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Ocean Alexander Yachts History

Ocean Alexander Yachts is globally recognized as one of the top ten luxury yacht builders in the 45 to 155 feet range. The shipyard was established in 1977 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and named after the founder Alex Chueh. As a second-generation family-owned business, the company has built some of the world’s top yachts for sale, by raising the bar in luxury yachting with immaculate attention to detail. The founder of Ocean Alexander Yachts, Alex Chueh, became involved in the boat-manufacturing business when he lent money to a friend to start a boatyard in 1973. Alex kept the boatyard when his friend was unable to repay him. He soon became passionate about the high-quality yacht building industry and used his business acumen to position the company as one of the finest yacht builders in the world. Alex Chueh established the company as part of a partnership with the renowned naval architect, Ed Monk Jr. In the late 1990s, Alex fell ill and his son, Johnny Chueh, took control of the family business as the yacht builder’s President. Today, Ocean Alexander works with the world’s top interior designers to deliver yacht owners with luxury vessels engineered for optimal performance.

Ocean Alexander Yachts Under The Top Five Superyacht Builders Worldwide

The company built a first 100-foot mega yacht in 2005, and in 2015 they were recognized by Showboats International as one of the top five superyacht builders in the world. Today, they continue to impact the motor yachts for sale market by constantly recreating yacht designs and elevating them to a new level of luxury. The yacht builder has built a strong reputation for high quality and engineering excellence. They fabricate their fuel tanks with a military-grade aluminum alloy and have delivered some of the most sought-after fiberglass superyachts, including 45 Divergence, 52 Sedan, 423 Classico, and 548 Pilothouse.

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Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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Ocean Alexander Yachts Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
42 Sedan 1986-1993 42ft 14.33ft 3.16ft
450 Classico Sedan 1999-2004 44.75ft 14.66ft 4ft
48 Cockpit 1985-1991 48ft 15.5ft 3.83ft
480 Sport Sedan 1994-2003 48.5ft 15.5ft 2.75ft
48-50 Sedan 1987-1991 48ft 15.5ft 4.5ft
50 Pilothouse Motor Yacht 1984-1990 50ft 15.5ft 4.5ft
51-53 Sedan 1989-1998 51.08ft 16.33ft 3.16ft
52 Sedan 2005-2009 52ft 15.5ft 4ft
520-540 Pilothouse 1990-2002 52.41ft 15.5ft 4.58ft
54 Cockpit 1985-1989 54ft 15.5ft 4.5ft
546 Yachtfisher 1995-1998 55.83ft 16.33ft 4.08ft
548 Pilothouse 1998-2005 55.58ft 17.5ft 4ft
58-64 Pilothouse 2004-2010 64.66ft 17.5ft 4ft
60 Pilothouse 1983-1987 60ft 18ft 4.83ft
610 Pilothouse 1997-2002 61ft 17.5ft 4ft
66 Motor Yacht 1986-1992 66ft 18ft 4.83ft
74 Motor Yacht 2007-2011 77.5ft 20ft 5.91ft

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