Introducing YATCO’s
AI Assistant

Get ready for a new era of Productivity

Utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence to sell & charter more yachts. With our built-in assistant, it’s now easier than ever to upload and optimize your current listings. Conveniently offload daily tasks  so you can get back to the business of selling yachts. When you see the AI button in each section of your listings, simply click and let YATCO AI fill in the details or specs for your listing in a powerful and optimized way.

Create your listings faster

After adding your basic vessel info, YATCO AI will suggest additional specs, short listing descriptions, and SEO data. Easily select which data you’d like to keep before publishing.

Optimize your current listings

1. Automatically Generate Listing Descriptions

Let YATCO AI review your current listings and automatically write your listing descriptions to rank better on search engines & increase leads.

2. Auto-Translate Listing Descriptions

YATCO AI will automatically translate your saved descriptions into multiple languages to better market your vessel on websites internationally.

3. Optimize SEO Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, H1, and More

A key to setting yourself up for success with search engines is the use of SEO Page Titles, Meta Tags, and Meta Descriptions. YATCO AI takes the guesswork out of these important details and does the work for you.

4. Automatically Populate Listing Specifications

YATCO AI will suggest additional vessel specifications based on the data you entered. Our specialized rating system can also guide you if your listing could use improvement.

YATCO AI helps you sell faster

Not only does YATCO AI help increase efficiency by auto-filling your listing details and specs, but it also creates unique copy across each website, setting yourself up for success to rank as high as possible in search engines. By utilizing YATCO AI for the SEO titles, meta tags, descriptions, and specifications, your listing will be optimized from beginning to end, rank better & seen by more potential buyers.

Leverage the power of AI by signing up for our YATCO BOSS today!