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Miami’s Best Restaurants

Miami is a popular destination with the yachting crowd. Many charter guests and yacht owners will spend their time ashore enjoying a selection of the city’s best restaurants. If you are heading to Miami on a yacht or a boat any time soon, enjoy our guide to Miami’s best restaurants.   What food is Miami famous […]

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What Boat Should I Buy?

No matter if somebody is interested in purchasing their first boat, or a boat enthusiast choosing his or her next one, the first question both groups ask is, “What boat should I buy?” Purchasing a boat is a big decision and it’s important that you consider several factors. There are many questions you should ask […]

Which Florida Key is Best?

The Florida Keys are a popular destination for many boating and yachting enthusiasts. Located at the southern tip of Florida, the Keys are a string of islands that each have a distinctive personality and appeal to visitors. It’s hard to decide which Florida Key is best, but if you’re looking to snorkel, sail or fish […]

Best Restaurants in Greece to Visit on a Yacht 

Greece is one of the most popular places in the world to visit on a boat or a yacht. If you are looking for some of the best restaurants in Greece to visit and try while on your Eastern Mediterranean yacht charter or sailing vacation, there are several excellent places to visit. The Ultimate Super […]

Yacht Professionals: How to Make the Most Out of Boat Shows

Attending a boat show can be daunting, but it can also be an excellent opportunity for yacht professionals. How can you make the most out of boat shows? What is the point of them? YATCO answers the common questions surrounding these events.   What is a Boat Show?  A boat show is an event that brings […]

The YATCO Yacht Builders series – Part Two: Bering Yachts

In the YATCO Yacht Builders series, YATCO interviews leading industry shipyards and builders for insight into clients, trends in yacht market, and challenges facing the yachting world, the ethos of the shipyard. Founded by entrepreneur and yachtsman Alexey Mikhailov in 2007, Bering Yachts offers owners a wide range of expedition vessels from 19m to 55m (62ft […]

How Much Does Yachting Cost? 

The cost of yachting includes a wide variety of factors. As with many luxury industries, the appeal of owning a yacht or a boat is due to its exclusivity. Yacht and boat owners pay vast sums of money for privacy, incredible yacht design, and pedigree boats to sail around the world. The price of yachts, […]

What is the Fastest Yacht in the World?

What is the fastest yacht in the world? Since the 1980s, many yacht owners and shipyards have built record-breaking boats and yachts that can achieve heart-racing speeds.   The speed of a yacht is dependent on several variables, such as the weight, number of engines and length. Lightweight boats travel much faster, so yacht hulls made […]

Can Yachts Cross the Ocean?

Can yachts cross the ocean? Yes, it is very feasible for yachts to sail long distances and travel across the Atlantic or Pacific oceans. However, this journey is not necessarily a simple one. There are many questions to ask and key details to organize before a yacht crosses the ocean, from the amount of fuel […]

The Top 10 Dive Sites Around the World

It is difficult to choose the top 10 dive sites around the world, as there are so many underwater places to explore.  If you love to dive and snorkel, some of the best places in the world to explore can be reached on a boat or a yacht. Many charter and private yachts have full dive […]

What Are the Most Expensive Sailboats Up to 78ft in the World?

What are the most expensive sailboats in the world? There is a huge amount of luxury sailboats (up to 78ft) floating on the oceans in today’s world. This article will share with you some of the most expensive sailboat brands, what influences the price of a sailboat and a selection of sailboats currently for sale […]

Yacht Tenders 101: Different Types and Uses

Yacht tenders come in a range of shapes and sizes and are dependent on a variety of factors, from the owners’ use of the vessel, to how large the yacht is to what activities guests wish to carry out.   Tender boats are often divided into the following categories: RIBs, Limousines, Custom Tenders, Jet Tenders, Electric […]

How To Avoid Phishing Attacks

In the modern world of technology, much of our personal data is stored in emails, online, and on our phones. A ‘Phishing Attack’ is an attempt to steal vital information (such as passwords, credit card details or bank information) or share computer viruses that can disrupt a company. It is estimated that over 80% of […]

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