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Viking Sport Cruisers History

The present-day story of Viking Sport Cruisers is pretty straightforward. The company reps the entire line of luxury cruising yachts for Princess Yachts Limited, including the 42- to 85-foot V Class, 42- to 95-foot F Class (Flybridge) and the 105- to 132-foot M Class, among others. The evolution of the brand, however, is way more interesting: Viking Yacht Company got into the yacht-building business in 1964 in New Gretna, New Jersey. Marine Projects was founded one year later in Plymouth, England. Their founders, Bob and Bill Healey, and David King, respectively, didn’t know it at the time, but their companies shared a few key business practices. Both took a hands-on approach to design and both manufactured almost all their components in-house.

It wasn’t until the ‘90s that Tom Carroll, then-Executive VP for Viking Sport Cruisers (now president and CEO of Princess Yachts America), discovered an impressive line of European motor yachts that rivaled Viking Sport Cruisers for quality, style and engineering capabilities. The line’s manufacturer: Marine Projects, now Princess Yachts.

Providing Quality, Style and Engineering Capabilities

Princess yachts were regarded as royalty in the international marketplace. Viking Sport Cruisers had a huge following in North America. Princess Yachts was looking for an entrée into the American market. Viking Sport Cruisers had an extensive network of dealers and sales and service support, as well as a huge inventory of spare parts. Viking Sport Cruisers was always on the hunt for new opportunities to align with premiere yacht builders and keep its designers and in-house parts craftsmen on the cutting edge. It was a deal made in blue water heaven when Viking Sport Cruisers joined forces with Princess Yachts Limited. The collaboration resulted in a true Euro-American boat – custom amenities and luxurious interiors fit for a king; engineering, redesign, HVAC and refrigeration systems, and more horsepower to appeal to the American market.

Shipyard Stats:

Today, through its network of established dealers, the yacht builder is the sole distributor of Princess Yachts across North America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Starting with F and ending with Y, here are the ABCs of the joint venture’s seven world-class flagships:

  • F Class 45, 50, 55, 62, 70 – Flybridges that conquer technology, space and performance
  • M Class 30 & 35 – Master of proportions and personalized details
  • R Class 35 – Racer with top speed of 50 knots
  • S Class 62, 66 & 78 – Spacious and Sporty
  • V Class 40, 50, 55, 60, 65, 78 – Deep-V hull translates to speed and tight handling
  • X Class 95 – Xpansive spaces, flybridge and main deck
  • Y Class 72, 78, 85, 95 ­­– Yahoo! A stunning union of luxury and power

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New Gretna, New Jersey
Fiberglass, Resin-Infused (Aka Vacuum-Infused) Hull Composite

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Viking Sport Cruisers Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
43 Flybridge 1997-2000 43.5ft 13.91ft 3.25ft
45 Flybridge 1998-2002 45ft 14.25ft 3.58ft
46 Flybridge 1997-2000 46.75ft 13.83ft 3.33ft
48-50 Flybridge 1996-1999 51ft 14.16ft 3.75ft
50 Flybridge 2002-2007 50.25ft 14.66ft 3.66ft
52 Flybridge 1997-2000 51.66ft 15ft 3.66ft
56 Flybridge 1996-2002 55.58ft 15.5ft 3.75ft
57 Flybridge 2005-2008 57.5ft 16.08ft 4.16ft
60 Flybridge 1996-2001 59.91ft 16.08ft 3.91ft
61 Flybridge 2002-2007 61.58ft 16ft 4.33ft
65 Motor Yacht 1999-2004 64.83ft 16.75ft 4.5ft
67 Motor Yacht 2006-2007 67.08ft 17.16ft 4.5ft
68 Motor Yacht 1999-2003 69.16ft 17.5ft 5ft
70 Motor Yacht 2005-2008 70ft 18.33ft 5.16ft
72 Motor Yacht 1999-2002 72.33ft 19.08ft 4.75ft
75 Motor Yacht 2004-2009 74.16ft 19ft 5.25ft
V50 Express 1998-2004 51ft 14.08ft 3.5ft
V55 Express 1995-2002 55ft 14.33ft 3.5ft
V58 Express 2004-2009 58.91ft 15.41ft 3.5ft

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