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Founded in 1958 by Richard Fisher, Boston Whaler is an American icon of inshore and offshore fishing and pleasure boats. Boston Whaler offers boats and yachts that are ideal vessels for cruising and watersports and have many fishing amenities such as rod holders. The 150 Montauk is a Center Console Fishing Boat from Boston Whaler and is one of the most popular vessels it produces. Boston Whaler is part of the Brunswick Boat Group, which also owns Bayliner, Sea Ray, Meridian and many more notable boat-building brands. Search below for Boston Whaler boats and yachts for sale.

Company History

Boston Whaler Boats is a successful American brand of inshore and offshore fishing and pleasure cruising boats, including sport fishing boats, recreational boats, runabouts, mega yacht tenders, and much more.

Well-respected in the boat and yacht industry, Boston Whaler combines the comfort of a pleasure boat with the features of a fishing boat, resulting in a smooth ride in open waters and an excellent boating experience. These boats make for exceptional day cruising, sport fishing, and even saltwater fishing. The yachts for sale on YATCO are some of the finest boats and yachts available on the market.  

“The company was founded in 1958 by Richard Fisher, who came up with a new construction method for injecting foam into the hull of boats. This innovative method became known as UnibondTM construction and led to the company’s legendary, unsinkable hull, which has remained at the heart of every Boston Whaler for more than 50 years.”

Boston Whaler Boats is part of Brunswick Boat Group, which also owns Bayliner, Sea Ray, and Meridian pleasure boats; and Crestliner, Cypress Cay, Harris (formerly FloteBote), Lowe, Lund, and Princecraft fishing, deck, and pontoon boats.

Boston Whaler offers boats that are built to last. The 150 Montauk model is typically used for fishing, cruising, and watersports as it blends comfort, utility, and reliability. The newer boat designs include everything a modern angler could need, including a live well, rod holders, a cooler and fish-finding electronics. Ultimately, Boston Whaler offers boats and yachts that will be enjoyed by all the family, from cruising along quiet lakes to heart-racing watersports.  

Discover Boston Whaler yachts for sale and why it is one of the go-to brands for cruising and watersports. 

Boston Whaler Boat Model Series


The series of Montauk boats by Boston Whaler are highly sought after and is one of the company’s most popular center console models. Ranging in size from 21 feet with the 210 Montauk  – the largest of the series – down to 15 feet with the 150 Montauk, and also the mid-size 170 Montauk at 17 feet. Ideal for saltwater fishing, or simple day cruising, the Montauk series exudes beauty and top-not design. 


The 210 Montauk is the flagship boat of the series. The 21 foot center console boat offers seamless operation, with a remarkably easy “hose-and-go” management and lasting functionality. There are many new features that are purposely crafted into the 210 Montauk that are made to increase comfort and flexibility. The standard amenities for sport fishing, day cruising, and watersports allow buyers to custom make the 210 Montauk to meet their lifestyle, all the while, the boat offers plenteous seating and storage capabilities. 


The 170 Montauk offers the classic pedigree of Boston Whaler blended with state-of-the-art capabilities. This agile center console model offers a fresh aesthetic, timeless design, and a robust “hose-and-go” utility. The 170 Montauk provides the ultimate in comfort, performance and flexibility needed for sport fishing, day cruising, and simple enjoyment on the water with family and friends. 


Each Boston Whaler Super Sport is intended to load-and-go, and is perfect for families as they are trailerable, are small enough to park in a home garage and are super simple and safe to operate. The Super Sport family includes the 130 Super Sport, which is 13 feet long, and the 160 Super Sport, which is 16 feet long. Blended with the power of a Mercury engine, its fixed and durable construction can take on rougher seas, which makes them excellent superyacht tenders or work boats


The 130 Super Sport is an agile performance boat that offers a very shallow draft blended with unsinkable safety. Offering day cruising at its best, through narrow waterways, the 130 Super Sport will offer complete certainty when it comes to security on the water.

With exhilarating new features that include

  • lockable storage,
  • an aft swim platform, and
  • a stern accent hull color,

with the 130 Super Sport, you can select from a variety of seating options and arrangements. This flexibility is ideal for sport fishing, water sports, day cruising, relaxing, and simply enjoying the water around you. The 130 Super Sport is a reliable, approachable boat that offer style and above all, fun


The 160 Super Sport is 16 feet long and is the larger sister of the 130. Offering the drive to help you explore the water, the all-new model provides the utmost in safety, comfort, and fun. Featuring a “keel-up” redesign for the popular series by Boston Whaler, the 160 Super Sport features seamless and easy handling with low maintenance, stability, strength and a roomy layout. New features of the boat include dual aft swim platforms, lockable storage in front of the console, and a fashionable new stern accent hull color. Select from several seating options and arrangements like her smaller sister and offer friends and family the comfort and safety they seek in day cruising. 


The Outrage series of boats from Boston Whaler is led by its flagship, the 420 Outrage. This model of boats offers state-of-the-art design, power from Mercury Verado, and tailorable electronics. Great for sport fishing, this series offers large livewells, in-floor fishboxes and more that make this boat ready for action. This fishing machine has been well-thought out and offers amenities such as a spacious cockpit, and a summer kitchen making it ready for entertainment as well. The Outrage series also makes for the ideal tender to a superyacht. Below we give you a glimpse into the Outrage family with a look into the 280 Outrage and the larger 420 Outrage. 


The 420 Outrage is a 42-foot incomparable, state-of-the-art boat like no other. Its Anniversary Edition commemorates a significant achievement in the advancement of comfort and capability. The from the large bow with plenty of seating options to the stunningly designed convertible helm station and cockpit, the 420 Outrage offers a well-appointed cabin with an enclosed head. The 420 Outrage is an entertainment boat, for sure, and offers the best in day cruising whether out at sea for saltwater fishing or simply enjoying the water. 


The 280 Outrage is for the serious fisherman and the watersport enthusiast. The 28-footer offers loads of features including convenient rod holders around the boat and was created with the utmost in functionality and beauty in mind. The newer center console expresses the detail with which Boston Whaler created her. She offers a smooth ride, combined with comfort and capability, and is ready for either saltwater fishing or the simple enjoyment of day cruising.  


Here, we peek into the Boston Whaler Vantage Boat Family – the ideal dual console vessel. Starting with the smaller, newer 240 Vantage at 24 feet, to the advanced 320 Vantage at 32 feet, this multifunctional series of dual console boats features lots of space and capability that is ideal for families. Cutting-edge design is blended with an exquisite boat hull to offer outstanding comfort, performance, and steadiness. The amenities offered in these models make the dual console series ideal for offshore cruising, sport fishing, and thrilling water sports. The comfort of a dual console is perfectly blended with the stylish design of the Vantage series, and is ready to take you out to sea.

Shipyard Stats

  • Size: 13 to 42 feet
  • Type: Sportfishing boats, recreational boats, superyachts tenders, and more

Working with Yacht Brokers

Ready to search YATCO for the ultimate boat? Once you have searched through the thousands of available boats here, its advisable to work with yacht brokers. A yacht broker can help you find your ideal boat – whether it’s a Boston Whaler or a superyacht. They have access to other brokers’ boats and databases of yachts that will help you find the boat of your dreams.



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Boston Whaler Boats Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
26 Outrage 1998-2002 27' 10" (8.48m) 8' 6" (2.59m) 1' 3" (0.38m)
27 Offshore 1991-1998 26' 7" (8.1m) 10' (3.05m) 1' 9" (0.53m)
270 Dauntless 2014-2020 27' 4" (8.33m) 9' (2.74m) 1' 7" (0.48m)
270 Outrage 2003-2008 27' (8.23m) 8' 6" (2.59m) 1' 9" (0.51m)
270 Vantage 2014-2020 28' 3" (8.61m) 9' (2.74m) 2' (0.61m)
275 Conquest 2002-2005 28' 9" (8.74m) 9' 7" (2.92m) 1' 6" (0.46m)
28 Conquest; 295 Conquest 1998-2003 28' 6" (8.66m) 10' 4" (3.15m) 1' 9" (0.51m)
28 Outrage; 290 Outrage 1999-2003 30' 9" (9.35m) 10' 4" (3.15m) 1' 9" (0.51m)
280 Outrage 2016-2020 28' (8.53m) 9' 4" (2.84m) 2' 3" (0.66m)
280 Outrage 2009-2014 27' 7" (8.41m) 9' 4" (2.84m) 1' 9" (0.51m)
280 Vantage 2021-2020 27' 9" (8.46m) 9' 6" (2.9m) 2' 1" (0.63m)
285 Conquest 2011-2020 27' 3" (8.28m) 9' 6" (2.9m) 2' (0.61m)
285 Conquest 2006-2010 30' 3" (9.19m) 9' 9" (2.95m) 1' 9" (0.51m)
305 Conquest 2004-2012 30' 1" (9.17m) 10' 7" (3.23m) 1' 9" (0.51m)
31 Sport fisherman 1988-1991 31' 9" (9.68m) 11' 10" (3.61m) 2' 9" (0.81m)
315 Conquest 2013-2020 31' 3" (9.52m) 10' 9" (3.25m) 2' (0.61m)
320 Outrage 2003-2014 32' 3" (9.8m) 10' 3" (3.1m) 1' 10" (0.56m)
320 Outrage Cuddy 2006-2014 32' 3" (9.8m) 10' 3" (3.1m) 1' 10" (0.56m)
320 Vantage 2015-2020 33' 6" (10.21m) 10' 4" (3.15m) 2' 3" (0.66m)
325 Conquest 2020-2020 32' 3" (9.83m) 10' 9" (3.25m) 2' 6" (0.76m)
330 Outrage 2016-2020 33' 1" (10.08m) 10' 3" (3.1m) 2' 3" (0.66m)
34 Defiance; 350 Defiance 1999-2002 34' 6" (10.52m) 13' 3" (4.04m) 2' (0.61m)
345 Conquest 2014-2020 36' (10.95m) 11' 9" (3.56m) 2' 3" (0.66m)
345 Conquest 2007-2013 36' (10.95m) 11' 9" (3.56m) 1' 10" (0.56m)
350 Outrage 2014-2020 35' 6" (10.82m) 10' 10" (3.3m) 2' 4" (0.71m)
370 Outrage 2010-2017 37' 6" (11.43m) 11' 6" (3.51m) 2' (0.61m)
380 Outrage 2018-2020 38' (11.58m) 11' 9" (3.56m) 2' 4" (0.71m)
405 Conquest 2020-2020 41' 4" (12.6m) 13' 6" (4.11m) 3' 1" (0.94m)
420 Outrage 2015-2020 42' 6" (12.95m) 13' (3.96m) 2' 7" (0.79m)

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