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Pontoons boat models are flat, fun, recreational boats that can be used for fishing, sunbathing, and small parties with family and friends on the water. Performance pontoon boats come in many different sizes with several levels of luxury and range in cost. Some premier pontoon boats are large enough to host furniture, while others will include fishing amenities such as rod holders and technologies such as lifting strakes. Search for pontoon boats by length, price, year, and more below.

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Pontoon Boat Tips

What is a Pontoon Boat?

Pontoon boats are wide, flat motor boats used for recreation on the water. These boats rely on special structures called “pontoons” to float, and are suitable for recreational activities such as fishing, sunbathing, and small parties. 

Pontoon boat models come in a wide variety of types and sizes. Some pontoon models can offer fishability, which tend to be smaller fishing pontoons made for up to three people. These pontoon models are excellent boats for spending a day on the water, but the boat cost does vary.  

“Mini pontoon boats” are also smaller, and usually accommodate up to three people. These mini pontoons are great for lake fishing or pond enjoyment. There are also performance pontoon boats that can travel at faster speeds than slow pontoon boats. Lifting stakes are innovative technology on board pontoon boats that enable the vessel to travel faster. These boats are also great for enjoyment on calm rivers, lakes and intercoastal waterways with family and friends. There are also premier pontoons and wakeboarding pontoon boats that can support beginner wakeboarders.  

What Are Custom-Built Pontoons?

There are a wide variety of pontoon vessels for sale, and many of them are custom-built. Some custom-built pontoon boats come with a Bimini top to protect guests from the elements. A Bimini top can be removable, so that if guests choose, they can also sunbathe. Some custom-built pontoons will come with other conveniences such as a Bluetooth stereo capability so that guests can enjoy music while out on the water, which enhances the party atmosphere that pontoons often share. 

Other luxury pontoon boat models will come with stainless steel elements that keep the boat strong. Some of these pontoon vessels can be fishing pontoons that offer rod holders and lifting strakes for speed. These fishing pontoons with rod holders are excellent vessels for fishing in lakes and calmer waters as they offer lots of space to walk around the boat for easy fishability. The wall design of a performance pontoon and premier pontoons will vary, as well as the boat cost of various pontoon models.  

What Are Popular Pontoon Brands?

Some popular pontoon boats brands include Harris, Aloha Pontoons, South Bay Pontoons, 2022 Avalon Pontoons, Sun Tracker, and many more. There are several pontoon boats models to choose from for you to enjoy a day on the water. 

Here is the low-down:

Harris Pontoons

Harris pontoons are stunning pontoon boats that come in a variety of models. The Crowne 25ft model won an award by the National Marine Manufacturer Association and is simply beautiful. It is handcrafted to the utmost in luxury for a pontoon boat and is one of the best in its class. With elegant details, intense power, and exceptional handling, it is no wonder it is such a popular model with family and friends. The wall design also allows for exceptional space on board.  

Other models from Harris include the Grand Mariner, Solstice, Sunliner, the Cruiser, and the Cruiser LX. 

Aloha Pontoons

Aloha Pontoon boats are some of the best in the class and are built one at a time. They build many models, from faster pontoons to larger pontoon boats and include the Twin X-32, which is one of the fastest and largest pontoon boats built in the USA. The company’s Triple Tunnel Technology turns down spray for additional lift, which makes the boat travel at fast speeds. The innovative wall design is both attractive and built to perform.  

South Bay Pontoons

South Bay Pontoons is an excellent choice. With great amenities and top-grade components, South Bay Pontoons simply and successfully brings in customers to their dealer’s showrooms. With superior construction and meticulous attention to every detail, they work hard to get their customers the most enjoyment possible out of every South Bay pontoon they build. They also offer the best in customer service, which makes repeat buyers from their strong word-of-mouth marketing capability. 

Avalon Pontoons

Avalon pontoons boats are certified by the National Marine Manufacturer Association (NMMA). Avalon Pontoons are luxurious and strong boats. Avalon Pontoons is a vertically integrated manufacturer, which means that they build each part of each boat in their own facility. From the pontoons themselves, to the framing and furniture, all is done in-house, which means they have top-notch quality control and can pass savings onto the buyer. For a brand-new option, 2022 Avalon pontoon boat models include power pontoons and sport pontoons.  

Sun Tracker Pontoons

Sun Tracker Pontoon boats are highly popular for a day on the water. Founded by Johnny Morris who started Bass Pro Shops, Sun Tracker pontoons are certified boats by the National Marine Manufacturer Association. The parent company to Sun Tracker is the well-known White River Marine Group, the world’s largest boat builder by volume. Because of this connection, Sun Tracker can source quality components and materials at a lower cost and can then pass those savings onto the consumer. The company creates and designs almost all components in-house as well, which allows them the luxury of complete quality control. 

To find pontoon models, you can search for boats for sale by owner, or you can smartly start your search here on YATCO. By searching on YATCO first, you can find a yacht broker who can help you find your next boat.

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