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What to Look For Before and During a Sea Trial of a Used Yacht for Sale

If you have reached the time to go for a sea trial, it means that you are seriously considering purchasing the chosen used yacht. You can’t merely sea trial any yacht you fancy as this is an expensive procedure that is usually performed after a survey.

Four Things You Should Do When The Yacht Inspection Comes

If the time for a yacht inspection has come, it means that things have gotten dire and you as a buyer have liked the vessel. There are a few things you should do when it comes to the survey point. These four measures could result in a better quality inspection, better understanding from your side, […]

Five Things Yacht Sellers Should Do Before Contacting A Yacht Broker

Deciding to sell your yacht might be a very emotional or maybe relieving one. No matter what your reason for the decision is, there are a few things that you should do before you contact a broker if you want one. However, this is something that could be determined by the size of the boat, […]

Four Signs The Yacht Owner Wants To Sell A Yacht Quickly

Assuming whether a yacht owner wants to sell quickly his or her motor yacht or sailboat might be not so predictable, but there are a few signs that might be excellent reasons for you as a yacht buyer to make an offer at a much lower price than the asking one. Here are four signs […]

Five Steps You As A Passenger Should Take In Case Someone Goes Overboard

When thinking about yachting, pleasant images appear in our heads. Yachting is relaxation, adventure, escape, passion, love – it can be many things. However, no matter how amazing it may is to leisure on a luxury motor yacht, it hides its dangers. Incidents might happen while sailing, and we should consider what the procedure in […]

Charter or Buy a Boat – To Buy or Not to Buy?

You love the water and you really love being on a boat. So, the question is should you buy a boat outright, or simply charter one when vacation time rolls around? Things to Consider When Buying a Boat If you’re toying with the idea of buying a boat, here are several things to consider: #1 […]

Choosing a Yacht Broker

Choosing a yacht broker might be the most important stage in the process of selling a boat or buying a yacht. The question shouldn’t be if to hire one in general, but which one. Many buyers or sellers are concerned with the commission rate of yacht brokers. Yacht brokers are similar to real estate brokers, […]

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