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Internet at Sea: How to Stay Connected While Cruising

The Ripple Effect The recent race to buy yachts, after the pandemic, caused a ripple effect in several support industries, including marine WiFi and satellite systems. That’s why we thought now would be a good time to bring new and seasoned sailors up to speed on the numerous ways to stay connected while cruising.    […]

How to Deliver & Share Superior Interactive Presentations with YATCO & Scaura

Stemming from a great need in the yachting industry to deliver exceptional presentations, selections and brochures to clients from yachting professionals, YATCO has partnered with Scaura, a visual and interactive tool that empowers YATCO’s members to deliver their clients high-quality presentations of vessels from their fleet and YATCO’s listings and information backed by data. On […]

The Journey vs. the Destination: Modern Trawlers versus Sleek Speedsters

Whether you focus on the journey or the destination, or somewhere in between, this quick-read shares the pros and cons of three types of boats designed for extended long-range cruising. Read more below on the journey versus the destination of modern trawlers versus sleek speedsters. Image caption: DeFever Trawler 49 Lioness Pros and Cons of […]

Six Baglietto Yachts We Love for Sale on YATCO.COM

Baglietto custom yachts are known for their top quality and Italian flair; here, we take a look at what has listed for sale by the renowned shipyard. Read more below and check out six Baglietto yachts for sale that we absolutely love. Baglietto Yachts: Sophisticated, Sustainable, Your Home Away from Home #1 140ft Baglietto […]

Superyacht Bows – Where Function Follows Form

You won’t find the same superyacht bow on a fast, planing hull racing yacht as you will on a transatlantic luxury cruiser. That’s because the form of a boat’s bow shapes the overall “on-the-water” experience. It’s also why choosing the right bow depends a great deal on your cruising requirements and expectations. Image caption: Herculina […]

The Most Unique Superyacht Tenders For Sale on

Yacht tenders need to be reliable boats that can take guests to and from the yacht safely. They must also be able to go fast, for some are used alongside water toys such as inflatables. Here, YATCO looks closely at 4 of its most unique superyacht tenders are truly set apart from the rest. Read […]

Selling a Yacht versus Chartering a Yacht

If you’re like most yacht owners, at one time or another, you’ve debated over whether to sell your vessel or charter it. The answer depends on a variety of factors. Reasons for Selling and Chartering Here are four typical reasons to sell your boat: You need money, your maintenance costs are too high, you rarely […]

5 Elements of a Great Yacht Listing

We at YATCO want your yacht listings to shine, to get the most out of using our yachts for sale MLS, and for you to get boat leads, leads, leads! Below are 5 elements that make great yacht listings, as well as some examples of ideal listings. 5 Things That Make or Brake Your Yacht […]

Semi-Custom Yachts VS Fully Customized: What’s Right For You?

Superyacht ownership is a feat that many strive to achieve, but is only reserved for the few who can reach a certain level of financial success. That said, there are many choices to make once you get there. Type, size, production, semi-custom or fully customized – what to choose? Image caption: Westport Yachts Nina Lu […]

Boat Types: A Boat By Any Other Name Might Be a Yacht

Technically, anything that floats (except maybe inner tubes) and carries people and/or cargo constitutes a boat. And, when it comes to boats, size isn’t the only thing that matters. Boat types, hull design and, most important, how you intend to use it do too. So, whether you’re ready to buy your first yacht, move up […]

5 Tips To Help Our Oceans – World Oceans Day

In celebration of World Oceans Day, we recognize the beauty this continuous body of water that makes up 71 percent of the planet has to offer. Home to one million species of animals and incredible, complex ecosystems, the ocean is a major contributor to life on Earth.

The Best and Worst Time to Sell Your Boat

When it comes to selling their boat, people might get emotional and list it impulsively. Sometimes impulsivity might get us great results since we might come across a great opportunity. They say there is a right time for everything. Is this the case with listing your boat on the market? The answer varies.

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