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Motor yachts have never been more popular than they are today. There are so many types to choose from, and we have made it easy to select what you are looking for. Feel free to search all motor yachts for sale available by location, size, year, price, brand, and more, that are available in all different levels of luxury, from trawlers to superyachts.

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What is a Motor Yacht?

As the name would suggest, a motor yacht is powered by a motor. These types of vessels are an excellent way to island-hop or cruise long destinations in a short period of time and are built for a leisurely time on the water. In the boating world, motor yachts are typically seen as more a luxurious and relaxed way to travel. The focus is more on the amenities on board – such as a cinema or a gym – rather than the romantic nature of sailing and connection to the water. However, the technology and engines on board a motor mean that the upkeep and associated costs can be more.

A motor yacht often has more space above and below water, with higher volume and expansive layouts that can accommodate more guests and crew. They are not necessarily built with performance in mind – unlike sailing yachts. As motor yachts can be powered by an engine and aren’t focused on moving very quickly, the weight of the vessel is not as important. Motor yachts are also more likely to have water sports equipment, toys and additional tenders on board.

What is the difference between a motor yacht, sailing yacht and catamaran?

If you are choosing to buy a boat, you may wish to know: what is the difference between a motor yacht, a sailing yacht and a catamaran? Each of these types of vessels is popular for varied reasons – from leisure cruising to competitive racing – and each offers boat owners a unique experience while on board.

How Can a Yacht Broker Help You to Buy the Right Motor Yacht For You?

A yacht broker is a professional who has spent his or her career knowing and learning about the many different types of yachts and what their functions are. They are trained to hone in on your preferences and lifestyle, to make sure they meet your needs as a yacht buyer or seller.

Working alongside a yacht broker has many advantages. They have access to yachts all across the globe, not just their own inventory, and can help you find the yacht that fits you perfectly. Some things to think about are: would you prefer overnight cruising or day cruising? This will help to narrow down the type. Do you plan to cruise with friends and family and if so, how many people? This will help determine the size that fits your needs. These are all questions that your yacht broker will start to ask you the moment you decide to work together.

Buying a motor yacht, or any type of yacht is a big commitment, so why not work alongside a professional who has spent all his time around the water and yachts? Yacht brokers are trained to help you decide what’s best for your lifestyle. He or she may ask you questions like, what are you looking to an accomplish with your yacht? Are you looking for a brand-new motor yacht for sale or do you prefer something more quickly attainable such as a brokerage yacht that was previously owned? If you opt for a brand-new yacht, it will take longer to attain, but it is worth the wait, however if you are looking for a quicker option, then there are thousands of yachts to choose from that have already proven their capability on the water. Simply contact a yacht broker from our broker finder, and he or she will be delighted to help you find the yacht of your dreams. Also check out this blog post on five things sellers should do before contacting a yacht broker.

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