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Founded in 1981 by Fausto Filippetti, Tilli Antonelli, and Giuliano Onori, Pershing Yachts was launched four years later with its Pershing 45, designed by the renowned Fulvio de Simoni. Now part of the Ferretti Group, Pershing is known the world over for building high-quality sport yachts with a very modern interior design. Learn more about the builder below, and search for Pershing Yachts for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Pershing Yachts Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
52 2001-2004 53' (16.13m) 15' 6" (4.7m) 3' 10" (1.17m)
54 1999-2003 54' (16.46m) 15' 3" (4.65m) 4' 1" (1.24m)
62 2005-2008 62' (18.9m) 16' 6" (5m) 4' 1" (1.24m)
64 2009-2013 65' 9" (20.04m) 16' 6" (5m) 4' 4" (1.32m)
72 2008-2011 73' 9" (22.48m) 18' 1" (5.51m) 4' 6" (1.35m)
7X 21.11m (69' 4") 0' (0m) 0' (0m)
8x 2020 25.55m (83' 10") 5.86m (19' 3") 1.4m (4' 8")
9x 2022 28.09m (92' 2") 0' (0m) 0' (0m)
GTX 116 2023 35.2m (115' 6") 0' (0m) 0' (0m)
PERSHING 140 2023 43.3m (142' 1") 0' (0m) 0' (0m)

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Company History

The story of Pershing Yachts dates back to 1981 with the Adriatic Shipyard in Fano, Italy. The shipyard was run by three partners Fausto Filippetti, Tilli Antonelli, and Giuliano Onori. The partners had an unpleasant previous experience with the failed shipyard of CNP. After leaving it, they established their own company that focused on the construction of regatta and cruising sailing yachts, custom motorboats, and a few years later on today’s popular Pershing. The first Pershing motor yacht, which had great success, was the Pershing 45 built in 1985 in collaboration with Fulvio de Simoni, a well-known yacht designer. Fulvio played an important role in defining the identity of the first Pershing yacht model. He continues to lead the most impressive yacht designs projects of Pershing. The brand was named after the American nuclear missile, which was given its name by General Pershing. Like a missile, Pershing motor yachts are explosive and fast, reaching very high top speeds.

Luxurious Motor Yachts With Beautiful Design

The year of 1998 was crucial for the company when it became part of the Ferretti Group. Since then, by benefiting from Ferretti’s experience of building and selling luxury motor yachts with beautiful design, the Pershing brand has expanded its global popularity. Pershing motor yachts are built in Mondolfo, Italy, in a 53,000 foot highly technological shipyard. Today there are more than 70 Pershing motor yachts on the market. The shipyard is offering eight yacht models in the range of 50 to 140 feet, including the Pershing 5X, Pershing 62, Pershing 7X, Pershing 74, Pershing 8X, Pershing 9X, Pershing 108, and Pershing 140. Among the most famous Pershing yachts is their flagship Pershing 115, which is a 35.37-meter fiberglass motor yacht with a top speed of 38 knots but if mounted with an aviation gas turbine, the top speed could reach 52 knots!

Combining Elegance, Comfort, Uniqueness and Innovative Designs

Although Pershing has been known for building high-quality motor yachts with an elegant design made of fiberglass, in 2019, the company entered the superyacht industry with its new flagship Pershing 140; the first Pershing built of aluminum. The Pershing 140 superyacht is also the first one ever made in the Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard and the first one with a raised cockpit connected to the sun deck. The yachts are a combination of elegance, comfort, uniqueness, innovative designs, and that “Pershing Thrill” coming from the high top speeds these motor yachts can reach. The company usually present an impressive display of yacht models on every major yacht show around the world.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founders: Fausto Filippetti, Tilli Antonelli, and Giuliano Onori
  • Size: 50 and 140 feet
  • Type: Motor yachts

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