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Expedition and explorer yachts are long-range vessels that are reliable and steadfast. Search below for these solid yachts for sale by location, price, size, brand and more.

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Explorer and Expedition Yacht Tips

What is an Expedition or Explorer Yacht?

An expedition yacht – also known as an explorer yacht; the names are interchangeable – is built for long-range cruising. These vessels must have the technical capabilities to travel long distances at sea in more remote places, facing potentially rough seas. Access to provisions and repairs may be minimal or nonexistent, so expedition vessels need to be autonomous in that they must carry everything required for operations from food supplies, extra spares, and safety equipment for every eventuality. They must also be able to fix any issues that arise on board. These vessels carry more fuel, providing a longer cruising range before refueling is necessary, and also have more storage to carry extra supplies – even garbage storage can be important as it may be impossible to dispose of trash ashore. Some larger expedition yachts carry a full arsenal of toys on board, including their own transportation to be used ashore, and usually have a larger crew. Some may even carry local guides, pilots, or other specialty crew.

What are Explorer or Expedition Yacht Made Of (Construction Material/Hull Design)?

The explorer or expedition yacht needs a strong hull to withstand the more extreme cruising areas she may traverse. Explorer and expedition vessels can be constructed from steel, aluminum, fiberglass, kevlar, and even recycled aluminum. These vessels usually have a full displacement hull with deeper drafts, which traditionally is best for long-range cruising and improved seaworthiness. Some hulls have been strengthened even further, which gives them an ice-classed designation. The IMO’s Polar Code, which came into force in 2017, applies to vessels operating in Arctic or Antarctic waters. These vessels must receive a Polar Ship Certificate and comply with certain operating parameters in the polar regions, both for vessel safety and protection of the areas.

Why Should You Buy an Explorer or Expedition Yacht?

You should buy an explorer or expedition yacht if you have a yearning for adventure and exploration. You can get up close and personal with nature’s beauty and see and experience wildlife in some of the world’s most far-flung locations – from the stunning beaches of isolated South Pacific islands to the icy remoteness of the more northern climes, including Antarctica. As a bonus, you can do all of that while surrounded by the comforts and luxury of a yacht. An explorer or expedition yacht lets you push the superyacht travel limits and explore areas only boats can reach.

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