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INACE Yachts History

INACE Yachts is one of the largest offshore boat builders in Brazil with clients in defense, commercial and leisure industries. And it all started with a homemade wooden lobster boat. All Gil Bezerra wanted was a small boat so he could fish for his dinner. He built one; then he built some more and sold them. Then he quit his day job at the bank and founded the company in Fortaleza, Brazil, in 1968. (INACE stands for Indústria Naval do Ceará.) From 1968 to 1986, the yacht builder built hydro-oceanographic vessels, ferries, crew boats, tugboats, pusher tugs, fast supply vessels (FSV), warships and research ships for the Brazilian Navy as well as other clients.

From Patrol Ships to Luxury Yachts

In 1987, Bezerra built several aluminum yachts and took them to a boat show in the U.S., where he got his first commission for a recreational yacht. That bold move launched the yacht builder into the international luxury yacht marketplace.

Buyers figured the boatyard that built the first ship for the Brazilian Navy could construct seaworthy yachts. Not only were the INACE motor yachts for sale well built, they were more affordable than European models. Today, INACE yachts range from 65 to 165 feet.


Always a pioneer, Bezerra found better ways to construct INACE motor yachts. In the ’70s, he was the first in the region to use electrically welded steel on his vessels. He also developed an assembly line (radial system) where multiple boats could be built concurrently.

Another technique that speeded up construction was “hull turning.” INACE craftsmen built a capsized hull in a single block, then “uncapsized” it in the water. In 1984, Bezerra created a giant elevator (syncrolift) that made it easier and faster to move finished INACE motor yachts to the water. By 1987, INACE was the leader in aluminum shipbuilding for the private sector. All these innovations led to the creation of INACE Motor Yachts.

INACE Yachts Built for Socializing

Aventura Series: 100, 125, 135, 147

Tri-deck motor yachts with spacious outdoor areas, large living spaces, sky-lounge and swimming pool. Aventura INACE motor yachts have cruising speeds of 10 to 11 knots and a range of 3,000 to 5,000 n.m.

Explora Series: 90, 127, 131, 135

Tri-deck INACE explorer/expedition yachts have plumbed bows, wide-open spaces and plenty of room to stow gear, equipment, toys and tenders. Yachts in this series cruise at speeds of 10 knots with a range of 3,000 to 5,000 n.m.

Yacht Series: 82

The 82 series of INACE motor yachts is reserved for those luxury yachts built to order for clients. INACE partners with Italian designer and naval engineer Francesco Guida to ensure the final product matches the client’s vision.

Still owned and operated by the Bezerra family, INACE motor yachts has delivered 900 vessels in the past 40 years and is set to launch the superyacht Explora 90 in 2021.

Shipyard Stats:

Founder: Gil Bezerra
Type: Luxury yachts, mega yachts, superyachts
Size: 65 to 165 feet
Models: Aventura, Explora, Passagemaker, Yacht

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Fortaleza, Brazil
Aluminum and Steel

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