Downeast Boat Buying Guide 2023

Downeast boats are popular with casual cruisers, fishing enthusiasts and families. Read our downeast boat FAQs and browse boats for sale here.

A traditional New England style vessel, Downeast boats are popular with casual cruisers, fishing enthusiasts and families who wish to spend time on the water. This style of yacht was used by fishermen in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and has been adapted for modern day cruising.

Banner Image Source: Lady Emeline 2017 66′ SABRE YACHTS Cruising Yacht, DiMillo’s Yacht Sales.

If you’re thinking of buying a Downeast style boat, read our helpful guide below.

Buy a Downeast Boat FAQ

What is a Downeast Boat?

A Downeast Boat is a type of vessel inspired by the classic boats of Northeast America, most notably Maine. A motor yacht used for day cruising and overnight stays, Downeast boats are rugged, dependable boats built to withstand the temperamental conditions of the Atlantic Ocean. A typical Downeast boat will have an extended hardtop over the cockpit, a low profile, semi-displacement hull and overnight accommodation for two or four people. Downeast boats range from 20 – 80 feet in length.

Back Nine 2002 52' LEGACY Cruising Yacht, downeast boat guide
Back Nine 2002 52′ LEGACY Cruising Yacht

What is a Downeast hull?

Downeast boats have a semi-displacement hull with a large keel and flattened aft sections. This hull shape and low profile in the water mean Downeast hulls offer stable and comfortable cruising.

Harbor View 2006 49' GRAND BANKS Cruising Yacht
Harbor View 2006 49′ GRAND BANKS Cruising Yacht

What Brands Make Downeast Boats?

Back Cove Yachts, Hinckley, Hunt Yachts, MJM Yachts, and Sabre Yachts are all boat builders that produce Downeast boats.

N/A 2021 37' BACK COVE Cruising Yacht
N/A 2021 37′ BACK COVE Cruising Yacht

What is the Best Downeast Boat?

Sabre Yachts produces one of the most popular brands of Downeast yachts. Sabre Yachts has been building Downeast style boats since 1970 and remains the leading name in this area of the boat market.

2023 Sabre 43 Salon Express 2023 47' 2" SABRE YACHTS Cruising Yacht, downeast boat guide
2023 Sabre 43 Salon Express 2023 47′ 2″ SABRE YACHTS Cruising Yacht

How much is a Downeaster?

A brand new Downeast yachts start from $800,000 – $1,000,000, whereas second hand Downeast boats are available from $300,000. 

Downeast boats are a smart choice if you are looking for a reliable, comfortable boat that offers excellent cruising capabilities. A traditional yacht in the Northeast of the United States, it’s easy to see why these boats remain popular to this day.

N/A 2021 34' BACK COVE Cruising Yacht
N/A 2021 34′ BACK COVE Cruising Yacht
Malago 1910 31′ CLASSIC YACHT Cruising Yacht

Search all Downeast boats for sale on YATCO here.

Search all Downeast yachts for sale on YATCO here.

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