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Small yachts come in all different sizes and types, as well as levels of luxury. Below, feel free to search small yachts by location, brand, year, price, and more. New and used small yachts for sale are located globally yet are right here at your fingertips.

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Small Yacht Tips

What is a Small Yacht?

A small yacht, in general, could be taken as a vessel smaller than 24 meters or 79 feet in length. Smaller yachts, depending on just how small they are exactly, might not require a captain or any crew to operate, so you might find this is the sweet spot in size if you dream of being an owner/operator. If the yacht is on the larger end of the size scale, you might find a captain and crew is necessary for operations. But regardless of operations, just because the yacht is smaller does not mean the accommodations aren’t equally as superb as the larger yachts – there are yacht builders with models under 24 meters that are just as beautiful and spectacular as larger yacht models.

What Are Small Yacht Made of (Construction Material/Hull Design)?

A small yacht can be built from similar materials as larger boats — like wood, steel, aluminum, and composites like fiberglass, GRP, and carbon fiber. The more general “small yacht” term does not illustrate the differences between mode of operation, so a small yacht can as easily be a motor vessel or a sailing yacht. That means that your choice of hull design could vary according to your choice – a sailing yacht could be monohull or multi-hull in design, and a motor yacht’s hull may be a displacement, semi-displacement, or planing hull form.

Why Should You Buy a Small Yacht?

You should buy a small yacht if you take pleasure in being out on the water managing the yacht yourself, without the necessity of a captain or crew member. Or if the vessel is a larger version and requires more than you can handle alone, you could indulge in relaxing on board with a competent crew to handle all the nitty gritty onboard operations. It might be the perfect compromise in size – with all the amenities and opulence of a larger luxury yacht, but with the easy handling sleekness of a smaller boat. While you might lack the multiple decks of a larger yacht, this smaller vessel type can still offer excellent deck space to make outdoor living comfortable and seamless as you spend time on board traveling. A smaller yacht has the advantage of being able to access areas some larger vessels cannot, so it might open your world up for more exploration in areas a little off the beaten path.

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