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Kadey-Krogen Yachts History

Kadey-Krogen Yachts, one of the oldest manufacturers of recreational trawler yachts in the USA, was founded in 1977 by James Krogen and Art Kadey. These two Michigan natives crossed paths in Coconut Grove, Florida, in the 1970’s when Art showed James some drawings for a new boat he wanted James to design. The company was run by the next generation of the Krogen family until 2006 when they transferred ownership to John Gear, Larry Polster, and Tom Button.

Five Different Trawler Yacht Options

Since the beginning of its journey to today, Kadey-Krogen has designed and built 14 models of over 600 yachts, ranging from 36 to 64 feet, with their most popular model being the original 42-foot trawler. There have been over 200 of the original 42-foot trawler built during the past 22 years. The latest yacht models include the Krogen Manatee 36′, The Krogen 54′, Krogen Whaleback 48′, and the newest yacht model Krogen 50′ Open. Kadey-Krogen Yachts currently offers five different trawler yacht options, with new yachts currently on the drawing board.

Extensive Ocean Passages in Comfort and Safety

Meticulously built to be long-lasting, Kadey-Krogen’s design enables the yachts to make extensive ocean passages in comfort and safety. Their dedication and vision are channeled towards the continued innovation to the cruising yacht lifestyle, constructing an average of 10-15 semi-custom yachts per year. This consistency in quality and performance over 43 years has created a strong sense of brand loyalty that has truly separated Kadey-Krogen Yachts from their competition. In fact, up to 75% of owners are part or full-time liveaboards according to company estimates.

Kadey-Krogen Yachts is considered one of the oldest yacht builders of long-range, recreational trawler yachts in the USA. Kadey-Krogen Yachts’ design is linked to the historic fishing trawlers of the North Sea. These vessels can cross any ocean.

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