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Top 5 Beneteau Oceanis Sailboats

The Beneteau Oceanis models are safe and comfortable sailboats offering ample living space, easy handling, are well balanced and offer smooth sailing. With sizes ranging from 30 to 51 feet, owners are able to customize their layouts thanks to a number of configurations and enjoy putting their own personal touches on their sailboat. We’ll explore […]

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Exploring the Historically Rich Creation and Evolution of the Mediterranean Sea and Its Countries

Considering the Mediterranean Sea was created over six million years ago and has seen a number of empires rise and fall during this time, it’s no surprise this part of the world is filled with rich history, deep traditions, and has created a melting pot of cultures and people across her 22 countries. These countries […]

Florida Fishing License Guide 2023

Looking to head to the fishing capital of the world and see what you can catch? Scroll down to our Florida fishing license FAQ that includes Florida rules and guidelines for fishing the many species found in the waters here and more information about whether you need a license and how to procure one. How […]

What are the Best Places to Visit in the Mediterranean?

The Mediterranean has long been touted as the summer playground for private yacht vacations. Before booking your trip, you might be wondering what the best places to visit in the Mediterranean are? From the east to the west, and southern tip of Europe, to northern top of Africa, there are plenty of ports to visit […]

Cities on the Mediterranean Sea – Yachting & Charter Guide

The Mediterranean Sea is home to over 20 countries, and more than 15 major cities. From European, to African and Asian influences, there is a wide variety of places, people, and cultures to experience here. Let’s explore the cities along the Mediterranean Sea. What cities are in the Mediterranean?  The Mediterranean Sea is home to […]

Islands in the Mediterranean Sea – Yachting & Charter in the Mediterranean

From the Spanish islands in the Mediterranean Sea to Greece’s many sun-soaked destinations like Santorini – you’re sure to find many islands in the Mediterranean Sea to fall in love with. Let’s explore some of these islands now. Where is the Mediterranean Sea on a map?  The Mediterranean Sea is located in southern Europe, between […]

Fishing in Florida Guide 2023

Florida has some of the best saltwater and freshwater fishing in the USA. Before you visit or take your boat or yacht out for a day of fishing, you want to make sure you know all the legal requirements to do so. Read on for everything you need to know about fishing in Florida with […]

What are the Mediterranean Countries – Boating and Yachting in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is home to 22 countries spread across three continents. From the more popular boating and yachting destinations in Europe, to those countries found in Africa and Asia, there’s a wide variety of Mediterranean countries to visit on your next yacht charter through the region. What Countries are in the Mediterranean? Albania  Touted as […]

Mediterranean Sea Boating & Yachting Guide 2023

The Mediterranean Sea has some of the best yachting and boating destinations in the Northern Hemisphere. With historical landmarks, temperate climates, busy ports and lazy beaches, there’s a little something for everyone in the Mediterranean Sea. Where is the Mediterranean Sea?  The Mediterranean Sea is situated to the south of Europe, north of Africa, and […]

Types of Fish in Florida Guide 2023

Many people flock to Florida every year for the fantastic fishing that awaits them. With a year-round season across the state, recreational fishing fanatics know they can rely on Florida’s many waters to catch their favorite types of fish. From saltwater big game fish on the Atlantic Ocean, to fish that favor rivers and lakes […]

Sport Fishing Yacht Buying Guide 2023

If you enjoy taking your yacht into the open seas and participating in some big game fishing, a sport fishing yacht is the perfect vessel to take you there. Capable of handling all weather conditions and ample storage for any fish you wrangle in, let’s explore the many benefits and uses of sportfishing yachts. Featured […]

Deep Sea Fishing in Florida Guide 2023

Deep sea fishing involves taking your boat or yacht out into the open ocean or deep waterways and enjoying fishing for species of fish that prefer deep waters. Learn more about deep sea fishing in Florida and the best yachts to use for your deep sea fishing adventures with YATCO’s guide. Featured Image Credit: THE […]

Private Yacht Charter Guide 2023

A private yacht charter is the same as a private yacht rental or a luxury yacht charter – you rent a yacht (usually for at least a week), that is owned by someone else. You get access to their private yacht crew, all of the amenities and get to work with the captain on the […]

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