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Everglades Yachts History

Fisherman’s dream. A real fishing machine. Luxury water beast. Unsinkable. However you describe them, boats built by Everglades Yachts top the got-to-have list of anglers everywhere who are into comfort and high-performance offshore – and more leisurely inshore – fishing. Even though Bob Dougherty didn’t found Everglades Yachts until 2001, he’s not new to the industry. He spent 30 years at Boston Whaler, where he helped develop the process of infusing foam into fiberglass hulls. Nine years after retiring from Boston Whaler, Dougherty tinkered around until he found an even better way to marry hull and foam. Instead of randomly injecting liquid foam into the hull, he created the Rapid Molded Core Assembly Process, or RAMCAP, which won him the Marine Manufacturers Innovation Award in 1999. Two years after that he opened the Everglades Yachts shipyard in Edgewater, Florida. Today, the Everglades line includes center consoles, bay boats and dual consoles ranging from 23 to 43 feet.

Different by Design

Building a boat around a molded foam structure and then chemically bonding it to the hull and deck was revolutionary and is what makes every Everglades Yacht for sale so tough and structurally sound. It’s also what gives Everglades Yachts a reputation for being virtually unsinkable and for delivering such a solid ride. But, the innovation doesn’t stop there.

Everglades Yachts are engineered for fishing. Here are a dozen reasons why there’s no other boat for sale quite like an Everglades Yacht.

  • Adjustable, retractable sliding windshield
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel components
  • Custom helm seating built in-house
  • Fore and aft fish boxes (56 to 129 gallons)
  • Heavy-duty outrigger hardware for big hauls and tough conditions
  • Horizontal rod racks under hardtop for out-of-the-way storage
  • Marine certified electromechanical engineers wire and rig boats in-house.
  • Pressurized live bait wells with clear acrylic covers
  • SeaDek surfaces for no-slip traction
  • State-of-the-art digital and radar options
  • Strategically placed cutting boards, bait prep stations
  • Wide side utility door for hauling in all the fish

Luxury and fishing features are built into every Everglades Yacht for sale.

Here’s a quick rundown of the line.

Center Consoles 255CC, 295CC, 325CC, 335CC, 365CC, 395CC, 435CC

Ranging from 25 to 43 feet, the popular center console models from Everglades Yachts are versatile, powerful and safe, sleek and ultra comfortable.

Bay Boats 243CC, 253CC, 273CC

These 24 to 27-foot inshore/coastal fishing boats from Everglades Yachts lead the industry in this market. The higher gunwales make any Everglades bay boat for sale safe and family-friendly, without getting in the way of fishing.

Dual Console (340DC)

Everglades Yachts’ 34-foot dual console model is nothing if not spacious and luxurious with its 96-foot cockpit, double-wide seating, separate cabin and head, A/C and companion seat that lifts to provide storage and also folds down into a chaise lounge.

Shipyard Stats:

  • Founder: Bob Dougherty
  • Shipyard: Edgewater, Florida
  • Type: Luxury console, center console boats and bay fishing boats
  • Size: 23 to 43 feet
  • Series: CC (consoles) and DC (double console)

Check out our comprehensive yachts for sale database of Everglades Yachts for sale today. Find your boat. Then go fishin’. It’s that easy.

Edgewater, Florida
Fiberglass, Foam Composite

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Everglades Yachts Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
260-270-275 Center Console 2006-2017 26' 7" (8.1m) 9' 9" (2.97m) 3' (0.91m)
273 Center Console 2017-2020 27' 3" (8.31m) 9' 3" (2.82m) 1' 9" (0.51m)
290-295 Center Conssole 2005-2020 28' 7" (8.71m) 9' 9" (2.97m) 1' 9" (0.51m)
320-325 Center Conssole 2009-2017 32' 4" (9.86m) 10' 9" (3.25m) 2' 4" (0.71m)
335 Center Console 2018-2020 32' 4" (9.86m) 10' 9" (3.25m) 2' 4" (0.71m)
350 LX 2008-2018 35' 4" (10.77m) 10' 9" (3.25m) 2' 4" (0.71m)
350-355-365 Center Console 2007-2020 35' 4" (10.77m) 10' 9" (3.25m) 3' 3" (0.97m)
395 Center Console 2020-2020 32' 4" (9.86m) 10' 9" (3.25m) 2' 4" (0.71m)
435 Center Console 2015-2020 45' (13.72m) 12' (3.66m) 3' 9" (1.12m)

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