Average Price of a Large Yacht?

As above, many will advise that new yachts over 100ft have a but of a formula – $1 million per 3.3ft in length. Based on this calculation, a brand new, 100ft yacht will cost you $30 million. However, if you are looking at a custom built yacht, or superyachts for sale on the brokerage market, the price will increase or decrease accordingly.

Large yachts can truly open the world for the owner and offer exciting new yachting destinations, stunning designs by world renowned naval architects, and complete privacy to enjoy with your guests. To find your perfect yacht, is an excellent place to start and explore the many yachts listed for sale around the world.

Perhaps you are looking for something with speed? Then your yacht broker can help you find the perfect sport yacht. There are many mega yachts that are semi-planing, meaning they are go-fast mega yachts that offer the luxurious lifestyle you seek along with the benefits of speed to get you where you need to go faster. In this case, the ideal vessel is a sport yacht. Mega yachts for sale include these speedy, sleek yachts; all you have to do is select the right category in your search and they will immediately pop up for you.

Looking for a traditional mega yacht? There are plenty of different styles, sizes, and types of mega yachts out there and no one is more suited to finding the perfect one for you than your yacht broker. A traditional mega yacht can be constructed with three or more levels, and feature amenities you never thought possible. Some mega yachts come equipped with a spa, a pool, and even a helipad to get you to the yacht faster or to jet you off to far-off places only possible with a helicopter. There are many different types of mega yachts on the water today; working with a professional yacht broker to get you what you need is the most efficient and economical way to get there.

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