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Pursuit Boats History

The Pursuit series of fishing boats was launched in 1977 by Leon Slikkers who started his career working in the joiner department at Chris Craft back in 1955.

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Slikkers boldly left the company and started his own small factory in Michigan called Slickcraft, and he started to build 14ft runabouts in his garage after work. By 1964, his most successful boat became a leader in the trend toward trailerable, cuddy-cabin boats, as well as deep v-bottom boats. Slikkers eventually sold the company and started Pursuit boats with a new plant built in 1983 that was about 75,000sqft. New sales records were reached, and the company expanded, and by 1993, the company launched several new models including: the 1950 Dual Console, 2150 Dual Console, 2150 Walkaround, 2355 Center Console, 2555 Center Console, 2555 Walkaround, 2855 Express and the 3100 Express.

Two years later, the company achieved all new record sales, again. In more recent years, the company’s models now include two center consoles, five dual console models, three offshore models, and five sport models. In 2021, the company won two awards – the NMMA CSI award for the eighteenth year in a row, and two NMMA Neptune Awards for excellence in marketing. Scroll below to search our boats for sale database to find all fishing and cruising boat listings of Pursuit Boats now!

Fort Pierce, FL

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Pursuit Boats Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
2650 Cuddy Cabin 1989-1993 26.41ft 8.08ft 1.41ft
265-266 Dual Console 2011-2020 25.83ft 8.75ft 1.58ft
2655 Center Console 1992-1996 26.41ft 8.08ft 1.41ft
2670 Center Console 2006-2007 26.41ft 9.25ft 1.66ft
2670 Cuddy Console 2001-2005 26.41ft 9.25ft 1.66ft
2700 Open 1983-1993 27ft 10ft 2.16ft
2800 Open 1989-1992 28.16ft 10ft 1.75ft
2870 Center Console 1997-2008 20ft 9.5ft 2.08ft
2870 Offshore Center Console 1996-2002 28ft 9.5ft 2ft
2870 Walkaround 1996-2006 28ft 9.5ft 1.66ft
295 Dual Console 2017-2020 31.75ft 9.83ft 1.83ft
3000 Express 1998-2003 30.83ft 10.5ft 2.83ft
3070 Center Console 2001-2007 30.83ft 10.5ft 2.16ft
3070 Offshore Center Console 1999-2006 30.83ft 10.5ft 2ft
3070 Offshore Express 2002-2006 30.83ft 10.5ft 1.66ft
3100 Express 1993-1997 31ft 12ft 2.75ft
3250 Express 1990-1992 33ft 12.5ft 2.66ft
325-326 Dual Console 2015-2020 34.5ft 10.83ft 1.83ft
3400 Express 1997-2003 33.75ft 12.75ft 2.16ft
3480 Center Console 2006-2010 34.41ft 9.5ft 1.83ft
365 Dual Console 2018-2020 37.91ft 12ft 2.16ft
3800 Express 2002-2004 38.5ft 14.16ft 3.91ft
C 260 Center Console 2012-2020 25.83ft 8.75ft 1.66ft
SC 365i Sport Coupe 2013-2017 41.16ft 12.5ft 2.16ft

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