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Lagoon Yachts History

Designed and constructed in Bordeaux, France, Lagoon Boats was founded in 1984 as an offshoot of Jeanneau yachts (JTA, Jeanneau Technologies Avancees) and are builders of sailing catamarans. As the largest producer of multihulls in the world, Lagoon builds for both charter and private use and are designed by VPLP, a French naval architecture firm. They’re elegant, spacious and deliver world-class maneuverability, which is why a Lagoon yacht, or to be more precise a Lagoon catamaran, has been at the top of every sailor’s wish.

JTA – famous for producing single and multihull offshore racing boats – built the first-generation series of Lagoon yachts between 1987 and 1996. The Lagoon 47, 55, 57, and 67 were designed for private owners who wanted to cruise offshore in style; Lagoon 37 and 42 models were designed for chartering. The year before the Beneteau Group took over JTA shipyards in 1996, Lagoon Yachts, always intrigued by out-of-the-ordinary projects, built the trimarans for the film Waterworld starring Kevin Costner.

Beneteau, a legend in leisure boat construction, handed over the development of Lagoon Yachts to Construction Navale Bordeaux (CNB) – the group’s division responsible for introducing high-tech composite hulls to the shipyard. Beneteau also turned naval architects Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prévost (VPLP) loose to kick the brand’s design up a notch. Along the way, VPLP developed a way to optimize the hulls and the volume of catamaran lagoon yachts, making them lighter without sacrificing one knot of speed.

The Lagoon 380 is their most popular model, and the company has even ventured into building power catamarans with the Lagoon Power 43 and 44.

Catamarans reimagined

Thirty-six years later, Lagoon Yachts has built more than 5,800 catamarans. With nine sailing models and two Lagoon motor yacht models, ranging in length from 40 to 78 feet, Lagoon Yachts offers the broadest selection of large-size multihull custom catamarans on the market today. The most challenging task for prospective owners is choosing from the long list of options – size and sail plans, accommodations (one cabin, six cabins, en suite heads), interior designs/layouts, flybridge or aft helm station, self-tacking jib, wrap-around windows and more. Even with all the amenities, the shipyard’s expert craftsmen can deliver a made-to-order Lagoon yacht in four to five months, which is lightning-quick in the custom-yacht business.

A world of firsts

  • First catamaran with a gull, wing-shaped nacelle (2004)
  • First catamaran under 45 feet with a flybridge (2004)
  • First cruising catamaran with hybrid diesel/electric propulsion (2006)
  • First partnership between Lagoon Yachts and Nauta (2010)

Design innovations

  • Accessible, roomy technical compartments
  • Deck hatches and portholes (excellent ventilation)
  • Ergonomic deck plan
  • Fixed hull windows (natural lighting)
  • Lots of storage space
  • Rigging with the mast step further aft
  • Self-tacking foresail, more efficient mainsails
  • Wide side windows with a panoramic 360-degree view

Shipyard Stats

  • Founder: Jeanneau Technologies Avancees (JTA) shipyard
  • Current owner: Beneteau Group
  • Yacht Type: Luxury catamaran cruisers, motor yachts
  • Yacht Models: Sailing yachts: 40, 42, 450S (SporTop version; comfort with helm post in place of flybridge), 46, 50, 52S (luxurious, contemporary, continuity between exterior/interior), 52F (flybridge), Sixty 5 (slips into the yacht category), Seventy 7 (flagship; 78-foot motor yacht); Motor Yachts: Sixty 7, Seventy 8 (elegant, luxurious, stylish, comfortable for blue water and coastal cruising.

If you’re looking for an award-winning multihull Lagoon yacht for sale, start here. Take a leisurely sail through our real-time yachts for sale database. It’s home to the world’s most sought-after yacht and boat brands. Plus, it’s fast, which leaves you more time to spend on the water.

Bordeaux, France
Fusion and Vacuum-Injected Fiberglass Gull-Wing Multihulls

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