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Built to cross oceans, ocean going motor yachts come in many sizes and types. The term ocean going yacht can refer to motor or sail and describes a vessel that will likely have a stronger hull, plenty of storage for provisions, and comfortable berthing capabilities. Search below for ocean going motor yachts for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Ocean Going Motor Yacht Buying Guide

What is an Ocean Going Yacht?

An ocean going yacht is one built and equipped to cross oceans and could refer to both sailing or motor yachts. (In some respects, the term offshore yacht could be used interchangeably.) If you’re planning an ocean voyage, ideally the boat could have a thicker hull and ample storage for water, fuel, and provisions. Over recent years, many boats have made crossings on myriad vessel types, so the definition of what an oceangoing vessel is may not be as set in stone as it once was. Regardless, any ocean going vessel has to be prepared to handle an emergency at sea. A range of safety equipment is vital – there are many options, but some of the essentials should include an EPIRB, life raft, life rings, and life jackets. Others would also advocate for an AIS transponder. Make sure any ocean going vessel has good navigation gear, and satellite communication could also be a valuable addition. Water is obviously essential, so large water tanks are important. Most larger vessels will have watermakers, but it’s an important item to consider. Obviously, your sails need to be in excellent shape and you should consider keeping a sail repair kit handy, too. There are endless safety options, so it’s up to you to determine your level of comfort with what equipment you carry.

What Are Ocean going Yacht Made of (Construction Material/Hull Design)?

An ocean going yacht can be constructed from many materials like fiberglass, steel, aluminum, wood, or composites. If a sailing yacht, it’s likely to have a full-displacement hull with various keel options possible from a full keel to a fin keel. These vessels should have heavier builds and keels, with rigging capable of handling all types of heavy weather and water you may potentially face on an ocean passage. Sailing performance should be a factor in any purchase decision – a displacement yacht is heavier and slower, but also more stable, which is an advantage for ocean passages. Some also advocate for a skeg-protected rudder for ocean passages or long voyages as the skeg can shield the rudder from damage from any floating objects. Ocean going motor yachts may include trawlers or explorer vessels with semi-displacement or displacement hull shapes.

Why Should You Buy an Ocean Going Yacht?

You should buy an ocean going yacht if you’re dying to get out there and enjoy the elements. If you dream of heading into the great blue yonder, or if an ocean crossing is on your bucket list, it might be time to consider making those dreams a reality – in the safest way possible. With a sturdy hull and rigging, you can take comfort that the boat can handle anything the ocean throws at it, from rough seas to foul weather. Since you may spend lots of time on passages, it should ideally offer comfortable living quarters below, plus good water and fuel tankage. If motoring is your thing, there are plenty of options that have generous quarters, ample storage, and good stability.

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