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Find here videos and articles about the most asked boating and yachting questions, and their answers, collected by YATCO, its partners, and members.


Personal Submarine Buying Guide 2024

Experience the unparalleled thrill of exploring the ocean’s depths with your own personal submarine. These marvels of engineering, designed for recreational use, allow you to enjoy close-up views of underwater wonders from the comfort of a pressurized cabin. Whether you’re interested in marine biology, underwater photography, or simply the adventure of a lifetime, personal submarines […]

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Yacht Charter Cost Guide 2024

Explore the epitome of luxury and privacy with a chartered yacht, a choice increasingly favored for those seeking the ultimate escape. Picture yourself navigating the azure waters of the world’s most pristine locales, from the heritage-steeped harbors of the French Riviera to the sun-drenched, vibrant coasts of the Caribbean. Every aspect of your voyage, from […]

Catamaran Buying Guide 2024

Embark on an unforgettable sailing experience with a catamaran, renowned for its stability, spaciousness, and sailing prowess. Ideal for both leisurely coastal cruises and ambitious long-distance voyages, catamarans offer a unique blend of comfort and adventure. With ample deck space and cozy living quarters, these vessels provide a secure and enjoyable environment, making them a […]

Trawler Boat Buying Guide 2024

From its origins in commercial fishing to its evolution into a beacon of recreational adventure, the trawler boat beckons with its spacious interiors, seaworthiness, and remarkable fuel efficiency. Discover the allure of the trawler boat, a vessel renowned for its resilience and versatility on the high seas. Dive into our FAQ to unlock the secrets […]

Boat Brands Guide 2024

When the time comes to shop for your new boat, you’ll inevitably come across a number of popular boat brands. Whether you’re looking for fishing boat brands, center console boat brands, or even luxury speed boat brands, we’ll explore some of the best boat brands on the market today to help you make an informed […]

Regal Boat Buying Guide 2024

Regal Boats is owned by Regal Marine Industries and is a family-owned company based out of Orlando, Florida. Specializing in fiberglass boats from 19 – 52ft, Regal Boats offers sterndrive bowriders, outboard bowriders, center consoles and sport yacht models to choose from. Some of its most popular models include the Regal cabin cruiser and the […]

Can Yachts Cross the Ocean?

Can yachts cross the ocean? Put simply, yes, it is very feasible for yachts to sail long distances and cross the Atlantic or the Pacific Oceans. However, this journey is not necessarily a simple one. There are many questions to ask and key details to organize before you take your yacht out on open waters […]

Yacht Hull Materials: A Quick Guide

Much more goes into building a yacht hull than simply what you see on the surface. Whether you are interested in fishing boats, a pontoon boat, a superyacht, a flat bottomed boat, a planing boat, a steel hull trawler or want a displacement hull or semi-displacement hull, a lot of thought and effort goes into […]

How to Charter a Yacht in 2024

Chartering a luxury yacht is going to be unlike any other vacation you’ve taken. From the high level of privacy and exclusivity to the attentive crew and private chef to cater to your every dietary need and request, to five-star accommodations and the ability to customize your itinerary to drop anchor where and when you […]

Fun Facts About the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean is home to some of the most breathtaking coastlines in the world. From the rugged cliffs of the Amalfi Coast to the pristine beaches of the Greek Islands, there is a diverse range of landscapes to explore. With a coastline of over 28,000 miles and sea that touches upon 22 different countries, it’s […]

Top 5 Beneteau Oceanis Sailboats

The Beneteau Oceanis models are safe and comfortable sailboats offering ample living space, easy handling, are well balanced and offer smooth sailing. With sizes ranging from 30 to 51 feet, owners are able to customize their layouts thanks to a number of configurations and enjoy putting their own personal touches on their sailboat. We’ll explore […]

Exploring the Historically Rich Creation and Evolution of the Mediterranean Sea and Its Countries

Considering the Mediterranean Sea was created over six million years ago and has seen a number of empires rise and fall during this time, it’s no surprise this part of the world is filled with rich history, deep traditions, and has created a melting pot of cultures and people across her 22 countries. These countries […]

Florida Fishing License Guide 2023

Looking to head to the fishing capital of the world and see what you can catch? Scroll down to our Florida fishing license FAQ that includes Florida rules and guidelines for fishing the many species found in the waters here and more information about whether you need a license and how to procure one. How […]

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