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Mainship Corporation was founded in 1930 in Morgan, New Jersey and is a builder of top-quality trawler boats. Learn more about the builder below, and search for Mainship boats for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Mainship Corporation Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
30 Pilot 1998-2008 30' (9.14m) 10' 3" (3.12m) 3' (0.89m)
30 Pilot Sedan 1999-2008 30' (9.14m) 10' 3" (3.12m) 3' (0.89m)
31 Pilot 2008-2010 33' 6" (10.18m) 10' 3" (3.1m) 2' 6" (0.76m)
31 Sedan Bridge 1994-1999 31' 3" (9.52m) 11' 10" (3.61m) 2' 10" (0.86m)
34 Diesel Cruiser 1978-1982 34' (10.36m) 12' (3.63m) 2' 10" (0.86m)
34 Motor Yacht 1996-1998 34' 6" (10.52m) 13' 9" (4.17m) 3' 3" (0.96m)
34 Pilot 1998-2008 34' (10.36m) 12' 3" (3.73m) 3' 3" (0.99m)
34 Trawler 2005-2009 38' 10" (11.84m) 14' 3" (4.34m) 3' 4" (1.02m)
35 Open; 36 Express 1990-1993 36' 6" (11.1m) 12' 6" (3.78m) 2' 9" (0.81m)
350-390 Trawler 1996-2005 34' 9" (10.59m) 14' 3" (4.32m) 3' 9" (1.12m)
36 Double Cabin 1984-1989 36' 3" (11.02m) 13' (3.96m) 2' 3" (0.66m)
37 Motor Yacht 1995-1998 37' 9" (11.51m) 13' 6" (4.09m) 3' 7" (1.09m)
39 Open; 39 Express 1989-1993 39' 3" (11.94m) 14' 1" (4.29m) 3' 4" (1.02m)
395 Trawler 2010-2012 37' 6" (11.4m) 14' 3" (4.34m) 3' 3" (0.99m)
40 Double Cabin 1984-1988 40' (12.19m) 14' (4.27m) 3' 4" (1.02m)
40 Motor Cruiser 1980-1984 40' (12.19m) 14' (4.27m) 3' 4" (1.02m)
40 Sedan Bridge 1993-1999 40' 7" (12.37m) 13' 6" (4.12m) 3' 6" (1.04m)
400 Trawler; 414 Trawler 2003-2012 38' 4" (11.68m) 14' 3" (4.32m) 3' 9" (1.12m)
41 Grand Salon 1989-1990 41' (12.47m) 14' 6" (4.39m) 3' 6" (1.07m)
430 Trawler 1999-2006 43' (13.11m) 15' 6" (4.72m) 3' 9" (1.12m)
43-45-479 Trawler 2006-2012 43' (13.11m) 15' 6" (4.72m) 3' 9" (1.12m)
45 Pilot 2008-2009 43' (13.11m) 15' 6" (4.72m) 3' 9" (1.12m)
47 Motor Yacht 1990-1999 46' 10" (14.28m) 15' 6" (4.7m) 3' 10" (1.17m)
Mediterranean 35 Cockpit 1988-1994 35' (10.64m) 12' 9" (3.86m) 2' 10" (0.86m)

Featured Articles

Company History

The Mainship boats for sale today are heirs to a long and storied history that began in the 1830s when Henry Luhrs emigrated from Germany to New York City and opened a boat supply and equipment store in the harbor district. 

Following in Grandfather’s Steps 

Inspired by his grandfather’s success, Henry Luhrs Jr., trained to be a shipbuilder, and eventually opened a yard in Morgan, New Jersey. It was the 1920s, around the same time Henry Ford began mass producing automobiles. Henry Luhrs figured Ford’s assembly line techniques would work for boats as well. It did. And not only did the standardized production process reduce boat costs, but it also sped up output. Pretty soon, Henry Luhrs Sea Skiff Company was turning out more than 100 of its wide-beam trawlers a month. 

Less Expensive but More Economical: Building the Ideal Cruiser 

When the fuel crisis hit in the early ‘70s, Henry Jr.s’ sons, John and Warren, switched gears and began building more fuel-efficient cruising boats that would appeal to the masses. These single diesel-engine trawlers in the 34-foot to 40-foot range were less expensive, more economical to run and ideal for overnight cruising, day cruising and saltwater fishing. The brothers launched a Mainship boat in 1978 measuring 34 feet in length – the first of many under the new Mainship Corporation banner. In the next 10 years, more than 900 Mainship models were built on the 34 hull as well as 500 of the 30, 36 and 40-feet in length models. 

Mainship boat costs and their affordability, not to mention their quality, made the brand so popular the company outgrew its facilities and had to relocate not once but twice: first to Marlboro, New Jersey, and then to St. Augustine, Florida (1992). Hundreds of these “vintage” or used Mainship models as far back as 1977 are for sale and still riding the waves today. 

A new era 

When David Marlow acquired Mainship Boats in 2012, he did so with the idea of combining Mainship’s very best design concepts with the new high-tech ideas and techniques that make his Marlow yachts so successful. His goal: Quality at every stage at a competitive price. Two of the improvements he immediately introduced to the Mainship Pilot 31, 32, 34, 37 models were making them wood-free by replacing the balsa coring in the hull with Nida-Core, which resulted in a stronger, lighter hull that did not retain water, and used a better-quality gelcoat. 

Mainship Pilot 32 

In 2014, Marlow launched hull #1 of the newly styled Mainship Pilot 32. The innovative construction, which is significantly different from the original, produces stronger, lighter hulls and uses Kevlar and carbon fiber to reinforce high-stress areas. Improvements to its gelcoat and resin quality, superior fabrics and Nida-Core material above the waterline reflect the vigorous standards to which the 32-foot Mainship is built. In fact, the MM 32 is the only 32-foot powerboat built that is classed CE Offshore Ocean Class A. For couples or small families looking for an affordable cruising boat that is seaworthy, comfortable, high-performing yet economical to operate, the 32-foot Mainship yachts for sale is the hands-down winner. 

Mainship Pilot 34 

The 34-foot Mainship pilot boat is the second open salon build in the new Marlow lineup. Its overall length is four inches shy of 40 feet in length. It has a fuel capacity of 280 gallons and is powered by a standard 320 hp Yanmar diesel engine. Optional engine configurations include twin 220s or 260s. An upper salon with lots of seating, easy access to the engine room, a port side galley with countertops galore, teak cabinets and flooring, forward cabin v-berth and generous storage are just a few of the features you’ll find on the 34-foot Mainship pilot boats for sale today. 

Mainship Pilot 31 

The 31-foot Mainship Pilot, launched by Marlow in 2016, is the third new model in the MM lineup. Several new design changes include a well-equipped summer galley (dinette, fridge/freezer, electric cooktop, microwave and stainless sink) and windows that bathe the area in natural light. Plus, the pilothouse has an overhead hardtop that protects cruisers from sun and rain. The 31-foot Mainship yachts for sale sleep four people: two in a queen berth and two in a settee that converts to upper and lower berths. The Pilot 31 is powered by a single Yanmar 220-hp diesel engine and reaches a cruising speed of 18 to 20 knots and a top speed of 23 knots. A bow thruster is standard. 

Mainship Pilot 37 

Building strong, seaworthy boats is what Marlow Yachts is known for, and the same holds true for Marlow’s Mainship pilot boats, which is why the Mainship 37 Pilot carries a CE Category A rating, the highest designation possible. 

Several super selling points include: 

  • Folding stern bulkhead that makes boarding easier 
  • Teak flooring and woodwork throughout 
  • Salon windows that let in natural light 
  • Summer galley with a full complement of appliances as well as lots of storage 
  • Double berth starboard guest cabin 
  • Forward master stateroom with a double v-berth and private head 
  • Dry bilge to help eliminate mold and mildew 
  • Standard single 320-hp diesel (ideal for comfortable cruising) 
  • Twin Yanmar 220-horsepower diesel engines upgrade for those who need more speed 

Shipyard Stats 

  • Founder: Henry Luhrs Jr. 
  • Established: 1930, Morgan, New Jersey 
  • Current owner: David Marlow, Marlow Yachts, 2012, Alachua, Florida 
  • Type: Trawlers, cruisers 
  • Size: 30 feet to 48 feet 
  • Mainship Models: Pilot 30, 31, 32, 34, 37, 40 sedan bridge; MM Trawlers 34, 350 sedan, 390, 430 
  • Construction: Fiberglass, reinforcing Kevlar and Nida-Core support material 

Whether you’re interested in a vintage Mainship trawler or one of the Marlow-inspired Mainship Pilot models, you’ve come to the right place. Our YATCO boats for sale database has a boatload of Mainship yachts for sale, and our cutting-edge cloud network technology, enterprise-level software tools and real-time, reliable information help make your search easier to find the right boat cost for your budget. 



Morgan, New Jersey


Fiberglass, Reinforced-Core Support Material