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Company History

Established in Lemwerder, Germany by Georg Abeking and Henry Rasmussen in 1907, the shipbuilding behemoth boasts 5 large hangers in which it builds custom superyachts, sailing and motor yachts up to 410 feet (125m) in length.

The award-winning company is known for a slew of technological innovations, including building the fastest diesel yacht in its time, the development of non-magnetic steel as well as SWATH (Small Waterplane Twin Hull) technology. In 2017, the yard launched its largest custom yacht to date, AVIVA, at 322 feet (98.4 meters).

Shipyard Stats

  • Size: Up to 410 feet (125m)
  • Type: Superyachts, sailing yachts, motor yachts

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Lemwerder, Germany


Non-Magnetic Steel as well as SWATH Technology


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