Bering Yachts Buying Guide 2023

Since 2007, Bering Yachts delivered rugged, reliable vessels built for long-distance cruising with the modern superyacht luxury. Read more.

Bering Yachts is a shipyard renowned for building exploration and expedition yachts. Since 2007, it has delivered rugged, reliable vessels that are built for long-distance cruising while still boasting the luxury of a modern superyacht. If you are considering buying a Bering boat, read our guide to the shipyard and its vessels.  

Bering Yachts FAQ  

Who owns Bering Yachts?

The shipyard is owned by Alexei Mikhailov. A yacht owner and businessman, he named the company after the street ‘Bering Strait’ he grew up close to.

How much are Bering yachts?

As with many yacht builders, the company does not reveal the price of its new yachts. However, the company’s yachts that are listed for sale on YATCO start at over $1.5 million US dollars. The new build yachts, or yachts currently in build, are listed as ‘Price Upon Application.’ If you are interested in buying a yacht from this builder, contact your yacht broker for further details.

Where are Bering yachts built?

The yachts are built at the shipyard’s facility in Antalya, Turkey. The shipyard originally was based out of China but moved its production to Turkey several years ago.

What are the yachts built of?  

The shipyard builds semi-custom steel-hulled expedition yachts and trawler yachts. These vessels are not made from fiberglass like many other motor yachts, as they are built to withstand harsh weather conditions.

What makes these yachts special?

The yachts produces reliable, seaworthy vessels for long-distance cruising to even the most remote destinations. They are built with aluminum and steel, which means these vessels are capable and make excellent expedition yachts. 

Which yacht models are available?

On YATCO, there are several Bering Yachts currently for sale. The Bering B72, B78, B80, B120, B125 AND B145. As Bering Yachts builds semi-custom vessels, the general arrangement, and fundamental designs of each of its yachts are pre-determined, but boat owners can customize the yacht, its amenities, and its interior design to be to their tastes and needs.

The yachts have emerged as one of the go-to yacht builders for owners who wish to travel across the world and sail in remote destinations. As these yachts are built to high standards with strong materials (such as steel and aluminum), they are great vessels for expeditions and adventures.  

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