Trawler Boat Buying Guide 2023

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A trawler boat is a recreational boat designed to travel long distances and thrive in difficult conditions. Originally used for commercial fishing and ocean voyages, they have a large interior volume, are seaworthy and are particularly fuel efficient.  

If you’re considering buying a trawler boat, read our FAQ below to learn more:

Buy a Trawler Boat FAQ

What is a trawler?

A trawler yacht is a sturdy motor vessel designed for long voyages and harsh conditions. They typically are full-displacement boats that are economical and have a large enough range to make ocean passages – they are not fast semi-displacement boats. Trawlers are a type of motor yacht or powerboat with a design similar to small commercial fishing boats and can sometimes look like ranger tugs.  

Full-displacement trawlers are designed for long-distance cruising at an average speed of 10 to 15 knots. Owners of large trawlers or expedition yachts want a vessel with enough fuel efficiency to take them on trips to remote ocean areas. Trawler boats are powered by single engines for long-distance cruising; several also have a second engine or generator to help owners if the single engine fails. If you are looking to travel to remote places with choppy waters, a trawler is a great option.  

They are not fast, semi-displacement yachts, so you won’t find them speeding along the water, they are long-range vessels that have a slower cruising range than most motor yachts.

HERCULES 2006 75′ MOLOKAI STRAIT Trawler Yacht

What is the difference between a motor yacht and a trawler?

A trawler boat for sale has the seaworthiness, ability, and range to reach remote anchorages, provide extended accommodations, and be able to carry, launch, and retrieve a tender. A full-displacement hull form boat for sale can be also a functional boat, with wide interior spaces and can be ideal for overnight cruising or day boating.

Polar Princess 2008 70' 9" DE ALM Trawler Yacht
Polar Princess 2008 70′ 9″ DE ALM Trawler Yacht

What are the different types of trawler boat hulls?

Trawler boats come with a full-displacement, ballasted hull with fiberglass construction. Large trawlers and expedition yachts over 75 feet in length are built with steel aluminum hulls, while classic trawlers were built out of wood. These types of boats are seaworthy vessels built for long-ocean passages and come with all the comfort features to make you feel at home and provide a sailor cruising experience. A great example of a smaller boat is the brand Grand Banks, which has an excellent reputation for building reliable trawlers that go the distance.

Sea EO 1985 68' 1" LOWLAND Trawler Boat
Sea EO 1985 68′ 1″ LOWLAND Trawler Yacht

What are trawler boats used for?

Trawler boats are used to venture to remote anchorages and be at sea for weeks at a time. They are built to the highest standards and are very economical, so they are ideal yachts for cruising around the world. The name ‘trawler’ is derived from the original use of the boat: a commercial fishing vessel that was used to pull large ‘trawl’ nets.

SHOWTIME 2017 65' FLEMING YACHTS Trawler Yacht
SHOWTIME 2017 65′ FLEMING YACHTS Trawler Yacht

Are trawlers seaworthy?

Yes. Seaworthiness is one of the most appealing features of these boats. As they have large displacement hulls, they are amazingly comfortable while underway and offer an excellent amount of storage.

On Order 2023 62' 2" BENETEAU Trawler Boat
On Order 2023 62′ 2″ BENETEAU Trawler Yacht

Can you live on trawlers?

You can spend extended periods of time on trawlers, as they have a large fuel capacity, plenty of storage, and expansive interior volume. They are built to travel vast distances and cross oceans, which makes them a perfect choice for owners who wish to travel the world over many weeks.

NAVISTAR 2015 58' KADEY KROGEN Trawler Yacht
NAVISTAR 2015 58′ KADEY KROGEN Trawler Yacht

What is the difference between a yacht and a trawler?

Trawler boats often look different to motor yachts, as they are boats in the style of traditional commercial boats. Motor yachts tend to travel at a much faster speed than trawlers and are not necessarily built to travel long distances.

Cormar 2009 75' 8" EXPLORER Trawler Boat
Cormar 2009 75′ 8″ EXPLORER Trawler Yacht

Can you cross the ocean in a trawler?

Yes, they are ideal vessels to sail across an ocean.

Pirate Radio 2009 86' NORDHAVN Trawler Yacht
Pirate Radio 2009 86′ NORDHAVN Trawler Yacht

How long do trawlers stay out at sea?

Trawlers can spend many weeks – if not months – at sea. It depends on the size of the trawler, the number of people on the boat, the fuel capacity, and storage amenities.

What are super trawlers?

A super trawler is a commercial vessel that is primarily used for large-scale fishing. These are rarely owned by private individuals and are most often used by businesses and global corporations.

ELENA 1968 86' KRAMER & BOOY SHIPYARD Trawler Boat
ELENA 1968 86′ KRAMER & BOOY SHIPYARD Trawler Yacht

What are the best trawlers?

There are many popular trawler boat builders. Helmsman, Selene Ocean Yachts, Great Harbour Trawlers, Kadey-Krogen, Northwest Yachts, Grand Banks, Hampton and Nordic Tugs are just a few builders of this type of boat.

Dream Catcher 2006 44' KADEY KROGEN Trawler Boat
Dream Catcher 2006 44′ KADEY KROGEN Trawler Yacht
Seafarer 1980 50' 6" GRAND BANKS Trawler Boat
Seafarer 1980 50′ 6″ GRAND BANKS Trawler Yacht
Bonanza 2013 34' 2" NORDIC TUGS Trawler Boat
Bonanza 2013 34′ 2″ NORDIC TUGS Trawler Yacht

Are Monk trawlers good boats?

Monk trawlers are high-quality, durable vessels that are excellent boats for comfortable cruising.

Are Albin trawlers good boats?

Albin trawlers are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and rough seas, so they are good boats for those who wish to travel to remote places that may have choppy waters.

Trawlers are excellent boats for long-distance cruising and economical travel. Much more efficient and seaworthy than other recreational boats, they are an excellent choice for sailors seeking an adventure on board.

Search for trawlers for sale available on YATCO here.

Search for trawler yachts for sale available on YATCO here.

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