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A bay boat has a shallow draft and sports a flat bottom allowing them to navigate through shallow waters, like those found in bays, rivers and estuaries. Search all bay boats for sale available by location, size, price, brand, and more.

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Bay Boat Buying Guide

A bay boat is distinguished by a few characteristics: sporting a shallow draft and flat bottom, bay boats are able to gain access to shallow waters that other boats aren’t able to cruise in. As a result of this, bay boats are very popular amongst those that enjoy recreational fishing since they can gently glide along coastal bays, rivers, marshes and estuaries without hitting the bottom.

What is a Bay Boat, and How Does it Differ from Other Types of Boats?

A bay boat may seem similar to other fishing boats like center consoles or offshore boats, but they have a few distinct characteristics to note. They feature a wide and flat bottom meaning they can access very shallow waters that others with deeper hulls cannot. With low gunwales, a bay boat also makes it easier for hauling fish up you’ve worked so hard to catch! Speaking of fishing, most will have raised casting decks and places to fish off the bow, aft and side, meaning there is space for everyone to throw a line in. Larger bay boats will also have an awning allowing drivers some protection from the elements and spray, as well as plenty of livewells for storing your fish.

While bay boats can come in a variety of styles and sizes, most will top out around 26 feet in length. Given this size, nearly all bay boats will be able to be trailered so you can take your bay boat wherever the fish are biting.

What are the Key Features to Consider When looking for Bay Boats for Sale?

If your main goal with the bay boat is to go fishing, you’ll want to make sure the used bay boat for sale you’re looking at has a few things:

  • Rod storage – From rod mounts and holders to tackle box storage, you’ll want to have enough here so people aren’t tripping over lines or accessories.
  • Engine – Ensure the engine is in good shape and will hold enough power for the type of boating you want to do.
  • Deck space – Whether you just plan to fish solo, or want to take the family and friends out sometimes, ensure you have enough seating for everyone.
  • Water depth – While most will be able to tackle shallow waters, you’ll need to ensure the draft is the right size for both shallow waters, and stable enough for deeper waters as well.
  • Safety – While bay boats are not for large open water with high waves, you still want to ensure it’s safe enough to withstand the occasional bad storm or inclement weather when out on the water.

Are Bay Boats Good in Rough Water?

While bay boats won’t offer the same safety and stability of other hulled boats, they should still be able to handle the occasional storm. However, bay boats are not built to withstand large areas of open water like the ocean where they will not offer the same stability against wind and waves as other boats of a similar size.

How Much do Bay Boats Cost?

Depending on the size, year of build and condition of the boat, a used bay boat for sale could cost you anywhere from $20,000 up to nearly $100,000 for those newer models, with the latest technology, features and upgrades.

Can Bay Boats be Used for Offshore Fishing?

While you can use bay boats for offshore fishing, you’ll want to ensure you only head out when the weather conditions are favorable since we know they don’t offer the same stability in rough waters as other similar models.

What Makes Sea Hunt Bay Boats for Sale Unique?

Sea Hunt bay boats for sale are a great choice for those looking for an American made bay boat with proven reliability and use. Sea Hunt bay boats for sale come in four different ranges – Escape, Bay, Ultra, and Gamefish. A few other brands to look at when considering used bay boats for sale include Robalo, Scout Boats, Sea Fox, Sea Pro and Sportsman.