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Chaparral Boats History

Founded in 1965 by William “Buck” Pegg in  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Chaparral Boats offers a series of pleasure and fishing boats, luxury sport boats, outboard luxury boats, bowriders, and sport yachts ranging from 18 to 40 feet in length. Formerly known as Fiberglass Fabricators, the Chaparral brand is internationally recognized for its style, reliability, affordability, and quality fiberglass boats. The boats are finished by hand in a 1-million-square-feet manufacturing facility in Nashville, Georgia, by a team of over 800 experienced craftsmen and craftswomen, including second and third-generation boat builders who take pride in every boat they build.

Chaparral’s original 15-feet Tri-Hull boat was discontinued in the early 1980s, several of these vessels are still in commission today. Today, the company continues its legacy of building high-quality family boats. They offer clients from all over the world numerous custom options, including high-tech sound systems, underwater lights, large swim platforms, and much more. Find Chaparral Boats for sale on the most accurate boats for sale database of new yachts and used yachts for sale for the East Coast of the USA.

Nashville, Georgia

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Chaparral Boats Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
260 Signature 1996-2005 25.58ft 8.5ft 2.75ft
260 SSi 2001-2006 25.5ft 8.5ft 3.41ft
26-27-270 Signature 1992-2000 28.41ft 9ft 2.75ft
265 SSi 2001-2006 27.75ft 8.5ft 3.41ft
267 SSX 2018-2020 25.5ft 8.5ft 1.75ft
270 Signature 2007-2009 28.91ft 8.5ft 3.25ft
270-280 Signature 2003-2009 29.25ft 9.5ft 2.75ft
275 SSi 2006-2010 28.83ft 9ft 3ft
276 SSX 2006-2010 28.83ft 9ft 3ft
280 SSi 1999-2006 27.5ft 9.25ft 2.91ft
280-290 Signature 2001-2009 30.66ft 10ft 2.75ft
28-29 Signature 1991-2000 29.25ft 9.75ft 2.75ft
2835 SS; 285 SSi 1999-2006 27.5ft 9.25ft 2.91ft
287 SSX 2017-2020 29ft 9ft 3.66ft
287 SSX 2011-2015 28.83ft 9ft 3.41ft
290 Signature 2010-2016 29ft 9.5ft 3.25ft
300 OSX 2020-2020 30.5ft 9.5ft 2.16ft
300 Signature 1998-2003 31.25ft 10.25ft 2.75ft
30-31 Signature 1990-1997 30.5ft 10.75ft 2.75ft
307 SSX; 317 SSX 2014-2020 30.5ft 9.5ft 3.5ft
310 Signature 2010-2017 31ft 10ft 3.75ft
310 Signature 2004-2009 33.33ft 10.58ft 2.75ft
327-337 SSX 2012-2018 32.5ft 10ft 3.75ft
330 Signature 2010-2018 33.5ft 10.5ft 4.08ft
330 Signature 2003-2009 35ft 11.25ft 3.16ft
347 SSX 2019-2020 33.5ft 10ft 2.25ft
350 Signature 2001-2009 37ft 11.83ft 2.75ft

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