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A cuddy cabin boat is similar to a bowrider except there is often a small cabin down below for overnight stays. Most will range in sie from 20 to 30ft maximum. Search all cuddy cabin boats for sale available by location, size, price, brand, and more.

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Cuddy Boat Buying Guide

A cuddy cabin boat is similar to a bowrider or small cruiser and offers budget friendly options to those looking to start boating. The biggest difference with a cuddy cabin is that there is a small enclosed overnight cabin allowing guests to spend the night. A cuddy cabin is perfect for day cruising, weekend trips or participating in water sports.

What is a Cuddy Cabin Boat?

A cuddy cabin has an enclosed deck where a small cabin is situated below. There is wide deck space to comfortably walk around but not as deep as a walk around boat. The small cabin below will usually have a small bed for two, a head (toilet), and the berth can often be converted into a dinette. While there may not be as much head space like that seen in larger boats, there is room to move around comfortably down below. Cuddy cabin fishing boats are popular since you can fish, enjoy water sports, sleep over or simply cruise from one anchorage to the next.

Cuddy cabins will usually start around 20 feet and top out around 30 feet. Small cuddy cabin boats makes them a comfortable starter boat for many looking to spend longer than a day on the water and experience overnight trips as well.

What Size Range do Cuddy Cabin Boats Typically Fall into?

Used cuddy cabin boats for sale will usually come in the size range of 20 – 30 feet. Anything smaller than this wouldn’t be able to fit the cabin below deck, and anything larger turns into a different boat type.

Can Cuddy Cabin Boats be Used for Fishing?

Cuddy cabin fishing boats are very popular. Given the open deck space and comfortable cockpit, there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy a bit of fishing. Cuddy cabin boats benefit from stern-drive engines or outboard power giving them ample speed for cruising from one fishing spot to the next.

How Much do Cuddy Cabin Boats Cost?

Used cuddy cabin boats for sale can start at around $5,000 and go all the way up to the hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the make, model, year and condition of the boat.

Which Manufacturers Make the Best Cuddy Cabin Boats?

There are a number of manufacturers who make excellent small cuddy cabin boats. These include: