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Established in 2007, Bering Yachts is located in Antalya, Turkey and builds luxury vessels ranging in size from 65 to 145 feet. Constructed of steel and aluminum, Bering yachts are the result of an experienced team of naval architects, designers and engineers. Search below for Bering yachts for sale and find the vessel of your dreams.

Company History

US brand Bering Yachts designs and builds some of the safest semi-custom, steel-hulled expedition yachts and luxury steel trawler yachts ranging in size from 65 feet to 180 feet. The company employs over 100 skilled craftsmen in its yard in Antalya, Turkey.

Through all phases of the process – concept, design, engineering and construction – the Bering’s vessels are the result of an experienced team of in-house architects, engineers and craftsmen who pay attention to every detail and abide by the highest standards. Structural steel and aluminum construction along with system redundancy and proven commercial-grade components make Bering yachts capable, reliable, comfortable and seaworthy. In addition to excellent design and engineering, the company’s yachts are simple in operation and handling, emit low noise and vibration, have low fuel consumption, and outstanding seakeeping capabilities.

Highly Capable and Reliable

Each of Bering’s luxurious yachts is highly capable and reliable and stands the test of time. These semi-custom steel vessels are designed and engineered explicitly for long range cruising. Because they are truly semi-custom luxurious yachts, the company provides clients with much flexibility and customization with floor plans.

The shipyard was established by Alexey Mikhailov in 2007 and began with a 55ft yacht that was under construction in China. Later, in 2011, the shipyard launched the design of its first Bering 65 flagship, which is a semi-custom steel hulled explorer built for long range voyages. The yacht was revealed at the Monaco Yacht Show that year and drew much attention in a sea of other luxurious yachts. The following year, the yacht went under construction and became one of its most successful vessels to date. The larger Bering 80 came next, and four years later, the shipyard moved to Antalya, Turkey. 

In 2018, Bering Yachts continued to make waves, this time with its new B92 explorer yacht, also built for long range cruising. Just two years later, the Bering 145 is born, and becomes one of its most popular models yet. Currently, in 2022, the shipyard is celebrating its busiest seasons, as it has a total of ten yachts under construction.

Shipyard Stats

  • Size: 20m (65ft) to 45m (145ft)
  • Type: Expedition yachts, luxury trawler yachts

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Antalya, Turkey


Steel and Aluminum


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Bering Yachts Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
Bering 145 44.2m (145') 0' (0m) 0' (0m)
Bering 92 39.08m (128' 3") 0' (0m) 0' (0m)