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About Performance Yachts

What Are Performance Yachts?

A performance yacht has no hard and fast definition. But if you’re thinking speed is the best indicator of performance, you might be in luck. There are several open motor yacht models in the yachting industry that likely fit that criteria – yachts built for speed with superyacht style and a sleek, sporty shape that lends itself well to fast living. Since power is the point, these vessels, which can range in size from 60 feet and up, usually have powerful engines with big speeds to match. To keep the vessel light, the interiors are usually designed to be more lightweight – while you might sacrifice extra deck and interior space from the more traditional superyacht profiles, the extra get up and go makes it worth it. While your accommodation spaces may be slightly smaller, they’re still top notch, and there is also usually great flow between the exterior and interior spaces. A few examples of builders of these vessels include Pershing, Palmer Johnson, Sunseeker, or Mangusta. Some of these yachts can reach up to around 50 knots, although some have been clocked at more than 60 knots.

What is a Performance Yacht Made of (Construction Material/Hull Design)?

A performance yacht can be built from a variety of materials, including fiberglass, aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, and composites. Since speed is a factor in this vessel design, the hull shape is likely to be planing or semi-displacement, which allows the vessel to reach the plane quickly and makes them faster in the water. Other vessels might have fast displacement hulls, which do not plane, but push through the water. These hull forms are usually narrower to reduce resistance in the water and might be slower than a planing hull, but they can still move and are very stable.

Why You Should Buy a Performance Yacht

You should buy a performance yacht if you like your superyachts with a side of adrenaline. If sleek and sexy makes your heart pound, luckily there’s no need to sacrifice an ounce of superyacht style for your dreams of speed with these vessels. Enjoy spending time on deck or in the water, take the boat for a fast weekend getaway — it’s certainly easier to cover more ground in less time, so that’s a plus — or perhaps for short trips up the coast. Or if the journey is just as important as your final destination, a performance vessel allows you to simply sit back, hit that throttle, and enjoy the exhilaration of the wind in your face as you power over the water.