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Catamaran Yachts are dual-hulled large vessels 79 feet and over that offer stability and comfort at sea and are available in either power or sail. Search below for these magnificent catamaran yachts for sale by location, price, size, brand and more.

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What Is a Catamaran Yacht?

A catamaran yacht is a vessel 79 feet and over with two hulls connected by a bridge deck. Unlike a sailing yacht, they have a very shallow draft thanks to the two hulls of equal length instead of a long keel that elongates the draft of a sailing yacht. It has a wide beam, and the bow area is generally linked by a trampoline that stretches between the two hulls, although some catamarans have large decks instead, providing perfect balance for the yacht. Catamaran designs include both sailing vessels or power options – a powered blue water catamaran does not have a mast or sails, which is a benefit if clearance is a concern, while a sailing cat has both sails and usually twin engines, one in each hull, that can make the catamaran very maneuverable under power. Under sail, a catamaran is typically considered faster than a monohull. You can measure the performance and handling by looking at the catamaran’s sail area.

Catamaran yachts are an excellent choice for many lovers of the sea due to their performance, shallow draft, and stability. The category of this type of yacht includes racing catamarans, open deck cruising catamarans, and bridge-deck cabin cruisers – to name a few.

From basic to luxurious, these large yachts come in different sizes, designs, and styles to suit every kind of owner. Blue water catamaran yachts are excellent for cruising and day sailing. No two catamaran yachts are alike, and a wide variety of fun water toys and snorkel gear can be added onboard to make yours perfect for you! Their shallow draft makes them the perfect yacht to explore shallow bays and take in some of the world’s prettiest anchorages.

What is the Difference Between a Catamaran Yacht and a Motor Yacht?

The main difference between a catamaran yacht and a luxury or cheap motor yacht lies in their hull design and propulsion systems.

  1. Hull Design:
    • Catamaran Yacht: Catamarans have two parallel hulls, with the deck spanning the width of them. This design provides stability, reduced heeling, and increased interior space.
    • Motor Yacht: Motor yachts typically have a single hull, offering a more traditional design with a keel that extends below the waterline. This often helps increase their speed which is why motor yachts are preferred by those who want to get to their destination faster.
  2. Propulsion Systems:
    • Catamaran Yacht: Catamarans can be powered by sails, motors, or a combination of both (hybrid). Many catamarans are equipped with sails, offering a more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly option, while the motor gives an added push when you need to get somewhere as quick as possible, or you’re out on a day with no real wind to propel you.
    • Motor Yacht: Motor yachts are exclusively powered by engines. They offer greater speed and maneuverability but may be less fuel-efficient compared to sailing catamarans.
  3. Space and Comfort:
    • Catamaran Yacht: Catamarans often provide more interior space and stability, making them suitable for spacious living areas and comfortable cruising. Thanks to the wide beam across their two hulls, you’ll get a larger dining area, larger cabins and larger interior space than a traditional sailing yacht.
    • Motor Yacht: Motor yachts focus on luxury and often feature well-appointed cabins, amenities, and expansive deck spaces. Thanks to their multiple decks in often cases, and high ceiling space, motor yachts offer a different feeling of space than catamarans or sailing yachts. Depending on the size of the motor yacht, you can often forget you’re on a yacht at all, as some are more akin to high-end hotels.
  4. Sailing vs. Cruising:
    • Catamaran Yacht: Catamarans are favored by those who enjoy sailing and desire a stable, spacious platform. They are well-suited for cruising and can access shallower waters. This yacht style is preferred by those looking to cruise shallow bays in the Caribbean in places like the Bahamas or further abroad such as the Greek isles.
    • Motor Yacht: Motor yachts are chosen for their power and speed, making them ideal for those who prioritize quick navigation and a comfortable, luxurious experience. Often yacht buyers are split into two types – motor yacht owners and sailing/catamaran yacht owners so often the decision comes down to one’s preference.

Ultimately, the choice between a catamaran yacht and a motor yacht depends on individual preferences, intended use, and the desired boating experience.

What are Catamaran Yachts Made of (Construction Material/Hull Design)?

A catamaran yacht can be constructed from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and composites like fiberglass, GRP, and carbon fiber and it can have both a displacement (powercat) or a planing hull form, depending on use. They feature two hulls of the same size and length, providing perfect balance and a shallow draft for those on board.

Why Should You Buy a Catamaran Yacht?

You should buy a catamaran yacht if you’re looking for more stability on the water as this yacht type doesn’t heel like a monohull while sailing but maintains almost perfect balance. It is a much smoother experience for overnight cruising and day sailing than traditional sailing vessels. At anchor, it also eliminates the rocking possible on a monohull. The perfect balance can make for a smoother ride can be a plus for those who may suffer from seasickness, although the catamaran’s motion under sail might take some getting used to if you’re accustomed to a monohull.

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