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Cheoy Lee Yachts History

Cheoy Lee Shipyards Ltd. has been building boats since 1870, so they must be doing something right. The first 80 years, they focused on tugs, ferries, pilot boats, harbor craft and crew boats/transfer vessels; but it’s the 1950s, we want to talk about. That’s when the first Cheoy Lee sailing yacht hit the water. Since then, there have been more than 5,000 Cheoy Lee motor yachts built – mostly for the U.S. market – ranging from 58 to 200 feet. Initially establishing their shipyard on the Pudong Peninsula in Shangai, China, the Lo family eventually moved their operations to Hong Kong in 1936. Their first order of business was to retrofit their merchant sailing vessels into sail-powered cargo boats to elude the Japanese blockade in World War II.

After the war, the yacht builder went all out building luxury, recreational yachts. By 1962, they were cranking out more than 250 26-foot to 50-foot boats a year. As the years passed, the Cheoy Lee motor yachts for sale got bigger and international demand did, too. How did yachts made in China make such a big splash around the globe? It’s because not only are they exceptionally seaworthy, high performing, efficient and reliable, all Cheoy Lee trawler yachts, sailing yachts and motor yachts are built to globally recognized standards and regulations. That means Cheoy Lee yachts for sale have virtually no China-sourced components in them. This commitment to using only industry-leading brands helps guarantee the availability of parts and repairs internationally.

Motor Yachts From A to X

Cheoy Lee motor yachts for sale include the following series: Alpha (CLA), Bravo (CLB), Serentity (CLS) and Explorer (CLX). CLA and CLB are considered sports yachts and range from 76 to 88 feet, while the rugged, dependable CLS vessels are smaller –– 61 feet to 68-foot –– and offer a green alternative to eco-conscious owners.

The CLX96 isn’t your traditional Cheoy Lee motor yacht. This megayacht, which Cheoy Lee calls a Sea Activity Vessel, or SAV, is the beneficiary of international designer Jozeph Forakis’s vision of pushing performance and luxury to its limits. This crossover long-range cruiser is ideal for exploring the world in the lap of luxury.

Whichever series of Cheoy Lee sailing yachts you choose from, you can count on owning the ultimate in performance, innovation, reliability, quality and service. Along with its China and Hong Kong operations, Cheoy Lee has a purchasing, sales and marketing center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Shipyard Stats:

  • Founder: Lo family; Martin and Hans Lo current directors of Cheoy Lee Yachts
  • Type: Production sailing yachts, trawler and motor yachts
  • Size: 58 to 200-plus feet
  • Series: Alpha, Bravo, Serenity, Explorer
  • Hulls: Displacement, modified vee, planing and semi-displacement

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Pudong Peninsula, Shangai, China
Steel, Aluminum and Composite

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