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Trawlers or trawler yachts, come in all shapes and sizes and are designed and built to offer its owners and guests a long-range cruise in which to take in the surroundings and enjoy the journey. These are generally full-displacement hull boats with a hull form that is meant to go the distance. Search below for these charismatic new and used trawler yachts for sale by location, price, size, brand and more.

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As the Official MLS of Yachting™, YATCO and its yacht broker members built the industry’s most accurate, real-time inventory of new yachts and used yachts for sale worldwide. We are passionate about yachting and want to make your experience as fun as possible. Search all new and used trawlers for sale available by location, size, price, brand, and more. Need help? Our professional yacht brokers are seasoned experts ready to assist you in finding the trawler of your dreams.

What is a Trawler Yacht?

A full-displacement trawler is a sailor’s cruising lifestyle in a motor yacht. Trawlers typically, are full-displacement boats that are economical enough and with enough range to make long-ocean passages. They are not fast semi-displacement boats. Trawler Boats are a type of motor yacht or powerboat with a design similar to small commercial fishing boats and can sometimes look like ranger tugs. Full-displacement trawler boats are designed for long-distance cruising at an average speed of 10 to 15 knots with top speeds in the low to the mid-20-knot range. Owners of large trawler or expedition yachts want a vessel with enough fuel efficiency to take them on trips to remote ocean areas. Trawlers are powered with single engines for long-distance cruising; several also have a second engine or generator to help owners if the single engine fails.

If you are ready to experience a trip on a recreational vessel reminiscent of a workboat above the waterline and want to cruise at a slow speed, then trawlers are for you. Trawlers typically, are not fast, semi-displacement yachts, so you won’t find them speeding about; they are long-range vessels that come in a wide variety of looks – some trawler boats for sale can even resemble ranger tugs.

What is the Difference Between a Motor Yacht and a Trawler?

A trawler boat for sale has the sea-worthiness ability and the range to reach remote anchorages, provide extended accommodations, and be able to carry, launch, and retrieve a tender. A full-displacement hull form trawler boat for sale can be also a functional boat, with wide interior spaces and can be ideal for overnight cruising or day boating.

What Are The Different Types of Trawler Boat Hulls?

Trawler boats come with a full-displacement, ballasted hull with fiberglass construction. Large trawlers and expedition yachts over 75 feet in length are built with steel aluminum hulls, while classic trawlers were built out of wood. They are seaworthy vessels built for long-ocean passages. They come with all the comfort features to make you feel at home and provide a sailor cruising experience. A great example of a smaller trawler boat is the brand Grand Banks, which has a stellar reputation for building reliable trawlers that go the distance.

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