Ocean Going Yacht Buying Guide 2023

SERENITY 2003 236' 2" AUSTAL Ocean Going Yacht

Of the many boats in the world, ocean going yachts are those that can travel long distances and cross the ocean without worry or need to return to shore for extended periods. To learn more about ocean going yachts, read on.

Image Source: SERENITY 2003 236′ 2″ AUSTAL Ocean Going Yacht

Buy a Ocean Going Yacht FAQ

What is an ocean going yacht?

An ocean going yacht is a vessel that is built and equipped to traverse large bodies of water safely and securely, usually with a thicker hull and plenty of extra storage for enough food and provisions to last your journey.

The Atlantic Ocean, for example, is a journey of 3,000 nautical miles, so you’ll want to ensure the yacht you are using to cross it is a sturdy, ocean going vessel. Many superyachts will make the Atlantic Ocean crossing twice a year – in the fall to head to the Caribbean, and in the spring to return to the Mediterranean.

What makes a yacht ocean going?

A few things will help prepare a yacht for its ocean going journey. While there may not be a standard rule as to what size or gross tonnage a yacht must be to qualify as ocean going, here are some things to keep in mind: 

  1. Fuel – Crossing the ocean requires an extended period of cruising, meaning you will be consuming a lot of fuel during your journey. You’ll want to ensure you have plenty of fuel onboard to last not only the duration of your crossing, but extra should anything happen, and you end up being away at sea longer than planned. Experts suggest carrying roughly 1.5x the amount of expected fuel usage so you have some to spare should the need arise. 
  1. Navigation Equipment – You’ll likely have all the navigational equipment onboard already, but you’ll want to do some safety checks to ensure everything is up to date and working as it should. While just about everything runs off Apps these days, it’s never a bad idea to bring some of the original navigational aids (and know how to use them) – charts of your cruising areas, a compass, parallel rulers, and a divider – so that if anything happens to your technological equipment, you know you have a backup.  
  1. Spare Parts – While it’s always a good idea to carry replacement parts onboard, this couldn’t be truer for an ocean going yacht. Most repairs to faulty equipment can be done while at sea, provided you have the right items packed. Double-check all your stores and replenish any others before embarking on your journey. 
  1. Safety Precautions – Making sure your tender is ready to go in an emergency, or other lifesaving equipment (life jackets, rings, and flares) are stocked and within easy access is imperative. It’s always a good idea to do a safety drill before departure so everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency. 
  1. Food and Drink Provisions – Larger ocean going yachts will have an abundance of storage, fridge and freezer space and the ability to pack more than enough food and drink for your time onboard. Just because you’re underway and have lost sight of the shore, doesn’t mean your menu has to suffer! If you are taking a superyacht across the ocean, you crew will still be on hand to prepare meals and look after you throughout. 
  1. First Aid Supplies – It’s important to be fully stocked on medical supplies should an emergency arise. Making sure crew members or someone onboard with you is up to date on their First Aid/CPR training can be all the difference should something happen. 
  1. Activities to Pass the Time – When underway for a long time, sometimes the biggest factor is finding ways to keep busy! If you are traveling the ocean with a yacht, you’ll want to make sure your entertainment systems are working well so you can watch videos or stream, (Wi-Fi may be spotty), so double checking all your Comms is also a good idea. For those that want to enjoy the water while at sea, feel free to pack scuba or snorkeling gear, fishing equipment, take the tender out for a spin, or play with the jet skis. The sky is the limit when you have an ocean going yacht! 

What types of yachts are ocean going yachts?

When it comes to figuring out what types of yachts are ocean going yachts, it really can encompass any yacht that has been properly prepared. From sailing yachts and motor yachts to catamarans, and even world-record holders crossing in rowboats, if the yacht has been prepared for such a journey, it can safely cross the ocean. 

However, if we use some of the above information, you’ll likely be looking at yachts that are longer than 40 feet and can take on waves of up to 23 feet and strong winds of 45 knots or more. This will make sure your ocean crossing will be as comfortable as possible.

How much is an ocean going yacht?

How much you’ll pay for an ocean going yacht will vary quite a bit depending on the size of the yacht you decide to buy.

At a minimum, you’ll need a 40-foot ocean going yacht for your journey, which can start around $100,000, which may or may not include any upgrades or safety features that you’ll require.

This cost can increase exponentially into the tens of millions of dollars, if you are looking at crewed superyachts.

Can I travel the ocean with a yacht?

Yes, you can cross the ocean with a yacht.

Depending on the size of yacht you’re cruising, how fast you’re going and the weather conditions while onboard, the average journey for the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans can last anywhere from 10 days to three weeks.

The Pacific, in particular, is a longer journey and average cruising time will depend on where you depart from and arrive at.

How big does a yacht need to be to cross the ocean?

At a minimum, your ocean going yacht should be around 40 feet in order to withstand any rough seas and store enough fuel and provisions for the journey.

Can a 40-foot yacht cross the Atlantic?

Yes, a 40-foot yacht can cross the Atlantic Ocean if she is suitably prepared and outfitted to do so. 

Ocean going yachts are for those looking to explore the world; who want to throw off the bow lines and leave the safe harbor to see what lies across the ocean. There are many types of yachts that can safely travel the ocean; to see some of the current ones available, please click here. Sign up to YATCO’s newsletter to stay up to date on the latest industry news.

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