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There are copious amounts of vessels for sale that are affordable and reliable. Browse below by price, where you can find many yachts for sale under $100K. Start your search now and discover the perfect yacht for you!

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Best Motor Yachts for Sale Under $100k Brands & Yacht Builders

Motor Yacht Under $100k Buying Guide

Motor yachts come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and price tags. In the $100k price range and below, you’ll likely be looking at yachts under the 50-foot range. There is a wide variety of motor yachts available in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and beyond for this budget, usually with comfortable social spaces for their yacht owners to enjoy during their time onboard.

What Yacht Builders Build Motor Yachts for Sale Under $100k?

There are many yachts that are available for purchase under $100k. For starters, it pays to search for yachts under $100K by builder. These yacht builders include Absolute, Bodrum Yachts, Carver, Chris Craft, Marten Marine, Sea Ray and more.

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What is a good size boat for the ocean?

A wide variety of yachts are capable of crossing the ocean, but doing it comfortably is another thing. Yacht owners will want to look for yachts with sturdy hull designs, measuring at least 35-40-feet to offer enough social spaces for guests, full galleys, and enough storage for your journey. A couple of things to consider when purchasing a motor yacht under $100k for crossing the ocean are:

  • Cabin Space – Whether you are looking for aft cabin design, or yachts with your cabins located on the foredeck, you’ll want to consider privacy if traveling with a group. Aft cabin yachts usually offer more privacy for their passengers which make them ideal for overnight cruising and day trips.
  • Hull Designs – An ocean going yacht will put a lot of thought into their hull designs – in this price range, they will usually be built of fiberglass or steel. Ideally you will want a full or semi displacement yacht to make your crossing as smooth as possible.
  • Advanced Systems – When crossing the ocean, you’ll want to make sure you have all of the latest navigation systems and technical requirements (and any backups in case of emergency). Pod drives are favored by those spending extended time at sea thanks to the increased maneuverability offered.
  • Social Spaces – Large dining and social areas are key when spending extended time onboard. Yacht owners and their guests can benefit from larger cabins, increased deck space and full galleys to make sure everyone has enough space to stretch out.

Are small yachts expensive to maintain?

Small yachts follow a similar maintenance rate to other yachts. We recommend setting aside 10-20% of the purchase price of the yacht for annual maintenance. In the $100k and under price range, a motor yacht is typically similar in that you will need to put a certain amount of money towards annual upkeep and repairs. For example, a Sea Ray or Carver yacht for sale in Fort Lauderdale that costs $90,000 will run you around $9-18k to maintain every year. As you get into more advanced systems like navigation systems and pod drives, the costs may go up.

Are small yachts overpriced?

With so many used yachts on the market today, you can likely find something for every budget. Yacht owners can start their search with a trusted broker and notify them of their requirements to ensure they are getting the best yacht for their budget. Things you may want to note or ask your broker include:

Do you want a semi displacement or full?

Are you searching in Fort Lauderdale? Miami? Elsewhere in the US? This will affect the price and availability.

Do you prefer to have an aft cabin or fore?

Are you looking for overnight cruising and day trips? Or know that you want to spend an extended time onboard?

  • What brand are you interested in? Some of the biggest brands in the $100k and below range include Sea Ray, Carver, Chris Craft, Bodrum Yachts and more.
  • Do you want a full galley with space for a private chef? Or is a smaller dining area more conducive to your needs?
  • Do you need the latest tech on board? Are pod drives important to you for maneuverability?

What are top yacht brands under $100k?

If you’ve already ruled out sailboats, a motor yacht is typically a great place to start since you can find many different designs and models available. From Miami to Fort Lauderdale in Florida, to a global search, you should be able to find the best full or semi displacement yachts with overnight cruising and day use to suit your needs. Some of the top yacht brands under $100k currently on the market include:

  • Absolute
  • Bodrum Yachts
  • Carver
  • Chris Craft
  • Marten Marine
  • Sea Ray

When looking at motor yachts under $100k, there are plenty of reputable boat brands and models to consider. Working with a respected broker is a great place to start your search as they can help you navigate through the entire purchasing process.