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Runabouts are small yachts that are fast day boats and can be used for recreation on the water, or as a tender to a superyacht. Search for runabouts for sale below by length, price, year, and more.

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What is a Runabout Boat?

In general, runabout boats are small powerboats that range in size from 14 to 35 feet and are typically powered by an outboard or inboard outboard stern-drive engine. These boats are multipurpose vessels that can be used for day cruising and water sports, fishing boats, and even as superyacht tenders.

What Makes a Boat a Runabout?

Usually, a runabout won’t have a cabin available, so it is more of a day boat, however, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Runabouts can include a number of smaller powerboats including bow riders, jetboats, center consoles and more. Expert runabout boats listed for sale will usually have minimal interior spaces but come with a lot of inboard engine power with a large swim platform area, or outboard runabouts which make expert runabout fishing boats.

What Size Boat is a Runabout?

Unlike a boat and yacht that have distinct size ranges (a boat is any vessel under 78ft; and a yacht is any vessel 79ft and above), runabouts don’t have such rigid rules. However, the majority rules here and you’ll see most runabout boats listed for sale around 30-35ft. Depending on the size of the runabout, or what you want to do with it (is it being used as a tender on a superyacht? Or mostly used for fishing trips and day cruising? Is some interior space or cabins important to you?), the size of the engine required will dictate how fast and how far you can go as well. Inboard engines, or the more popular inboard outboard engines found on stern drives, will usually give an average power output of 300hp (like the Volvo Penta for example). If water activities are your main goal, you’ll appreciate the inboard motor that increases the size of the swim platform available.

What is a Runabout Boat Versus a Cruiser?

Unlike runabouts, cruisers will have a cabin (or multiple ones) for longer-range cruising and also run in size up to 75ft, so they are considerably larger. Cruisers will offer many more amenities aside from the cabins, they will also have a kitchen galley, communal interior spaces and ample deck space. Another option for those looking is a deck boat which does exactly what it says. Deck boats have increased deck space on the bow for guests to enjoy the ride and sunshine on the deck. Not all deck boats will be pontoon boats but these are a good example of one.

What is a Runabout Bow Rider?

A runabout bow rider will still be under 35ft with no cabin for overnight stays. They are perfect for day cruising and water sports and offer the bulk of seating on the bow. There is a small walkway between two separate panes of glass and will usually be powered by a stern drive or an outboard powered engine.

What is an Outboard Runabout?

An outboard powered runabout is a smaller vessel that is steered by an external drive motor and is usually less expensive than the other option — stern drives. Stern drives, like those found with the Volvo Penta 300hp engines, mimic automotive engines and usually allow for larger swim platforms. They are usual inboard outboard motors that combine the inboard engines and outboard powered motors.

What is the Best Runabout Boat Brand?

There is a wide variety of runabout boats listed for sale that are excellent for day cruising and watersports, make perfect fishing boats and come in a number of options for propulsion. From inboard outboard motors on stern drives, to outboard runabouts offering power and ease, there are plenty of expert runabout brands to choose from:

Many will come standard with their own engines, however, if customizing your propulsion system is important to you, speak to your broker if, for example, having the quiet and smooth ride offered by a 300hp Volva Penta engine, is something you’d like to add on.