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Originally founded in 1927 in The Netherlands, Damen Yachting is the shipyard and driving force behind Amels. The company has over 30 shipyards worldwide, and constructs Amels yachts, support vessels, as well as its own range of SeaXplorer expedition yachts. Search below for Damen Yachting vessels by length, price, year, and more.

Company History

Damen Yachting is the yard responsible for building over 100 Amels yachts, and is currently launching its own line of rugged, yet stunningly unique expedition vessels including the SeaXplorer 77, for those looking to make their mark in unexplored territory around the world.

Combining the ultimate in comfort with extraordinary engineering, Damen yachts is continuously developing new innovations that meet the demands of its clients, all the while delivering high-quality design and builds that possess great resale value.

Damen Yachting is a division of the The Damen Shipyards Group, an international company, yet at its core, is a family business. Always seeking to improve and innovate, the Damen Shipyards Group invests in its business and clients by working closely alongside owners to listen to their needs, above all. Its goal is to exceed clients’ expectations, and to offer a product that is built to last. A master builder of superyachts, support vessels, and SeaXplorer expedition yachts, the Damen Shipyards Group also conducts major yacht refits. 

Damen Shipyards Group has its headquarters located in The Netherlands and employs 500 talented employees that include design, engineering, project management, customer care and other teams that make this company so great. Damen boasts the largest facilities for yacht building in The Netherlands, and also profit from over 35 Damen shipyards located around the world. 

Amels Limited Editions

Offering the ideal balance of complete and semi-custom yacht building, the Amels Limited Editions range of superyachts are built on a proven platform and offer customized interior spaces. The range of the Amels Limited Editions superyachts are built to reduce delivery times from a few years to just several months.

There have been 40 Amels Limited Editions superyachts delivered since 2005, and its popularity continues to thrive.  

The Amels Limited Editions superyacht PLVS VLTRA is a fine example of the builder’s capability. Her timeless yacht exterior design by Tim Heywood is complemented by her yacht interior, which was styled by Andrew Winch. The 74-meter superyacht was delivered in 2016, and was constructed with a steel hull and aluminum superstructure to a naval architecture by Amels. 

Damen Yacht Support Vessels

Purpose-built to help support superyachts by carrying items such as tenders, yacht toys, helicopters, and even extra accommodations, Damen yacht support vessels are sturdy, reliable vessels that go the distance.

Damen yacht support vessels range in size from 45 to 75 meters, and since 2009, the Damen shipyard has delivered around 20 of these vessels. 

Damen SeaXplorer Expedition Yachts

The Damen SeaXplorer Expedition Yachts range in size from 60 to 105 meters in length, and the shipyard has so far built three of these long-range superyachts.

The range is the world’s first Polar Code compliant luxury series that offers long-distance cruising to the globe’s most incredible destinations that cannot be reached by an ordinary superyacht. 

These SeaXplorer expedition yachts are the world’s leading luxury explorers that are built for long voyages in extreme comfort and style and are made to offer fun on the water. The company blends the luxury of Amels with the high technology building knowledge of Damen to yield a reliable and stable vessel that withstands the tests of time. These SeaXplorer expedition yachts are for owners who seek to experience the ultimate adventure on the water, and to travel to far-off destinations with family and friends. 



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