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Center console boats are fast fishing boats that can get you where you need to be to find that next great catch. They offer walkaround decks for 360-degree fishability, making it easier to fight fish all around the boat with no obstructions. Center console boats are generally fast, to get you where you need to be and have deep-V hulls that slice through water like no other. Search below for these steadfast boats for sale by location, price, size, brand and more.

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New and Used Center Console Boats for Sale

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About Center Console Boats

As the Official MLS of Yachting™, YATCO and its yacht broker members built the industry’s most accurate, real-time inventory of new yachts and used yachts for sale worldwide. We are passionate about yachting and want to make your experience as fun as possible. Search all new and used center consoles for sale available by location, size, price, builder, and more. Need help? Our professional yacht brokers are seasoned experts ready to assist you in finding the center console boat of your dreams.

What Is a Center Console Boat?

Center consoles are popular vessels often used for fishing and family-fun activities. They are fuel-efficient powerboats, built with rugged lines and sea-worthy hull designs. These vessels have a steering station on a console in the center of the boat, and open deck space or seating in the front (the “bow”) and the back (the “stern”). This fishing boat can offer a comfortable ride for all those aboard. Some boat models come with standards features such as a stereo system, and some can even come with a head compartment. Some offshore center console boats come with walkaround decks, that give way to 360-degree fishability, which is a great help when fighting fish.

Center console fishing boats can reach speeds of 65-70 mph and are relatively easy to store. In the 35 to 40-foot range, these family friendly boats come with additional features for a better experience on the water, such as air conditioning and berths. For avid lovers of recreational fishing, an offshore center console provides plenty of room for live baiting and space to fish on the bow, on the sides, and in the cockpit. The center console fishing boats may also come with amenities such as rod holders and baitwells. These additions make the thrill of fishing even more exciting and are helpful to the angler seeking that next great catch.

Some popular brands of center console fishing boats include those from Grady White, HCB Yachts, Pursuit Boats and SeeVee boats. All of them offer stellar reputations in the center console world of fishing boats. They are popular for freshwater fishing or going out to sea, as they can handle rough waters with agility and speed. Similar to the center console boat is the bay boat, that offers elevated casting decks and shallow drafts. These bay boats have had a great impact on fishing, as much as center consoles.

What Are The Different Types of Center Console Hulls?

Center console fishing boats are typically built in fiberglass. Many large boat types have steel and aluminum hulls and superstructures, while classic center consoles were built out of wood. Fiberglass is a lighter, stronger material that helps decrease drag and improve speed, which is something that the avid angler seeks when going out to sea. Offshore center console hulls are typically deeper, but generally, the different center console boat hulls are not that different from each other. They tend to have a V bottom so they can run fast on open water and get to the destination quicker.

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