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Motor yachts have never been more popular than they are today. There are so many types to choose from, and we have made it easy to select what you are looking for. Feel free to search all motor yachts for sale available by location, size, year, price, brand, and more, that are available in all different levels of luxury, from trawlers to superyachts.

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About Motor Yachts

As the Official MLS of Yachting™, YATCO and its yacht broker members built the industry’s most accurate, real-time inventory of new yachts and used yachts for sale worldwide. We are passionate about yachting and want to make your experience as fun as possible. Motor yachts come in all different sizes and levels of luxury, from trawlers to superyachts. Need help? Our professional yacht brokers are seasoned experts ready to assist you in finding the yacht of your dreams

What is a Motor Yacht?

A motor yacht is a cruising vessel of 40 feet or longer with multiple exterior decks and large interior main spaces for entertainment and relaxation. There are various types of these yachts, including express, flybridge, sportfish, or any vessel with a motor that is longer than 10 meters. Finding a motor yacht available for purchase on has never been simpler. You can start your search above, or you can contact one of our many yacht brokers in our broker finder above, under Directory and they will be happy to direct you in finding the motor yacht you are looking for.

Motor yachts can be powered by one strong engine or twin engines. Recently, the motor yachts for purchase category has been expanded to include two to four pod drives. These pods add steering capabilities that allow for precise steering in close quarters. If a motor yacht does have pod drives, the owner can travel from continent to continent, go up rivers, or even the Great Lakes. These pod drives also make docking the yacht in tight spaces, much easier.

There are a wide variety of reasons why yachtsmen are so passionate about yachting. Some seek overnight cruising with staterooms that can be as comfortable as your home, while others seek the thrill of sportfishing out on the ocean. Depending on the hull design of the yacht, there are many different functions that motor yachts have – for instance, a planing hull is one meant for speed, while a full-displacement hull is for slower cruising, for the most part. Sportier yachts – even smaller ones such as a Sea Ray – are meant for fast cruising. They offer the thrill of speeding on the water, and getting to your destination faster, which some friends and family prefer. Others prefer slower cruising and enjoy the journey rather than just the destination. It’s all a matter of lifestyle and preference, and motor yachts of all types are available to meet that need.

The motor yachts that are listed on YATCO for purchase are professionally posted by yacht brokers who are licensed to help you sell and buy a motor yacht. A motor yacht is typically the choice of vessel these days, however there are plenty of sailing yachts available on the market as well. Luxury motor yachts are popular because they are not only beautiful, they are easier to handle and can travel to more places than sailing yachts, which typically have a deeper draft. Luxury motor yachts for purchase have a shallower draft than their sailing counterparts, and many are able to travel to places such as the Bahamas or the Florida intercoastal that have a shallower draft. One should be passionate about traveling the world’s waters when wanting to own a luxury motor yacht. These vessels pose a big commitment, however they come with lots of reward. Spending time with friends and family on trips out to sea are incomparable to any shore-based vacation. Just ask any owner of a motor yacht or sailing yacht for that matter.

Extended Trips Around the World

There are some motor yachts such as explorer yachts that are meant for extended trips, or long-range cruising. These explorer yachts are large – way beyond the 40 feet where motor yachts begin. They are typically above 100 feet, and need to have certain redundancies for safety reasons. Extended trips can take you anywhere from the landscapes of Alaska to the fjords of Norway. Extended trips are meant for friends and family who enjoy traveling together and exploring far-off places, learning about nature and what the world has on offer.

Motor yachts above 40 feet can bring you the luxuries you find at home. They are fully operational with electricity, air conditioning, and complete plumbing. They also come with a crew. Crew sizes vary depending on the needs of the owner and the size of the yacht. Your crew or personal staff can flawlessly serve you and ensure you have the ultimate luxury experience. They have their private accommodations away from the living and social spaces of the yacht. The social spaces of the yacht are meant for guests to thoroughly enjoy while the crew ensure top-notch service and safety.

Aft Cabin Motor Yachts for Overnight Stays

If you opt for a larger motor yacht, such as an aft cabin motor yacht, the rewards are endless. You will be able to stay overnight onboard, in the destination of your choice in complete comfort. Aft cabin motor yachts have the staterooms at the back of the boat, hence, the name “aft”. Aft cabin boats are known for their modest drafts and wider beams, that make these yachts great choices for overnight and day cruising. They are also highly popular vessels for coastal, offshore, and inshore cruising.

What is a Motor Yacht Made Of?

A motor yacht can be made of various materials with many different construction options. Typically, these materials include either fiberglass, aluminum, or steel. Some are even made of wood. These motor yachts need to have the capacity for extended trips on the water, which is why they need to be made of such strong materials. Fiberglass is a lighter weight material that many production yachts are constructed of. These production motor yachts have a proven hull form and are very reliable on the water as they have been tested time and time again. Custom motor yachts are typically made of aluminum and steel. Some motor yachts are constructed with a full-displacement hull form that typically allows for slower cruising, while some other motor yachts are built with semi-planing hulls so they can go at faster speeds and help you get to your destination faster.

According to the build of the motor yacht, the vessel can be captained from a conventional helm or a flybridge / raised platform. If the platform is raised, it gives the captain a 360-degree view. Another great feature to look for is having a cockpit. This allows owners, who are avid fishers or enjoy diving, to have a platform for launching. These yachts can have launching systems, allowing for a collection of personal watercrafts, toys, and tenders. Many variations can be added or configured into a motor yacht for your maximum pleasure.

What Features Can a Motor Yacht Have?

Motor yachts can have countless special features that are only limited by the owner’s imagination.

Most motor yachts come equipped with private cabins or staterooms, a head or an en suite with a shower, a galley – which is the yacht’s term for a kitchen – and more. They feature storage for food, appliances, and other necessities that allow you to go the distance and stay on board for as long as the boat can maintain. In other words, a motor yacht can be considered a home away from home. It can offer all the creature comforts one needs to enjoy their time on the water.

There are a wide variety and range of entertainment options – from movie theatres to beauty salons. A professional yacht broker can help narrow you’re your needs. For instance, Helicopter hangars and platforms allow for owners to come and go at will. While underwater observation rooms, swimming pools, hot tubs, and beach clubs can entertain your guests and family. Finding your type of relaxation is vital. There is no right or wrong motor yacht for sale that is available. All that matters is if you find the one that depicts you in every way and fits like a puzzle piece into your lifestyle.

What Can a Yacht Broker Do to Help?

A yacht broker is a professional who has spent his or her career knowing and learning about the many different types of yachts and what their functions are. They are trained to hone in on your preferences and lifestyle, to make sure they meet your needs as a yacht buyer or seller.

Working alongside a yacht broker has many advantages. They have access to yachts all across the globe, not just their own inventory, and can help you find the yacht that fits you perfectly. Some things to think about are: would you prefer overnight cruising or day cruising? This will help to narrow down the type. Do you plan to cruise with friends and family and if so, how many people? This will help determine the size that fits your needs. These are all questions that your yacht broker will start to ask you the moment you decide to work together.

Buying a motor yacht, or any type of yacht is a big commitment, so why not work alongside a professional who has spent all his time around the water and yachts? Yacht brokers are trained to help you decide what’s best for your lifestyle. He or she may ask you questions like, what are you looking to an accomplish with your yacht? Are you looking for a brand-new motor yacht for sale or do you prefer something more quickly attainable such as a brokerage yacht that was previously owned? If you opt for a brand-new yacht, it will take longer to attain, but it is worth the wait, however if you are looking for a quicker option, then there are thousands of yachts to choose from that have already proven their capability on the water. Simply contact a yacht broker from our broker finder, and he or she will be delighted to help you find the yacht of your dreams. Also check out this blog post on five things sellers should do before contacting a yacht broker.

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