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Bayliner Boats History

For more than 45 years, Bayliner Boats has been recognized for having one of the world’s most diverse lineup of motor yachts, express cruisers, and recreational boats. The company is applauded by boating experts and enthusiasts for their quality, versatility, comfort, reliability, and great price.

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Bayliner offers boat owners the opportunity to choose from 25 different boat models. Their most popular model is the 175 Bowrider, which is highly demanded by first-time boat buyers. Bayliner boats for sale are highly sought-after by new boat owners for their easy-to-use features.

In 1986, Brunswick Corporation, the largest family of marine brands, acquired the Bayliner brand from its original owner for $425 million. Since then, the company has grown tremendously, with more than 400 dealers in 60 countries around the world, and facilities located in the United States (Knoxville, Tennessee; Dandridge, Tennessee; and  Arlington, Washington), Mexico (Reynosa, Tamaulipas), Portugal and Brazil.

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Airlington, Washington

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Bayliner Boats Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
265 Cruiser 2003-2009 27ft 8.5ft 3.25ft
275 SB Cruiser 2005-2008 26.58ft 9.41ft 3.16ft
2850-2858 Command Bridge 1983-1989 27.58ft 10ft 3.25ft
2855 Ciera SB; 285 SB Cruiser 2000-2012 28.58ft 9.91ft 3.41ft
2858 Ciera CB; 288 Classic Cruiser 1996-2005 30.58ft 10ft 1.66ft
2859 Super Classic; 2859 Ciera Express 1993-2002 27.75ft 9.75ft 1.58ft
2860 Trophy Cuddy 1984-1987 27.41ft 10ft 2.33ft
300-315 SB Cruiser 2008-2012 30.5ft 10ft 2.08ft
3055 SB Cruiser; 305 SB Cruiser 1999-2007 31.5ft 11ft 1.75ft
320-335 SB Cruiser 2008-2012 32.5ft 11ft 2.08ft
325-340 SB Cruiser 2005-2009 35ft 11.5ft 1.75ft
3270 Explorer; 3270-3288 Motor Yacht 1981-1995 32.08ft 11.5ft 2.91ft
3388 Motor Yacht 1996-2001 32.91ft 11.5ft 2.66ft
3587 Motor Yacht 1995-1999 34.66ft 10.91ft 3.75ft
3688 Motor Yacht 1992-1994 36.08ft 12.16ft 2.91ft
3788 Motor Yacht 2001-2002 39.33ft 13.58ft 3.33ft
3788 Motor Yacht 1996-1999 38.5ft 13.33ft 2.91ft
3870-3888 Motor Yacht 1983-1994 38.16ft 13.41ft 3.16ft
3988 Motor Yacht 1995-2002 39ft 14.08ft 3.25ft
4050 Bodega 1978-1983 40ft 14ft 3.66ft
4087 Cockpit 1996-2002 41.41ft 13.08ft 3.75ft
4387 Aft Cabin 1990-1993 43.08ft 14.25ft 3ft
4388 Motor Yacht 1991-1994 43.08ft 14.25ft 3ft
4550-4588 Pilothouse 1984-1993 45.33ft 14.91ft 3ft
4587 Cockpit 1994-1995 45.08ft 14.25ft 3ft
4788 Pilothouse 1994-2002 47.33ft 15.08ft 3.33ft
5288 Pilothouse 1999-2002 56ft 16.25ft 4.83ft
5788 Motor Yacht 1997-2002 59.33ft 17.16ft 4.91ft

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