What Boat Should I Buy? A Quick Glance at Different Boat Types

Center Console, what boat should I buy

With so many types of boats and yachts on the market, it’s no wonder you might ask yourself, “What boat should I buy?” or to be confused as to what boat is the right one for you. Below, we examine some of the different types of motor yacht and sailing yacht types so you can begin to educate yourself and help lead you to the right decision.

What Boat Should You Buy: The Most Desirable Motor Yacht Types

The Center Console

Center console boats can be great for fishing and family fun, and has a steering station that is located in the center of the boat on a console.

  • They are generally fast boats that can get you where you need to be in the ocean or on freshwater, and offer great performance even in rough waters.
  • Drafts are shallow, so you can enter many types of waters and even be close to shore.
  • Some of the best anglers appreciate the center console because of the 360-degree fishability that it offers.
  • The center console boat also maximizes deck space, provides a bow and aft cockpit, and is designed for certain fishing tactics.

If you are serious about fishing and also want a fast boat that you can enjoy with family and friends, then the center console may be right for you.

powerboat, what boat should I buy

The Powerboat

A powerboat is fast, so if you are looking for a speedy time on the water, then this is the right type of boat for you. A powerboat is also called a performance boat, mainly because it “performs” on the water in ways that a displacement boat cannot.

  • Powerboats are designed to perform optimally at high speeds on the water, making the engines a vital part of the boat’s performance. Some can even reach speeds of over 100 miles per hour on the water.
  • The powerboat features a special hull design that allows for easy planing – which means great handling at higher speeds.
  • Powerboats can be used for entertainment, racing, and even day cruising.

So, if you’re looking for a fast time on the water, then the powerboat is definitely more your speed.

day cruiser, what boat should I buy

The Day Cruiser

A day cruiser is all about enjoying a day or two out on the water, without actually having a destination in mind.

  • It’s about taking in your surroundings, and appreciating your time with friends and family while on the water.
  • Exploring coves and beaches, fishing, enjoying time in the water, is what day cruising is all about.
  • There are various types of boats that can be considered day cruisers, such as pontoon boats, inflatable boats such as RIBs, deck boats, and even cabin cruisers.
sportfisher for sale

The Sportfisher

For the fishing enthusiast, the avid angler – a sportfisher is the ideal vessel. If you’re passionate about fishing and want to spend most of your time on the water doing just that, then the sportfisher is the right way to go for you.

  • Sportfishing yachts or boats are designed for the open ocean.
  • Sportfish boat owners are always looking for a great catch, and these boats are built for those looking to chase wahoo, tuna, and other big-game fish.
  • Hulls of sportfish boats are designed with seaworthiness and comfort in mind for any sea condition. Monohull sportfishing boats can include flat-bottom skiffs, moderate-V and deep-V boats and yachts.
  • Some sportfishing yachts are designed with the utmost luxury so the owner can get the best of both worlds – owning a serious sportfishing machine, yet having the luxury and comfort of a motor yacht with a cockpit.
  • Some sportfish builders include Viking, Hatteras, and Jarett Bay Boatworks.

What Boat Should You Buy: The Most Desirable Sailing Yacht Types

daysailer, what boat should I buy

The Daysailer

A daysailer is just that – a sail boat that you would take out for the day. It may or may not have sleeping accommodations, and is typically larger than a dinghy.

  • Most daysailers are on the smaller side (around 20 feet), which makes them trailer-able so you can take them to various places and enjoy the water wherever you choose to day-sail.
  • These daysailers can have simple kick-up rudders, fixed keels, or centerboards and may or may not have secondary propulsion. Although these boats are generally affordable, you may find some ultra-luxury daysailers at a six-figure budget.
  • Daysailers are generally easy to maneuver, which what makes them so great, and are excellent boats to sail in bays or lakes, yet, some have sailed oceans as well.
sailing yacht, what boat should I buy

The Sailing Yacht

For the more advanced sailor, someone who has devoted a significant amount of time on the water sailing will most likely go for a sailing yacht.

  • A sailing yacht is generally above 80 feet and will need a yacht crew.
  • The sailing yacht has sleeping quarters, or staterooms, that offer the owner and crew a place to sleep that is typically more luxurious than some homes.
  • Sailing yachts can be monohull or even catamarans – dual-hulled vessels.
  • Many sailing yachts also come equipped with an engine, to pick up the slack when there is little to no wind.

To learn more about different types of sailing yachts, click here on our sailboat page that thoroughly explains the many kinds. Sailing yacht builders include larger ones such as Royal Huisman and Vitters, as well as Perini Navi and Alloy Yachts. Smaller sailboat builders include Oyster, Beneteau, and Catalina.

sailing catamaran for sale

The Sailing Catamaran

Catamarans are so popular because there is much more space on board, they do not heel when sailing, and are less prone to rocking while at anchor. Simply put, they can be much more comfortable than a monohulled sailing boat or yacht.

  • Catamarans also have a shallower draft than their monohulled sisters, and so you can travel closer to shore and hit more shallow waters such as in the Bahamas or even certain lagoons where monohulled vessels cannot enter due to their larger drafts.
  • Catamarans are often faster, as well, especially downwind.
  • They also tend to have much more space for systems such as water makers, generators, air conditioning, and can have larger galleys as well. Space for all of these items makes for more comfortable time at sea.

Yacht Brokers Help You Buy a Boat

While there are many more types of sailing and motor yachts to explore, we started you off with these to help narrow down your search, however, the best route to take when looking to buy a boat is with a yacht broker.

A yacht broker has spent their career researching boats and yachts and are trained to help you decide which is the best way to go. Buying a boat should be fun, and a yacht broker can make it easy as well.

Contact one of our many professional members here in our broker finder, where you can search for a yacht broker by location.

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