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Semi-displacement boats feature a combination of planing hulls and displacement hulls that offer a long range for yachts looking to travel longer distances. Read on for more information.

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What Is a Semi Displacement Boat?

A semi displacement boat is built with a boat hull design that features a hull form that is able to generate lift at cruising speed while displacing water at low speeds. These boats are a combination of planing hull shapes, that allow lift of the hull when needed to cruise at speed, while in the displacement mode, they get better fuel mileage and can travel for a long distance since the hull is cruising more efficiently than a full displacement hull.

What Boats Have Semi Displacement Hulls?

There are a number of boat models that offer semi-displacement hull boats for sale. The best semi displacement motor boats with semi displacement hulls available are:

What Are the Advantages of a Semi Displacement Hull Boat?

Semi-displacement hulls are perfect for those looking for the best of both worlds. Whether you enjoy the speed that comes with a planing hull, or the long distance range and stability offered by full displacement boats, you can opt to have two-in-one when searching for semi displacement boats for sale. The hull speed offered by the planing hull design also offers users the option to cruise at a faster speed when you need to head back to port or cover a long distance faster.

With this type of hull design, a semi-displacement boat will be faster at cruising speeds than a full displacement boat, while also offering long distance travel. With a shallower draft than full displacement boats as well, you will be able to reach shallower anchorages than boats with other hull forms and hull shapes.

Are Semi Displacement Boats Fuel Efficient?

Yes, the best semi displacement boats offer excellent fuel efficiency. Thanks to the semi planing type of hull, these hull shapes have a shorter draft, so need to displace less water than other types of hulls with more drag. When looking at semi displacement hull boats for sale, like Ranger Tugs or lobster boats, you’ll note their fuel efficiency is greater than the hull speed offered in full displacement yachts and boats.

When traveling at lower speeds, the semi-displacement hulls displace water, while at cruising, it generates lift and therefore enables faster speeds thanks to the unique hull design.

How Much Horsepower is Needed for a Semi Displacement Hull Boat?

With a semi displacement motor boat or other boat type like a trawler or Ranger Tug, most people would agree that you need 1hp for every 500 pounds of displacement to cruise at hull speed. Semi displacement hulls are able to achieve hull speed faster than full displacement yachts but perhaps not as fast as true planing hulls.

How Much is a Semi Displacement Hull Boat?

With such a wide variety of lengths, styles, and options, semi displacement boats for sale will also come in a large range of prices and budgets. When looking at semi displacement hull boats for sale, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What hull form do I need – Is the right answer a semi planing, or semi displacement motor boat? Or would you rather a full displacement yacht?
  • What length is right for me – How big of a boat do you want or need? Are you looking at semi displacement hull boats for sale, or larger semi displacement yachts over 79ft?
  • What style and builder do I like – With so many yacht and boat builders on the market, finding the best semi displacement boat for you might look different than somebody else.

As an example, you can find boats and yachts with semi planing, semi displacement hull designs for sale on in the range of $200,000 – over $40 million.