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Company History

Founded in 1995 by father and son team Vic and Bubba Roof, Sea Hunt boats had one goal in mind: to build an affordable center console boat that is the best in its class.

The company began as a modest, one-room shop in a small facility just outside Columbia, South Carolina and quickly grew to be the number 1 selling boat in America. As the number 1 selling saltwater boat for the last 12 years, the company works with innovative designs and the ultimate in care for its customers, which makes them so widely recognized. The company’s center console boats include its Game Fish Series, its Bay Boat Series, the Ultra Series, and the Escape Series.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founders: Vic and Bubba Roof
  • Type: Center console boats
  • Model: Gamefish – Gamefish 25, Gamefish 27 with forward seating, Gamefish 27 with coffin box, Gamefish 30 with forward seating, Gamefish 30 with coffin box; Bay boats – BX 22 BR, BX 25 FS, and BX 25 BR; Escape – Escape 23, Escape 25, Escape 27, and Escape 28; Ultras – Ultra 219, Ultra 229, Ultra 234, Ultra 239 SE, Ultra 255 SE, Ultra 265 SE, Ultra 275, and Ultra 305 SE.



Columbia, South Carolina


GRP or Fiberglass