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Cruiser boats make excellent day or overnight cruising vessels and can get you where you need to be fast and in comfort and style. Search below for these reliable boats for sale by location, price, size, brand and more.

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As the Official MLS of Yachting™, YATCO and its yacht broker members built the industry’s most accurate, real-time inventory of new yachts and used yachts for sale worldwide. We are passionate about yachting and want to make your experience as fun as possible. Need help? Our professional yacht brokers are seasoned experts ready to assist you in finding the Cruising Yacht of your dreams.

What Are Cruising Yachts?

Cruising yachts are for owners who wish to travel long distances or live onboard their yacht indefinitely. Cruising yachts have many comforts but are still known to have minimal accessories since weight can bear a factor in the expenses of upkeep and crew numbers. They typically have a small crew, which allows the owners to be the sole occupants of the vessel or give the owner the feeling of being unencumbered with a lot of crew members.

Cruising yachts are remarkable for their ability to be comfortable. If the yacht has a sail, it performs well under many conditions, because it is made to resist capsizing. Owing to the length of the voyages that a cruising yacht takes, the living quarters are comfortable and large enough to accommodate guests if so desired.

Cruising Yacht Construction and Hull Design:

The build of a cruising yacht is different depending on the build of its underbody. There are five main types. A skeg protected rudder is popular for cruising. A partial-skeg rudder allows for a tougher rudder that can handle three bearings, versus the usual two bearings. A modern cutaway full keel is ideal for cruising in secluded spots where a port is far away, allowing for cuts or scrapes to happen without immobilizing the yacht. A fin keel/spade rudder is best for speed and quick turns and is also relatively inexpensive. A heavy displacement, full-keeled, double-enders is the oldest style built. It is slower than the other forms, but it is still graceful in its own way.

Cruising Yacht Details:

The easy maintenance and affordability that a cruising yacht offers are desirable for owners who want to keep a budget. However, having a budget does not mean that foundational attributes are thrown away. Cruising yachts are seaworthy, environmentally friendly, and their performance is unmatched with the amount of equipment onboard. They have storage to carry the necessities such as extra sails, anchors, and fuel.

A cruising yacht is a one-of-a-kind vessel. Finding your dream cruising yacht is made easy with the hundreds of listings and the unique search features found on YATCO, The Official MLS of Yachting™.

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