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Center console boats are fast fishing boats that can get you where you need to be to find that next great catch. They offer walkaround decks for 360-degree fishability, making it easier to fight fish all around the boat with no obstructions. Center console boats are generally fast, to get you where you need to be and have deep-V hulls that slice through water like no other. Search below for these steadfast boats for sale by location, price, size, brand and more.

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What Is a Center Console Boat?

Center consoles are popular vessels often used for offshore fishing and family-fun activities. They are fuel-efficient powerboats, built with rugged lines and sea-worthy hull designs. These vessels have a steering station on a console in the center of the boat, and open deck space or bow seating in the front and the back (the “stern”). This fishing boat can offer a smooth ride for all those aboard. Some boat models come with standard features such as a stereo system, and some can even come with a head compartment. Some offshore center console boats come with walkaround decks, that give way to 360-degree fishability, which is a great help when enjoying some saltwater fishing.

Center console fishing boats can reach speeds of 65-70 mph and are relatively easy to store. In the 35 to 40-foot range, these family friendly boats come with additional features for a better experience on the water, such as air conditioning and berths. For avid lovers of recreational fishing, an offshore center console provides plenty of room for live baiting and space to fish on the bow, on the sides, and in the cockpit. The center console fishing boats may also come with amenities such as rod holders and baitwells. These additions make the thrill of fishing even more exciting and are helpful to the angler seeking that next great catch when offshore fishing.

Some popular brands of center console fishing boats include boat building companies, Grady White, HCB Yachts, Pursuit Boats and SeaVee boats. All of them offer stellar reputations in the center console world of fishing boats. They are popular for freshwater fishing or going out to sea, as they can handle rough waters with agility and speed. Similar to the center console boat is the bay boat, which offers elevated casting decks and shallow drafts. These bay boats have had a great impact on fishing, as much as center consoles.

What Are the Different Types of Center Console Hulls?

Center console fishing boats are typically built in fiberglass. Many large boat types have steel and aluminum hulls and superstructures, while classic center consoles were built out of wood. Fiberglass is a lighter, stronger boat building material that helps decrease drag and improve speed, which is something that the avid angler seeks when going out to sea. Offshore center console hulls are typically deeper, but generally, the different center console boat hulls are not that different from each other. They tend to have a V bottom so they can run fast on open water and get to the destination quicker.

How Much do Center Consoles Cost?

Center consoles come in a wide variety of designs and prices. Depending on the size of the center console and boat building company, your starting price could be around $20,000 and grow considerably into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A few things will affect the cost of your center console boat:

  • Size
  • Year
  • Build
  • Model

Are Center Console Boats Only for Fishing?

While center console boats make excellent saltwater fishing boats, they are not used solely for the fishing community. Center console boats also make excellent offshore vessels or even for gathering with family and friends for a day on the water offering a smooth ride and additional bow seating to host everyone.

Are Center Console Boats Good for the Ocean?

Many will take their center console boats out on the ocean for some offshore fishing, so they are in fact seaworthy enough for the ocean. It is recommended to take yachts over 35ft out onto the open ocean, to ensure the safety of all on board and enhanced ability to weather any rough seas or higher waves. So as long as your center console meets this requirement, you should be able to enjoy time on the ocean with your boat.

Why do People Love Center Consoles?

There are a variety of reasons people love center console boats, from saltwater fishing, to heading out to sea, and from anglers to families that enjoy a smooth ride, center consoles are a popular boat to consider. Some other reasons people love center consoles include:

Deck space

Offering greater accessibility to water with increased deck space on the fore, aft and sides, people who want direct access to water love this feature of a center console boat. Larger deck space allows for plenty of bow seating to enjoy the views while underway.


With a large center console to navigate the boat from, operators can enjoy mostly unobstructed views, offering greater visibility, safety and navigation.


Usually lighter than other yachts of similar sizes, center consoles can approach speeds at a faster and more sustainable rate than other yachts in their class.


If saltwater fishing is important to you, you’ll usually find plenty of storage and rod holders in a center console boat.

How Fast Can a Center Console Boat Go?

The speed a center console boat can go will depend on the size of the vessel and the engines onboard. Most center consoles will be powered by two to four outboard motors, and able to reach a top speed of 65 – 70mph, while offering a comfortable and smooth ride.

How Far Can a Center Console Boat Go?

How far a center console boat can go depends on the size of the boat, the engine, the fuel capacity and even the boat building technology and materials used. Larger center console boats with extra space for fuel storage will be able to continue their journey for up to 1,000 miles while refueling on the go. If long range cruising is important to you, be sure to speak to your broker so they can help guide you on the right center console boat for you.

What are the Benefits of Center Console Boats?

There are many benefits to center console boats. Many love the 365-degree fishability, the large decks and sides allow for easy saltwater fishing; while others enjoy the speed and smooth ride of a center console boat for enjoying days on the water with family and friends. Plenty of bow seating is available for guests while the speed and stability of center consoles make offshore fishing a breeze.