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For more than 50 years, Sea Ray has been widely recognized as one of the world’s largest boat manufacturers of high-quality luxury yachts, sport yachts, pleasure boats, sport boats, bowriders, cabin cruisers, and deck boats ranging from 18 to 60 feet in length. Sea Ray offers over 40 models of motorboats to choose from, including outboard-powered models under 40 feet.

With dealers in over 80 countries, Sea Ray is a pioneer in the use of fiberglass and high-tech composite materials. The company’s first-class designers and skilled team of boat builders produce pleasure boats that are highly sought after for their innovative style, unique design, and advanced engineering concepts. The boatbuilding company is quite famous for its Sport Boats, Sport Cruisers, Sport Yachts, and Luxury Yachts for sale.

Sea Ray is part of the Brunswick Boat Group, which owns Bayliner and Meridian pleasure boats; Boston Whaler offshore fishing boats; Crestliner and Cypress Cay fishing, deck and pontoon boats; among other world-renowned marine brands.

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Knoxville, Tennessee

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Sea Ray Boats Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
250-260 Sundancer 2009-2014 26.58ft 8.5ft 3.41ft
260 Bowrider 1997-2001 25.5ft 8.5ft 3.41ft
260 Bowrider Select 1998-2001 25.5ft 8.5ft 3.16ft
280 Bowrider 1996-2001 27.5ft 9.5ft 3.41ft
290 Bowrider 2001-2004 29.5ft 9.66ft 3.08ft
300 Sedan Bridge 1985-1987 29.08ft 11ft 2.41ft
310-330 Express Cruiser 1990-1995 32.83ft 11.41ft 2.25ft
330 Express Cruiser 1997-2000 33.5ft 13.41ft 3ft
340 Express Cruiser 1984-1989 33.58ft 11.91ft 2.41ft
340 Sedan Bridge 1983-1987 33.58ft 11.91ft 2.5ft
340 Sport Fisherman 1984-1987 33.58ft 11.91ft 2.41ft
345-340 Sedan Bridge 1988-1989 33.75ft 12.5ft 3.75ft
350 Express Bridge 1992-1994 35.33ft 11.41ft 3.08ft
350-370 Express Cruiser 1990-1995 36.83ft 12.33ft 2.41ft
36 Sedan Bridge 2007-2009 38.33ft 13ft 3.33ft
360 Aft Cabin 1983-1987 36.25ft 12.5ft 2.91ft
370 Express Cruiser 1997-2000 37ft 14.16ft 3.25ft
370 Sedan Bridge 1991-1997 36.83ft 12.33ft 2.58ft
370-380 Aft Cabin 1997-2001 38.16ft 14.25ft 3.08ft
380 Aft Cabin 1989-1991 37.75ft 13.91ft 2.58ft
390 Express Cruiser 1984-1991 39ft 13.91ft 2.33ft
390 Motor Yacht; 40 Motor Yacht 2003-2007 41.75ft 14.25ft 3ft
390 Sedan Sportfish 1983-1986 39ft 13.91ft 2.58ft
400 Express Cruiser 1992-1999 40.33ft 13ft 3.25ft
400 Sedan Bridge 1996-2003 41.5ft 14.25ft 3.33ft
410 Express Cruiser 2000-2003 41.5ft 13.83ft 3.33ft
410-415-440 Aft Cabin 1986-1991 43.5ft 13.91ft 3.16ft
420 Aft Cabin 1996-2002 45.41ft 14.25ft 3.08ft
420 Sedan Bridge; 44 Sedan 2004-2009 45.41ft 14.25ft 3.5ft
430-440 Convertible 1988-1991 43.5ft 13.91ft 2.66ft
440 Express Bridge 1993-1998 44ft 13.91ft 3.25ft
450 Express Bridge 1998-2004 45.5ft 14.66ft 3.41ft
450 Sedan Bridge 2012-2014 45.5ft 14.41ft 4ft
460 Express Cruiser 1985-1989 47.91ft 14.91ft 3.16ft
460 Sport Fisherman 1987-1988 45.5ft 14.91ft 3.16ft
47 Sedan Bridge 2008-2009 50.66ft 14.66ft 4.16ft
480 Motor Yacht 2002-2005 50.41ft 15.25ft 3.91ft
480 Sedan Bridge 1998-2004 51.16ft 15.25ft 3.75ft
500 Sedan Bridge 1990-1994 49.91ft 15ft 4.16ft
500-52 Sedan Bridge 2006-2013 52.25ft 15.25ft 4.25ft
540 Cockpit 2001-2002 50.5ft 15.5ft 4.75ft
550 Sedan Bridge 1992-1998 54.83ft 15ft 4.16ft
550-580 Sedan Bridge 2005-2009 58.58ft 16ft 4.25ft
560 Sedan Bridge 1998-2004 58.5ft 16ft 4.5ft
580 Super Sun Sport 1997-2002 58.91ft 15.75ft 4.08ft
630 Super Sun Sport 1991-2000 62.5ft 15.75ft 5ft

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