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Aft cabin boats are vessels in which the cabin or stateroom is situated towards the back of the boat. These boats come in all sizes and types, and can range from day cruisers, to sport boats and large yachts. Search below for aft cabin boats for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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What Is an Aft Cabin Boat?

An aft cabin boat is a cruiser-style boat that has sleeping accommodations towards the cockpit or helm area. Aft cabin cruisers come in many sizes and types including those used for overnight cruising and day. Typically aft cabins are located toward the rear of the vessel, offering privacy between the main and guest cabins.

Can you live on an Aft Cabin Boat?

Yes, you can live on an aft cabin boat. Whether you are looking for overnight cruising and day trips, or even heading out to the deep sea and across the ocean, aft cabin boats can come in many sizes, including those to comfortably live onboard. Onboard an aft cabin cruiser, you’ll usually find a comfortable interior volume and ample cabin space as you move up in size.

As with any boat you want to live onboard for extended periods, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions to be sure the vessel you choose is the right fit:

  • Size – will you be living onboard alone or with a family?
  • Use – will you be using your boat for deep sea fishing, or circumnavigating the globe?
  • Cabin space – If you are living with others, you’ll want to make sure you have enough cabin space to accommodate everyone. Do you need double berths? Twin over and under single berths? Just a master cabin?
  • What style cruiser – Do you enjoy recreational fishing, or long-range cruising? Do you want an inboard outboard engine? Is a stern drive engine important to you?

How many people does an Aft Cabin Boat sleep?

Typically aft cabins range from 25 to over 70 feet in length so can sleep a variable amount of guests. By nature, aft cabin cruisers will feature a larger cockpit area toward the rear or “aft” of the boat, versus a center cockpit boat that will have the cockpit space in the middle and deck space surrounding. You can usually expect to sleep around 8-9 people in a larger aft cabin cruiser, with a mix of double berths and twin over and under single berths.

Typically aft cabins will have a larger amount of headroom thanks to a greater amount of interior volume and increased cabin space. Aft cabin cruisers focused on the interior owner’s comfort will provide ample space in each cabin and additional privacy between them. Larger style cruisers may also feature ensuite bathrooms off some of the larger cabins (usually a master or VIP stateroom) will come standard with their own private ensuite.

Do Aft Cabin Boats have bathrooms?

Most aft cabin boats will have at least one bathroom or “head” on them. Onboard an aft cabin boat, the distinction between the number of bathrooms will come down to whether you are using the boat for overnight cruising and day trips, or even lengthier trips heading across the deep sea.

When trying to determine how many bathrooms, or even berths you need, it’s always a great idea to speak to a broker so they can highlight some of the key differences and things to bear in mind:

  • Number of Guests – Is it just you staying onboard an aft cabin style cruiser so limited cabin space is sufficient, or do you need something more substantial?
  • Cruising – Will you be spending extended time onboard or crossing the deep sea? Or is it your intention to do some overnight cruising and day trips with the boat?
  • Layout – Is an aft cabin boat truly the right fit for you and your needs? Or would a center cockpit with an inboard outboard motor be better suited? Do you want double berths for couples staying onboard? Or will there be children so a twin over and under single berth would be better?

As with any new boat or used boat purchase, asking some of these key questions and discussing them with your broker will help you make the most informed decision to make sure you are getting the perfect yacht for your intended use.

Are Aft Cabin Boats seaworthy?

Aft cabin boats are very seaworthy, and as with any style yacht, as you increase the length and gross tonnage, so does the seaworthiness for longer journeys. A few things will help increase the seaworthiness of your aft cabin boat:

  • Hull – the design (is it semi or full displacement?), material and construction will affect the range and stability.
  • Volume – When focused on the interior owners will note that the roomier the interior configuration, the more comfortable the journey. Usually larger yachts will feel smoother (think to less listing and feeling the motion of the waves), although this can also depend on the hull design.
  • Propulsion – Will you be supplementing engine power with sails? Are you using an inboard outboard motor? Is it a stern drive engine?

When looking at various yacht styles, you’ll need to consider a lot from the style and design to the size and options for use. Aft cabin boats are just one of many yachts to choose from, with the center cockpit yacht a close alternative.