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Established in 1964, Westport Yachts are highly notable yacht builders of a variety of vessels including commercial fishing boats, fast passenger ferries and luxurious motor yachts. Learn more about the famed US builder below, and search for Westport yachts for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Westport Yachts Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
W112 34m (111' 7") 7.3m (24') 1.8m (5' 11")

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Company History

It makes sense that shipyards and shipbuilders gravitate to coastal cities like Westport, Washington. After all, that’s where the water is, right? But, no one could have predicted when Westport Yard began constructing commercial fishing boats and passenger ferries in 1964 that it would become the largest yacht builder in North America both by size and volume, and among the largest in the world. Westport Yards was a pioneer of composite construction for larger yachts. Today, built on decades of experience, Westport shipyard builds yachts seen all over the world with many used Westport yachts offering great resale value. With a sales a service location located in the yachting capital of Fort Lauderdale, Westport Yachts brings their decades of experience to the doorstep of yacht enthusiasts.

The yard started out building commercial fishing vessels and fast commuter ferries, but then shifted focus to building larger production mega yachts toward the end of the ‘70s. Westport Yachts built more than 170 fishing boats from 1964 to the early ‘80s, many of which are still on the water today. When the demand for fishing boats started to decline, Westport turned to building components for other yards and then began constructing series-built luxury yachts for itself.

Today, Westport is the largest yacht builder in North America with one of the most respected names in the industry. One of their most popular models is the Westport 112 yacht, while newer models include the new Westport 117 yacht, and the Westport W172. Other models include the popular 130 Westport yacht, Westport 164 yacht, and the Westport 125 yacht. The company not only focuses on new yacht composite construction, but has its own charter and brokerage house as well.

Getting On Everyone’s Radar

The launch that put Westport on everyone’s radar was a 98-foot motor yacht with an all-fiberglass hull. Yachts that huge just don’t have fiberglass hulls! Several more 90-foot Westport yachts designed by naval architect Jack Sarin followed, and led to the development of the 112 Westport yacht – the company’s most popular model.

Today, the Westport Yachts shipyard has handcrafted more than 100 mega yachts ranging in length from 85 to 172 feet, and has 354,000 square feet of enclosed facilities, including cabinet and upholstery shops, in Westport and Port Angeles, Washington, and a service and sales center in Fort Lauderdale.

One of the main things owners of Westport yachts talk about is how there are no surprises (except maybe the full load of fuel) when they pick up their boat. The quoted price is what they pay. The delivery is on time, and the after-sales service is second to none. Their reputation is built upon decades of experience being one of the top yacht builders in North America.

Process always comes first

At Westport Yachts, planning and process come before the first power drill ever whirls. Investing time and resources upfront in design, engineering, infrastructure, cutting-edge technology and tooling pay off in the long run. There are fewer errors and less downtime.

Veteran workforce

Having a skilled workforce, many second- and third-generation employees, results in top-notch craftsmanship and vessels that not only meet, but set, the industry’s strictest standards. Their knowledge and decades of experience ensure that the Westport yachts they build appeal to a broad market and attract a high percentage of repeat buyers.

Short build time

Westport Yachts’ tried and true (not to mention innovative) construction processes and on-site facilities, including painting, cabinetry and joinery, are what make it possible to build a Westport yacht in weeks rather than months. The in-house capabilities along with process engineering and modular construction methods not only guarantee on-time delivery, they save money, which ultimately results in lower prices. The Westport 130 yacht price and Westport 172 yacht price remain competitive and highly reasonable for the decades of experience and craftsmanship you are purchasing.

High resale value

Used Westport yachts for sale rarely remain on the market for more than three or four months. That’s because their structural integrity, contemporary styling, power and performance as well as comfort are unsurpassed in the luxury mega-yacht market.

Westport Yacht 112

When brothers Rick and Randy Rust bought Westport shipyard in 1977, the first thing they did was add commercial passenger vessels. Over the years, they expanded the line to include luxury motor yachts. The Westport Yachts 112 series, launched in 1994, became the company’s most successful. Still going strong, the 65th Westport Yachts 112, which is the smallest in the current Westport range, hit the water on February 2021.

Owners love the Westport 112 yacht so much they hang on to them for years (some as long as 15 or more) and only trade up when a newer version with features they’ve been waiting for comes along. The on-deck master stateroom and the Sarin semi-displacement hull design, however, are the two mainstays. The Westport 112’s overall functionality, spacious layout, reliability and quality build make this the very best entry level – or down-sizer – luxury motor yacht on the market today.

Westport Yacht 130

When Westport 112 yacht owners decide they need a bigger boat, they quite often choose a 130 Westport yacht – the second most popular Westport model. With five staterooms, including the line’s signature main-deck master suite, this triple decker raises the bar on comfort to an all-time high. Even when seated, the yacht’s wide windows provide panoramic views, letting natural light and the great outdoors inside. A spacious galley with crew access doors to the side deck, plenty of storage throughout and wide walk-around decks make every minute onboard easygoing.

Westport 130 yachts are not only beautiful and roomy, they are high-performing and exceptionally seaworthy with a composite construction hull. Plus, they have a surprisingly long range: 3,450 miles. At a cruising speed of 24 knots (top speed of 28 knots), they’re ideal for extended, leisurely cruising with family and friends.

Westport 164 Yacht

The Westport 164 Yacht debuted in 2006. This all fiberglass, tri-deck superyacht is one of Westport’s largest. The Westport 164 can accommodate 12 guests, with a main deck master suite, bridge deck VIP cabin and four guest cabins on the lower deck. With twin diesel engines, the Westport 164 super-yacht has a top speed of 24 knots and a cruising speed of 20 knots. She traverses 5,200 nautical miles at a leisurely 12 knots.

With an abundance of wide open spaces to party and relax, sweeping views from every angle, a galley fit for a commercial kitchen, ultra-modern lines, effortless maneuverability and luxury tucked into every corner, it’s safe to say the Westport 164 yachts for sale today are in a class by themselves.

Going forward 2018 Westport Yachts

The Westport 125 yacht made its debut in late 2017-early 2018. It was the first new Westport model in 10 years and was in response to client requests. Clients loved the Westport 112 with its raised pilothouse but when ready to move up to Westport’s next model, were reluctant to take on the tri-deck Westport 130. The dilemma: Westport had customers for both. The solution: Take the best of both and create a new series – the Westport 125 yacht.

In this same timeframe, Westport announced its next generation luxury motor yacht – the 215-foot W65. However, this build had one defining departure from its sister yachts. Westport Yachts, the world-famous fiberglass and composite construction yacht builder, collaborated with its parent partner, Edison Chouest Offshore, and used a steel hull for the first time in its history. All of which just goes to prove, even after 60 years, Westport Yachts still listens to its customers and is always in pursuit of what’s next in maintaining their reputation as one of the great yacht builders in North America.

Shipyard Stats

  • Established: Westport Yard, 1964, Westport, Washington
  • Purchased by John Orin Edson, 1991, renamed Westport Yachts
  • Current owner: Westport, LLC, Chouest family
  • Type: Commercial fishing, commercial passenger, semi-custom mega yachts
  • Size: 85 to 172 feet
  • Models: 85, 112, 117, 125, 130, 164, 172 mega-yachts; W65 super-yacht
  • Construction: Models 85-172: all-fiberglass, semi-displacement; model W65: steel displacement hull

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