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Walkaround boats make excellent fishing vessels thanks to their unobstructed walkways and 360-degrees of fishability. Search below for walkaround boats for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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What is a Walkaround Boat?

A walkaround boat is oftentimes also referred to as a walkaround cuddy, and is considered a fishing boat with a small cabin and 360-degrees of fishability due to an unobstructed walkway around the boat. If you are looking for an overnight fishing vessel with speed, this is the right boat for you. There are a wide variety of walkaround boats, but some of the most popular walkaround brands include:

Are Walkaround Boats Useful?

Walkaround boats are very useful if you’re looking to do some saltwater fishing and day cruising or want a boat with extra space for rod holders and other fishing needs. While you won’t get a lot of cabin space, or even a full galley, they are a favorite among the walk around fishing community for the ample and unobstructed deck space and an inboard outboard motor for speed. Many will increase their propulsion with a larger outboard motor so it’s important to ask yourself what you will be using your new walkaround boat for.

What are the Advantages of a Walkaround Boat?

Most of the advantages of a walkaround boat are seen by those who love recreational fishing. With a wide variety of options for those looking for freshwater or salt water fishing and day cruising, walk around boats, or cuddy cabins are perfect for your day on the water. Extra rod holders and unobstructed deck space create the perfect vessel to pull your catch of the day in on.

While you can take walkarounds on the open ocean to do some deep sea fishing, amenities onboard will usually be minimal and most walkarounds will be under 40-50ft in length so you won’t have the stability of larger boats if heading into open ocean waters. Many will have a toilet and small cabin, but the remaining cabin space will usually be minimal with a full galley not always available. Similar to a cuddy cabin, most walkarounds will have only a small sleeping space and small head.

What Questions to Ask When Buying a Walkaround Boat?

Some questions you’ll want to ask yourself (or your broker) when buying a walkaround boat is:

  • Brand – Is the builder of your boat important to you? There are a wide variety of walkaround fishing boats and cuddy cabins to choose from. Did you want a Boston Whaler? A Grady White? Or is this important to you?
  • Engine – Do you want an inboard outboard motor? A larger outboard motor for more power? Are you heading out on the open ocean, or plan to do some deep sea fishing?
  • Cabin space – Will you be planning to sleep onboard? Will one tiny cabin be enough? Or do you need multiple cabins? What about a full galley? Most will have basic amenities down below so it’s important to decide how you want to use your walkaround boat.
  • Cruising – Will you be mainly cruising on rivers and lakes? Or do you plan to do some deep sea saltwater fishing and day cruising?
  • Extras – If fishing is your main goal, does the boat come equipped with enough rod holders? Or deck space to haul in large catches?

While not all boats of this style are used for walkaround fishing, it is certainly a popular brand for the fishing community.

Is a Walkaround a Good Boat?

A walkaround is a great boat for those looking to spend some time on the water and are hugely popular with those that enjoy recreational fishing. Thanks to 360-degrees of fishability with unobstructed pathways from bow to stern, you can have multiple people fishing at once, and even dedicated areas for your rod holders. Whether you are looking for an inboard or outboard motor, you can increase engine size to suit the needs of your boating goals (compatible with the boat size of course). Some of the most popular walkaround boats have been built by Boston Whaler, Grady White and Sea Ray for generations. Grady White boats, in particular, feature deeper walkaround areas, more cabin space and larger galleys in the cockpit of the boat.