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Pilothouse motor yachts are ideal vessels for those looking to cruise in all types of weather, as a pilothouse is a fully enclosed helm station that will protect you from the elements. Search for new and used pilothouse motor yachts for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Pilothouse Motor Yacht Buying Guide

What is a Pilothouse Motor Yacht?

A pilothouse motor yacht is a vessel 79ft and above that features a pilothouse, which is a fully enclosed helm station, to protect the captain from the elements. If you seek to cruise in all types of weather and need protection, then a raised pilothouse motor yacht is right for you. Explore the many boats listed on to start your search with average prices ranging from $18,000 to well over $8 million. Once you’re looking at raised pilothouse yachts over 79ft though, you will be looking at an average price of $2 million with some costing much less than this, and some easily up to four or five times the price, if not more.

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What is a Pilothouse Yacht Used For?

A pilothouse yacht is used for overnight cruising and day trips and for those looking for the added enclosure of a raised pilothouse for cruising in all-weather types. Expert pilothouse boat costs will vary based on how large the yacht is you’re looking at, and any extra amenities or special designs like extended side decks, heavy duty propulsion systems, or reinforced hull types for cruising in remote locations.

What is the Smallest Pilothouse Yacht?

While pilothouses come in many sizes, from smaller Ranger tugs and up, a pilothouse yacht needs to be at a minimum 79 feet since it is a yacht. So 79ft is the smallest pilothouse yacht you can get, all the way up into the hundreds of feet. It’s hard to give an average price for pilothouse yachts as they can come in a wide range of styles, lengths, and attributes. Boat costs will also be reflective of the builder, the length of the expert pilothouse, whether it’s being used for gentle overnight cruising and day trips, or for more lengthy excursions. Even smaller raised pilothouse yachts can come with advanced propulsion systems, side decks, or even multiple decks. Explore the many pilothouse boats listed for sale on YATCO.

What is the Best Cold Water Pilothouse Yacht?

Depending on the type of cruising you’d like to do with your pilothouse yacht, many enjoy trawlers for cold water or northern explorations. Thanks to their sturdy hull type, hardy propulsion systems, and smooth ride, pilothouse trawlers provide a covered helm for the captain, with spacious interior for guests to escape colder climes or relax on long journeys. Trawlers are great for overnight cruising and day trips with friends and family, usually have side decks for overflow onto the exterior, and come in a range of boat costs.

Some excellent pilothouse builders to explore are:

What are the Disadvantages of a Pilothouse Yacht?

The two biggest disadvantages of a pilothouse yacht you’ll discover are that they can get a little warm inside without air conditioning (thanks to the added enclosure) and they tend to take up a lot of real estate on the yacht where the pilothouse is located, (ex. like on a Ranger tug). However, as we are reviewing yachts 79ft and above, most of these pilothouse disadvantages will be removed with a vessel of this size. Luxury yachts will usually have air conditioning and plenty of additional space for the pilothouse, so you won’t have to worry about the bulk of the yacht being taken over by this section.

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